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    Event Discord: Provided to approved regimental reps
    Server: 70th_Line_Only_Event
    Time: 7 EST

    I am interested in adding cavalry at 170 pop. That being said we are focusing on line v line combat, so specialty will be very limited, and will vary depending on the size of the event. Arty will not be involved even if pop is 200. Skirms are a possibility, but also very limited.

    Event Rules

    No rule bending, if told by an admin how it is, that is how it is

    Our rules are unique to our event, we do not care if you think it is some type of way

    No deliberate chat spamming(you get a warning then your gone)

    Any leader intending to collude against the administration will be instantly removed from the event

    Chat discretion is by the regiment, however, if administration finds global chat behaviors to be influencing the flow of the event, then you will be expected to stop

    A regiment is expected share the same classification as prescribed/emulated by the current regimental officer. Those who are not under the head of line classification will be slayed and will be given the opportunity to adjust there classification

    We are simply here to provide the best line event anyone found trying to counter the direction of the event will be simply removed and replaced

    If you have any direct issues with the event, you may bring it to administration directly after the event, never during. We do not follow the "tradition of rules" we follow what we believe will provide functionality and immersion to the experience

    No teamkilling at the beginning of the round, those warned multiple times will be removed from the round, and possibly the event no questions asked

    Every line event will be done on a custom map with the intention of providing a reliable line only experience

    You are expected to line up prior to the beginning of the round so administration can verify if your eligible(10 minimum) to play in the round. If your standards are not adequate enough, then you will be expected to join another line(same expectations on rules still apply).

    The round does not begin until the admin says so (any constant ramboing will result in a instant slay, revive will be provided if not done in constant deliberation)

    Regimental numbers will be taken via discord event chat between 6:30-6:40 EST, failure to provide numbers will result in regiment not being organized within the event of that day. The event pw will be given out at 6:50 EST. The event first round will begin by 7 EST. This is a format, we do not wait for anyone.

    I am still on works of defining, and emphasizing the ruleset(this ruleset may change prior to the conclusion of the event, or as we conclude more events alike.

    Class Rules

    Line Infantry
    • 10 members minimum(or you will be expected to join another line)
    • 1 per unique classification(medic, musicians, and flag bearers)
    • Stay in formation unless charging(must be engaging another line/lines)
    • Must be in line to shoot, aswell as reload
    • You may not fire in melee(your line once engaged)
    • After the round begins, if your line drops below 5, you must join another line(FoL,RoL applies from this point)

    Sign up format

    [b]Regiment Name[/b]:
    [b]Expected Attendance(10 attendees minimum)[/b]:
    [b]Leader/Representative's Steam[/b]:
    [b]Temporary or permanent signup[/b]:
    [b]by posting this application, you are expected to follow the event/class rules[/b]


    Credit to Dukey as most of the format is replicated

    Header TBA

    Who are we?

       The 1ere is a newly formed regiment, with a directive of serving the community, and help build and maintain key aspects that represent growth within the Napoleonic Wars community. The regimental goal is to be a representation of what it means to be associated with this Napoleonic Wars community. We value professionalism, respect, and creating an environment for all to enjoy.

       A key core aspect that the 1ere values, is new, and old, and all alike players grow, and be the best versions of themselves. To maintain a standard, or "bar" of what a regiment should be, and is. In a time that can best be described as a rough period within the NA community, we wish to accentuate more light of what NA could, and should be, not what it is.

    Commissioned Officers

    Captaine. Cytiuz

    Non-Commissioned Officers

    Caporal-Fourrier. Herr Kommissar

    Commissioned Officers: 1
    Non-Commissioned Officers: 1
    Enlisted Men: 13
    Reserve Company: 3
    Total Strength: 17


    Cadet. Melford
    Cadet. Aelfred
    Cadet. Guud
    Cadet. Ryan
    Cadet. NoFace
    Cadet. BestNAPlayerGta
    Cadet. Mackazz
    Cadet. Lawrence
    Cadet. KingArthur
    Cadet. Tyler
    Cadet. CrimzonEmpire
    Cadet. Hauptmann123
    Reserve Company

    Reserve. Zakros
    Reserve. Swagdaddy69
    Reserve. Romeo

    Plans to expand upon this thread is in initiative, however, it is a process that with be conclusive as the regiment is continued to be formulated. Plans of forming in Early January 2022 for certain.

    I liked when UFC NW was a thing someone bring it back. :()

    The Mess Hall / Cytiuz's Vibe Playlist - Updated 2/5/21
    « on: November 27, 2020, 05:58:30 pm »
    Going to expand on this, but starting with 5 songs I thoroughly enjoy. May categorize depending on genre's, but for now enjoy.

    Starting with the vibe stuff lmk what you think, and if anyone has music they would like for me to consider having on, just post it, and i'll give it a look!















    Regiments / 9th (East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot [NA]
    « on: June 06, 2020, 05:13:04 am »

    In June 1808, the regiment sail for Portugal for service in the Peninsular War. It saw action at the Battle of Roliça and the Battle of Vimeiro in August 1808. Following the retreat from Corunna, the regiment buried Sir John Moore (commander of the British forces in the Iberian peninsula) and left Spanish soil.The regiment then took part in the disastrous Walcheren expedition to the Low Countries in summer 1809.

    The regiment returned to the Peninsula in March 1810 and fought under Wellington at Battle of Bussaco, Portugal in September 1810, the Battle of Sabugal in April 1811 and the Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro in May 1811. It also saw action at the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo in January 1812, the Siege of Badajoz in March 1812 and the Battle of Salamanca in July 1812. It saw further combat at the Siege of Burgos in September 1812, the Battle of Vitoria in June 1813 and the Siege of San Sebastián in September 1813. The regiment pursued the French Army into France and fought them at the Battle of Nivelle in November 1813 and the Battle of the Nive in December 1813.

    The regiment was sent to Canada with most of Wellington's veteran units to prevent the threatened invasion by the United States, and so arrived in Europe too late for the Battle of Waterloo. The 1st Battalion participated in the Army of Occupation in France, whilst the 2nd Battalion was disbanded at the end of 1815.

    Notify any of our Commanding Officers before trying to enlist

    (using the old NA 9th's header, until I get my own, so credit to them for that)

    The Mess Hall / The end of Gucci Brigade production
    « on: March 16, 2020, 03:51:00 am »

    Regiments / 66th (Berkshire) Regiment of Foot [NA]
    « on: December 26, 2019, 11:00:23 am »

    Regimental History

    The formation of the regiment was prompted by the expansion of the army as a result of the commencement of the Seven Years' War. On 25 August 1756 it was ordered that a number of existing regiments should raise a second battalion; among those chosen was the 19th Regiment of Foot. The 2nd Battalion of the 19th Regiment of Foot was formed on 10 December 1756 and renumbered as the 66th Regiment of Foot on 21 April 1758. The regiment was posted to Jamaica in 1764 and then returned home in 1773. The regiment was given a county designation as the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment of Foot in 1782. In April 1785 the regiment embarked for the West Indies and was garrisoned at Saint Vincent before leaving for Gibraltar in January 1793.

    Napoleonic Wars

    The Battle of Albuera in May 1811, where the 2nd battalion of the 66th Regiment suffered heavy losses: 16 of its officers and 310 of its men killed, wounded or missing
    In early 1796 the regiment returned to the West Indies and were based on Saint-Domingue where many of the troops caught fever. The regiment returned to Jamaica in September 1798 and moved to Nova Scotia in early 1799 and on to Newfoundland in May 1800 before returning home in October 1802.

    A second battalion was raised in July 1803. The 1st battalion embarked for Trincomalee in Ceylon in March 1804 aboard the East Indiaman Brunswick. The battalion moved on to India in April 1814. From India it was deployed to Nepal in late 1815 for service in the Anglo-Nepalese War.

    Meanwhile, the 2nd battalion embarked for Portugal in April 1809 for service in the Peninsular War. It saw action at the Second Battle of Porto in May 1809, the Battle of Talavera in July 1809 and the Battle of Bussaco in September 1810 before falling back to the Lines of Torres Vedras. It also took part in the First Siege of Badajoz in January 1811 and the Battle of Albuera in May 1811. At Albuera the battalion suffered heavy losses: 16 of its officers and 310 of its men killed, wounded or missing. It went on to fight at the Battle of Arroyo dos Molinos in October 1811 and the Battle of Vitoria in June 1813. It then pursued the French Army into France and fought at the Battle of the Pyrenees in July 1813, the Battle of Nivelle in November 1813 and the Battle of Nive in December 1813 as well as the Battle of Orthez in February 1814 and the Battle of Toulouse in April 1814. In July 1817 the battalion arrived in Saint Helena with orders to guard Napoleon who was in exile: the two battalions amalgamated again later that year.

    The Victorian era
    The regiment left Saint Helena in May 1821 following Napoleon's death. It was deployed to Canada in August 1827 before returning home in October 1840. It was sent to Gibraltar in July 1845 before returning to the West Indies in 1848. It returned to Canada in 1851 and returned home in 1854. In March 1857 it was sent to India to help suppress the Indian Rebellion. It returned to England in March 1865 but went back to India in February 1870.

    Second Anglo-Afghan War

    The Last Eleven at Maiwand by Frank Feller

    The Maiwand Lion, Forbury Gardens, Reading
    The regiment was deployed to Afghanistan in early 1880 and took part in the Battle of Maiwand in July 1880 where the British forces were routed and most of the regiment was caught up in the rout. Some 140 of them made a stand at the Mundabad Ravine, which ran along the south side of the battlefield, but were forced back with heavy losses. Eventually 56 survivors made it to the shelter of a walled garden and made a further stand. Eventually the 56 were whittled down to only 11 men—two officers and nine other ranks. An Afghan artillery officer described their end:
    "These men charged from the shelter of a garden and died with their faces to the enemy, fighting to the death. So fierce was their charge, and so brave their actions, no Afghan dared to approach to cut them down. So, standing in the open, back to back, firing steadily, every shot counting, surrounded by thousands, these British soldiers died. It was not until the last man was shot down that the Afghans dared to advance on them. The behaviour of those last eleven was the wonder of all who saw it".

    Officers who died in the action included: Lieutenant-Colonel James Galbraith, Captain Ernest Stephen Garratt, Captain William Hamilton M'Math, Captain Francis James Cullen, Captain Walter Roberts, Lieutenant Maurice Edward Rayner, Lieutenant Richard Trevor Chute, Second Lieutenant Arthur Honywood, Second Lieutenant Walter Rice Olivey and Second Lieutenant Harry James Outram Barr. A subscription led to two memorials in Reading: a window in St Mary's Church, and a large memorial sculpture, the Maiwand Lion, erected in 1886 in Forbury Gardens. The regiment also saw action at the Battle of Kandahar in September 1880.

    As part of the Cardwell Reforms of the 1870s, where single-battalion regiments were linked together to share a single depot and recruiting district in the United Kingdom, the 66th was linked with the 49th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) (Hertfordshire) Regiment of Foot, and assigned to district no. 41 at Brock Barracks in Reading. On 1 July 1881 the Childers Reforms came into effect and the regiment amalgamated with the 49th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) (Hertfordshire) Regiment of Foot to form the Princess Charlotte of Wales's (Royal Berkshire Regiment).
    Battle Record

    66th 8-4 Nr49
    66th 6-4 RSL

    Commissioned Officers

    Non-commissioned Officers

    COs: TBA
    NCOs: TBA
    Enlisted: TBA

    Total: TBA



    Competitive NA Events/Tournaments / Competitive Regimental League
    « on: October 12, 2019, 04:23:20 am »

    Competitive Regimental League

    What is this?
    This is a North American Napoleonic Wars Regimental 1v1 league. This is meant to enjoy one of the major competitive traditions that we have had in Napoleonic Wars over the years. Especially now since Bannerlord release date has been released and it's going to be very soon. Depending on the size of the league we will either split regiments into two leagues based off regimental skill.

    League Dates

    Regimental sign ups close on November 29th
    League will begin on December 2nd
    Rosters must completed by December 1st 9 EST. Anyone added to rosters beyond this point will receive match bans.


    We are going to be using the NANWL rule set as it has been historically known as the best rule set to use in NA and is unanimously known among regiments.
    Added Rule 37. No major edits made.

    Current Rule Set

    Prize pool
    Currently we have no specific prize pool, however, there will be one intended. Our current goal is for $150. If you wish to help donate to the league please contact the head organizer to donate.

    Sign Up

    Regiment Name:
    Regiment Leaders(Steam Profile Link):
    Do you agree with the rules?
    Expected attendance?
    Community Name:
    Steam Profile (link):
    Why do you want to be a referee?
    Refereeing Experience:
    Do you understand the rules comprehensively?
    Community Name:
    Steam Profile URL:
    Current Regiment (if applicable):
    Have you read all the rules thoroughly ?:
    Do you have any prior mod experience?:
    Why would you be a great moderator?:
    Do you have any prior ref experience?:
    Is NALSRL going to be your priority?:
    Match Scheduling
    Both Regiments name:
    Both regiment Leaders(Steam Profile Link):
    Day and specific time to which the match will be played?
    Specific request?


    Rosters & Leaderboards

    Rosters & Leaderboards

    Head Organizers





    Regiments Participating

    93rd "Sutherland Highlanders" Regiment of Foot
    [LB] Braunschweigisch Leib-Battalion
    Royal Scottish Lowlanders (RSL)
    4th Guards Grenadier
    74th Highlanders
    HRE Saxony

    Regiments / 91st (Argyllshire Highlanders) Regiment of Foot [NA]
    « on: October 08, 2019, 08:10:45 am »

    Regimental History

    Flag of the Regiment
       George III ordered John, Duke of Argyll, to raise a kilted regiment of 1,100 men. The Duke requested assistance from his kinsman, Duncan Campbell, and on the 9th of July, 1794, they were formally gazetted into the British Army as the 98th (Argyllshire Highlanders) Regiment of Foot, later to be renumbered as the 91st. On the 5th of May, 1795, the regiment embarked for South Africa to capture the Dutch colony in the Cape of Good Hope.

    Cape of Good Hope
       The 98th Highlanders arrived at Simonstown in September of 1795 as part of a force of around 4,500 men under the command of Sir Alured Clarke, an ambitious officer who sought great military renown in the conquest of the Dutch colony, but luck fell against him. His second-in-command landed forces and had driven the Dutch off their defensive position in front of Cape Town. After a cautious disembarkation lasting ten days, Sir Alured faced the vastly outnumbered Dutch at Wynberg, who retreated after giving one volley, which killed one seaman and wounded 17 others total. So the 98th, technically, was baptized in fire, settling down as the garrison for seven unhappy years, where they faced heatstroke and disease, and a uniform change which served no better in the climate than their original.

       Upon the regiments renumbering to 91st, they had left Cape of Good Hope to the Dutch after the Treaty of Amiens, and gathered at Bexhill in May of 1803. Depleted in numbers after sending men to replenish garrisons in India, it took them years to be restored to strength, as well as have their old uniform returned to them. The boosts in confidence had inspired the 91st during their return to England as part of the forces gathered in hopes to defeat Napoleon if the admirals ever allowed him to cross the British Channel. In 1805, the Highland Brigade was sent to Hannover, but they were sent back to Kent in 1806. Throughout all of these relocations, they had remained a very good regiment. They were inspected ceaselessly and earned the 'Strong Approbation' of the generals. The Commander-in-Chief, H.R.H and Duke of York, was 'Highly Pleased' with them in 1805. Even more so, Sir John Moore was 'Extremely Well-Pleased'; and before they left Dublin in June of 1808 to join the amassing army in Portgual, they paraded for the Lord Lieutenant.

    The Peninsular War
       The campaign in Portugal was disappointing for the 91st. The light company was engaged at Rolica, but the regiment as a whole was in reserve and had not engaged in either major battle. It was again in the reserve division for Sir John Moore's march to Salamanca which disrupted Napoleon's whole campaign; and it came into its own at last when the reserve division became the rearguard for the retreat which culminated in Moore's victory at Corunna. The 91st had more than their fair share of privations and forced marches and losses while in the rearguard. At Corunna itself, though 'in the very centre of the line and next to the Guards', they were not heavily engaged. 'Corunna', nevertheless, was a worthily won Battle Honour to be placed on the Colours beside 'Rolica' and 'Vimeira'.
    Battle Record


    Commissioned Officers
    Colonel Cytiuz
    Lieutenant Hursty

    Non-commissioned Officers
    Serjeant Major Melford
    Serjeant Roy

    Corporal Hunteh

    COs: 2
    NCOs: 3
    Enlisted: 20

    Total: 25

    Lance Corporal MetaSnek
    Lance Corporal Nova

    Regular Moo_Guy

    Private Killercummies
    Private John_Will
    Private Mech
    Private Rags

    Recruit American Ceaser
    Recruit GunnerManner
    Recruit Biggus Dickus
    Recruit Bigbandm
    Recruit Tabernac
    Recruit Hundar
    Recruit Smithy
    Recruit Gazelle
    Recruit Rancid
    Recruit Goose
    Recruit Wolfe
    Recruit Xaos

    Grenadier Leon


    The Mess Hall / NA Melee Tier List [NA]
    « on: July 23, 2019, 09:53:39 am »
    Groupfighting Ranking - North America

    Elite Tier

    93.0p - Yoshie
    92.8p - MATT
    92.7p - Rune
    92.3p - Cwater
    91.5p - Maniac
    90.3p - VetroG
    89.6p - Fireboy
    89.6p - Wastee
    89.5p - RussianFury
    89.4p - Rafael
    89.4p - Yoloswag
    88.9p - Sleek
    88.9p - Jaax
    88.3p - Risk
    87.0p - Godfried
    86.3p - Oatmeal
    86.2p - Pinoy
    85.9p - Horse

    Above Average Tier

    84.8p - Ghostrider
    84.7p - Puppytron
    84.7p - Mexicant
    84.5p - Mikey
    84.3p - Eastern_Fox
    83.2p - Superb*Pedro
    83.1p - Sanders
    82.9p - JerryOs
    82.8p - KnightofSaintJohn
    82.5p - Galavant - JackieChan
    81.3p - Theodin
    81.1p - James
    80.5p - Nappy

    79.9p - Glenn
    79.8p - GOAT
    79.2p - Rever
    78.7p - Hawkience
    78.4p - BabyJesus
    77.8p - Montoya
    75.8p - Dio
    75.3p - Piktonss
    74.1p - Gavin
    73.4p - Wiki
    71.0p - RedViper

    Average Tier

    70.9p - Tanker - Communism
    70.1p - Amiranger
    69.9p - Chantakey
    69.5p - Winters
    68.8p - Armada
    68.5p - Firezz
    67.8p - Pira
    66.8p - Knives
    65.7p - Moraine
    65.5p - Fartknocker
    65.1p - Rico
    64.8p - GunnerManner
    64.6p - Sails
    64.3p - Spartan
    63.9p - Zappy
    63.6p - Killercummies
    63.6p - Tardet
    62.9p - Copot
    62.5p - Whalefish
    62.4p - Awesome
    62.1p - Bobmikbooboo
    62.0p - Derps9
    62.0p - Alexander
    61.9p - Irish
    61.9p - Neiqq
    61.8p - Eazy-E
    61.7p - Lawbringer
    61.6p - Kuni
    61.3p - Stryker
    61.0p - Hursty
    60.9p - Noob
    60.6p - Jazz
    60.5p - Hunteh

    Basis of this list
    Before anyone gets salty. This list is merely my opinion and no one is disregarded because of any past relations, this is all based off my personal ranking of current active groupfighters. People that have been disregarded include players who are too inactive in the community to be considered for a current players list. I also took myself from this list. If I didn't get anyone's country correct, please inform me as I didn't have much preference with players. I also would like to thank the Napoleonic Melee List as I didn't copy paste there format, but I did base my format off theirs. If you feel like I missed anyone please inform me so I can look into their abilities further.

    Competitive NA Events/Tournaments / NA Regimental 1v1 Tournament
    « on: April 14, 2019, 10:07:48 pm »
    NA Regimental 1v1 Tournament

    What is this about?
    Well personally I feel like bringing in a new idea to the community would be great. I don't think we really have seen a Tournament of this sort. Now the whole basis of this Tournament is to really give a new feel to competitive NW. The tournament is going to be played all in one day and is everyone is going to be on one bracket regardless of skill. This is kinda going to be played like a duel tournament. I personally have felt 1v1 events to be redundant at times and want to try something a bit new.

    Steam Contact

    How will this work?
    So for every match until the Semi Finals it will be Best of 3. The Semi Final Matches are Best of 5 and the Final is going to be a Best of 7. The winner is determined by the Finals winner. Now since this is a new idea this could be changed by as of right now that is how it will be played. All matches are going to be played according to the rules given below. The tournament begins on Saturday the 20th of April at 9:15 EST(Possible time change before starting of the tournament).

    Regiment Sign Ups
    Regiment Sign ups

    Regiment Name:
    Regiment Leaders (Links are required):
    Regiment Steam Group:
    Regiment Attendance:
    Referee Sign Ups
    Referee Sign Ups

    Steam Pls:
    Past Event Admin Experience:


    1. No FoL, no FoC, No OA, no RoL, RoC. RoL
    2. If you have less than the opposing regiment then they may play one more then you
    3. You may field less than 10 players however, The opposing regiment is allowed to play as if you have 10, allowing them to field 11.
    4. You may get OA a reset if you ask for it 5 seconds after your death. If no reset is given then you get a slay on the opposing player who killed you and a revive.
    5. A match can only begin of both highest ranker in the server are either asked if ready by a referee or express there readiness via chat. For example: Ready, R, Lets go, etc
    6. A map can only be used for a match if both leaders express there readiness via chat. For example: Keep, Lets keep, etc
    7. Chat use will be based of the referee preference. You will be warned as a regiment once. Even if your entire regiment besides one person is doing it, you still will receive a regimental warning. If another person from your regiment continues to talk in chat then they will be slayed. How much talking is all based on the referee's preference.
    8. If your line is moving and everyone is still connected via line then people may reload until their turn in line is up. If the line is unconnected while reloading then it is considered RoL.
    9. Officers may FoC with the given officer pistol but may not fire while in melee. If done during melee they will be slayed.
    10. You must adjust gaps toward's the officer after you finish a reload.
    11. You may not Crouch in line
    12. Referee decision is final.
    13. Officers placing themselves in front, behind, or in the middle of their horizontal line formation while moving or stationary do not qualify for OA protection and are legitimate targets.
    14. Officers cannot be more than 5 man spacing away from their line while it is shooting, moving, or taking direct fire.
    15. While moving, a general guideline, regiments may not have more than 3 man spacing. Refs should use discretion to allow for regiment recovering their spacing after quick maneuvers.
    16. Once a line has less than 3 players left, they MUST charge the enemy.
    17. Only 1 line per regiment; no splitting the original line into separate lines. Double and triple rank formation is allowed to be used. The line must act as one.
    18. Maximum of 2 officers. Officers intening to lead the line MUST choose the officer class.
    19. Class bonuses are turned off.
    20. Only Line Infantry is allowed to be used (No Grenzers, Marines, or Guard/Grenadier Infantry). Units such as the Landwehr for Prussia that has a choice between a pike and a infantry musket. The rankers must choose the infantry musket or will be slayed. No Medics are allowed.
    21. Only the players that are on a registered regiments roster are allowed to play in their regiment’s matches.
    21.1. Invites/Volunteers/Mercenaries of any kind are not allowed.
    21.2. Individuals are allowed to be in more than one regiment as long as only one of those regiments is registered.
    21.3. Individuals that are in two or more registered regiments at the same time are banned from playing. Choose one of the regiments to join or don’t play at all.
    22. You must field all players that are in-game unless they are experiencing obvious in-game problems.
    23. Players that are not officers or acting officers may not shift from their position to another space in the line unless all other players reform the line with no spacing. Repeatedly doing it will result in a slay of the player. Picking up a musket 1-2 man away if fine.
    24. Correct spacing needs to be resumed when moving out again.
    25.1.   If a regiment is told to move by the referees, then they may not return to that position again for the remainder of that round. Avoid this by staying mobile.
    A.   If for some reason a regiment stops to shoot on either their hill or across the map without meeting their enemy for close combat, the person who makes a kill from shooting will be slayed.
    B.   If the referee calls for both regiments to move out without invoking the hill camping rule, then the two regiments can move out without having to meet for close combat. To further define “without invoking the hill camping rule,” if it’s 2 minutes has not gone by.
    C.   After 2 minutes expires and the referee invokes the hill camping rule, the two regiments will be forced to meet each other at medium range.

    Rules may change before the tournament starts but as of right now they are presented above.

    Special thanks to the NANWL, most of the rules have been either inspired by their rules set or taken directly from their rule book.

    “The bullet is a fool, the bayonet is a fine chap.”
    -  Alexander Suvorov

    Regimental Introduction

    North American Regiment. Has been in service with the community since 2019, and has no signs of slowing down. Has current plans of partaking in public line events, as well as competitive events. Willing to partake in any upcoming leagues.

    Service -
    Strive for excellence at all times, if you aren't working to be the best at all times you aren't working to be 25y.
    Ranks -
    The 25y has a large variety of ranks!
    Attendance -
    Missing some linebattles is acceptable, as long as the proper due care to notify senior officers of absence is taken, however skipping events or trainings to play other games unless under special circumstances with permission is not acceptable.
    Maturity -
    Applicants and members must represent the regiment in a positive manner at all times, this is especially important with regards to public events/servers.

    Battle Record

    Regimental History

    The 25y formed in April of 2019, first forming for the upcoming NWL. The regiment has taken on several reformations, as well as unifications. The regiment took its first major victory in League two of NANWL, Season 9. The regiment maintained a perfect record during its stint in NANWL before winning League two of NANWL. The regiment soon went inactive after, before then returning in 2020 for Season one of IRL. The regiment went 5-2 in IRL. Losing one regular season match against the LG, before losing to the 40th in the semifinals. Both the LG and 40th went on to play in the IRL final vs each other.

    Monday: Off Day

    Tuesday: Off Day

    Wednesday: Off Day

    Thursday: Off Day

    Friday: Possible Regimental 1v1/Off day

    Saturday: Regimental 1v1 9:15 EST

    Sunday:  Regimental 1v1 9:15 EST

    Commissioned Officers

    Polkovnik Cytiuz
    Podpolkovnik RagingMozart
    Mayor Hunteh

    Non-Commissioned Officers

    Praporshchik Knives
    Mladshiy Herr Kommissar

    Commissioned Officers: 3
    Non-Commissioned Officers:2
    Enlisted: 34
    Current Count: 39


    Efreitor NoFace

    Fusilier Hundar
    Fusilier Nugget
    Fusilier Henry

    Ryadovoy Cone1
    Ryadovoy Ryan
    Ryadovoy Rancid

    Rekruit Swagdaddy69
    Rekruit Poppyseed
    Rekruit Balter
    Rekruit Crimzon
    Rekruit *ick-fil-A
    Rekruit GeneralMaxiducks
    Rekruit GravyGraves
    Rekruit MooGuy
    Rekruit CrazyDuck
    Rekruit SamTheZamER
    Rekruit Killercummies
    Rekruit BestNAPlayerGta
    Rekruit Blade
    Rekruit bluebat321
    Rekruit ChaseTheRedNeck
    Rekruit Jamhalo
    Rekruit Jaseppy
    Rekruit Laz3rSon
    Rekruit Romeo
    Rekruit RustyNutz7
    Rekruit Thor
    Rekruit trevinoj
    Rekruit Toast
    Rekruit Zakros

    Rekruit-Grenader Tyrion
    Rekruit-Grenader Magmar
    Rekruit-Grenader Melford

    credit to VetroG for the thread

    Regiments / 73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot
    « on: January 23, 2019, 05:40:25 am »

    73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot


    Notify any of our Commanding Officers before trying to enlist

    The 60e was originally formed in 2016 under the name of 96e. It was just a group of friends who attended a couple public line events and had some fun.
    It slowly grew but never really got out of the stages of public line battles. It would eventually disband 3 months later. In 2018 there was talk about reforming and eventually it happend.
     They do public line battles along with Groupfights and 1v1s daily. Each and ever member works on there skills and always trying to improve as a regiment.



    Captaine Cytiuz
    Lieutenant Bradley Boudreau


    Sergent Josh

    Caporal-Fourrier Kappa
    Caporal Aypersn

    Total Strength:38


    FusP Godrod15

    FusV Cedolan
    FusV Trigo
    FusV Blackwatch

    Fus SwampyStomp

    SoP - TheGamer247

    SoD Lauck
    SoD Mlgknight
    SoD Oister
    SoD Pelzak
    SoD Jjay
    SoD Rionmeister
    Cad God
    Cad Riler
    Cad Juls
    Cad Ghostrider7811
    Cad LukasTheGreat
    Cad Apollo Niner
    Cad Fizy
    Cad Mango
    Cad Mark
    Cad JReyes
    Cad KingKilljoy
    Cad Toast
    Cad Poppy
    Cad Gard0
    Cad Amith
    Cad AirshipWhale
    Cad Lordy
    Cad Syrax
    Cad Turtle


    GrdP Sinclair

    JGrd Gloopy


    If you want to join please do make a post to this thread following this template:

    In-Game Name:
    Steam Name:
    Have you been in any previous regiment:
    Do you have Teamspeak:

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