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When is Fireboy gonna make his comeback?

Are they gonna add genitalia like Baldur's Gate 3 tho?

I miss seeing phailur having a 0% win rate on crab game

Most active gf team using discord

yet another good event without glenn the troll :o

dad's getting milk

Ich wander aus und werde Captain vom Team Bodensee

I am frozen


Thanks you for all who attened the Yovko and JamD0dger Full Invasion Osiris event tonight. At the peak we had over 30 and ended it with 11 and won!!!!! Some of the amazing 30 people there were; CrashD0dger, BenTurret, HiredHelpIllypa, TankYovko, BowmasterHasch, HeadlessBlade, LoreMasterLuke, LichKingSnikk, MachinegunTobben, SongStringVeto and RedLiddaA.

Like usual this mod event has been the longest event we do coming in at 3.5 hours. Sorry for all who crashed (myself the most), but that is the nature of this old game's mod. I look forward to future NW mod events the 45thN will be involved in.
I only got to proc the charm a total of 2 times. This is rigged

Very fun event today that definetly didn't get me to play Holdfast instead


However, I will have to ban you Glenn for double posting. No hard feelings.

Don’t care didn’t ask plus you’re black BOZO

CoC Fireboy when??


Groupfighting Teams / Re: Nottinghamshire Pew Pews Series (NPP)
« on: November 29, 2022, 07:11:28 pm »
If Vlad has 1000000 supporters, im one of them
If Vlad has 10 supporters, im one of them
If Vlad has 1 supporter, its me
If Vlad has 0 supporters, im dead
If the world is against vlad, im against the world

Servers / Re: The Groupfighting Server V3
« on: November 27, 2022, 04:30:50 pm »
In-game Name: SteeL
Reason For Ban: tk
Admin Who Banned You (If Known): stiannorway
Time/date (If Known): 20.11.2022
Apology/Statement Against Ban: I accidentally killed him 2v1, and i logged out to reset my score and it banned me when i logged in.
Player ID (If Known): 2065478

I don't believe this is what happened therefore you will need to be a little more honest : )

Hint: You didn't get banned 20th.

yes this may be my 20th ban but i haven't been banned in a long time and i got banned unfairly :D And I swear I'm not lying.
You being banned 20 times is respectable indeed, but I'm sure bob was trying to hint at you not being banned on the 20.11

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