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The Mess Hall / Allegations of hacking against Mr Kris
« on: December 27, 2020, 01:55:14 am »
Kristine is a nerd who hacks confirmed - dont @ me thanks. ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::)

« on: September 27, 2020, 02:18:32 pm »

Off Topic / Restore my faith in humanity please BLM
« on: June 18, 2020, 05:27:20 pm »
Its tiring to see media about BLM whether it's the soccer game with City vs Arsenal last night kneeling and having BLM on their shirts or if its indie developers pulling or threatening to pull their games from Steam because Steam apparently won't put out their standpoint on the whole debacle. I mean sure sports people may feel particularly strongly about the issue or some may not but a Sky Sports commentator said something along the lines of "this shows sports has the power to change governments" I fail to see what any one particular government can do for BLM I don't see any inherently racist laws or way of life particularly in Britain where this match was played out. If anybody can enlighten me otherwise please do.

I know there is no smoke without fire but the whole world at least in the media appears to have gone crazy and I am just looking for your guys opinions because surely real people (on a gaming forum lol ikr) have a more realistic outlook on these issues that at least to me appear to be more of a cultural American issue rather than a worldwide one where every media outlet or public figure HAS to support the movement or be viewed as racist. Obviously there can be alot of factors and reasons why things are like this but I do not have the energy to put all these into this post.

Tl;dr FSE if you don't support BLM I may have to boycott you sorry

The Mess Hall / Irish Points - Return of the Mac
« on: January 20, 2020, 02:29:54 pm »

Take this list seriously as it is definitely going to be amazing... Nonetheless I still thought it would be boring as I miss the bad new times when nobody was being salty about W. Points (and fuck 1916_NW_List).

This first draft will just be my estimation of where I would rank players + nobody else's opinion. So it's gonna be amazing, but will try to constantly improve it based on my myself and fuck other peoples opinion.
H. Stniop -  is list of washed up, uncompetitive players of Napoleonic Wars, based on their groupfighting skill. Minimum rating is 80p, maximum is 100p.

Groupfighting Ranking - Europe

Top Tier

100p - Irish
100p - Mac

Regiments (Game Clans) / 1st Virginian Infantry Battalion [NA]
« on: February 08, 2019, 09:53:44 pm »

The Mess Hall / Irishs EU / NA Lists *Updated 11/06/19*
« on: June 29, 2018, 01:33:13 pm »

 I felt like making a list at first of who I consider to be the most difficult leaders I have faced and then maybe a list of underrated leaders/regiments. This is not a best leaders list as if I made that I'd only put myself on the top  ::)

Keep in mind this is from my own personal experience as I have been on EU and NA for many years I feel I have a good perspective.

Most Difficult Leaders to face 1v1

Windflower / PurplePanda
This duo, leading the 30th and their latest Rheinische rendition of the 30th (The Nr1) always gave a good fight in every encounter I have had with them. They tend to rely on camping but it is still a perfectly viable strategy you must counter. They don't usually give away many shooting angles and will play the patient game if they have to. Very difficult and stubborn leadership to play against, and had a relatively large and loyal roster. Was quite comparable to the 6teSLR in terms of having a balance of a lot of regulars of average skill and then a few carries / higher tier meleers. Achieved multiple podium positions / championships in NAPL most notably.

John Price
Leader of the 18e, easy to dislike for his antagonistic banter, but comes across as a leader with alot of passion, as seen by the many memes revolving around him and the 18e. Is a very competent leader with a regiment who don't take themselves too seriously but never give the opposition an easy time. Had a very competent 2nd officer and meleer in Pluto and were usually at their best together. Very patient with good knowledge of shooting angles and if there was a tournament involved then not afraid to switch it up between aggressive / defensive. Prone to the odd ragequit if losing a friendly, and the 18e were a bit inconsistent in melee although I put this down to roster changes rather then the general rankers. Achieved NWL championship x1.

Karth / Zen
I have only fought this duo once or twice but the 63e have no guilty conscience in taking their time and using every piece of terrain to their advantage. They like to shoot at every opportunity and usually hit the target so it makes it difficult to sit back against them but you also  risk playing into their hands trying to advance without returning fire. They will never give up advantageous positions. One of the longest 1v1s of my life. Very disciplined line and generally a good standard of melee but didn't rely upon melee too much regardless as seen by the multiple NWL successes.

Nappy Surena
Leader of the 45e, during my formative years in the 6te of learning how to lead on NA, the 45e were usually the dominant force in 1v1s. The few times I fought them initially was always a difficult test and a good learning experience as Nappy usually brings a good standard of leadership and aggressive line formations in each 1v1 I've faced him in. Winning a melee fight against them was never easy, and in my own situation, very rarely happened. Although I do not know enough about the formation of the 45e to judge fully, their line were always top tier meleers from at least 2014 onwards, so I don't know how much of it was the melee and how much of it was Surena, but he was the main factor in the 45e 1v1 successes a few years ago with his ability to tame the wild personalities within the regiment. Had a competent and skilled melee CO core with DJ Overjoy, Bryce and Rafael.

Wastee / Russianfury
Leaders of the LG, fought them a couple of times, they work well together and usually play very aggressive and can quickly overwhelm you with swift volleys and melee. Both were excellent fighters, and having an advantage in numbers in a melee never guaranteed much vs the LG. Usually perform well with Wastee complimenting Russian rather than vice versa. Had a solid large following of high tier meleers from Nr37 / 71st origin so unfortunately most likely did not get to see them in an underdog position. Very successful in NWL / NAPL.

Leader of the Pontifical Swiss Guard, and later on one of the secret factors to Anthonys rise with the AEF. KOSJ led a very disciplined and close knit competitive regiment and usually had them drilled to perfection in line formations. Unfortunately only ever got to face the PSG once in the early days of my leading, but John is able to adapt to most situations and usually saves his shots while keeping his line mobile making for a very tight match whomever the opposition. Achieved multiple podium positions in various NWLs, including 1 League 2 win.

Rommel / DarkTemplar
Leaders of the 72nd Highlanders on EU. Nobody liked to fight the 72nd especially when these two were leading. They usually pull out every strategy in the book to win matches, displaying incredible patience and instilling a high level of discipline within the 72nd ranks. The main strategy being finding the most difficult terrain to move up to in the entire map, and slowly picking away at their opponents from range, frustrating them and combined with the decent level of melee in the 72nd, usually threw their opponents off enough to dominate the melee.

Leader of the 96y.
Ext_Kill in the few times I have encountered him in the 15th has always been a difficult encounter due to his relentless,
slightly unorthodox shooting strategies. A fan of keeping half of the line reloaded most of the time and readjusting one half at a time to maintain a constant barrage on the opposition. Not afraid to use the terrain and is generally quite patient. The 96y are also capable of fielding a very competent line of meleers and what puts them apart from other regiments is their willingness to follow orders in the melee, usually trying to pull the opposing line apart and then eliminate them in small groups. Very difficult to fight if underestimated. Only issues I have seen is a lack of consistency with the quality of melee in the line and sometimes they can be caught out on angles.


Most Underrated Leaders 1v1

Officer in the 15e in NA.
Admittedly I have not seen him lead recently just because of my own schedule, but at least back in the last NANWL the 15e in league 2 were actually pretty decent, and I attribute that to Unitaters passionate leading style, you might think to hear Unitater normally wouldn't intimidate or inspire too many ( sorry Uni <3 ) but I witnessed that man transform when the 15e pride was on the line, instilling alot of discipline and patience in their members. He even managed to beat the 3eVolt, despite a bit of camping. Bonus points for the fact that 15e at least around that time did not have many known or OP meleers. Achieved 1x NANWL win league 2.


Colonel of the AEF.
Anthony was another passionate but level headed leader who made the AEF a recognised fixture in the NA community with his relentless inability to accept defeat and was always up to fight any regiment. He was never afraid to enlist some help ( KnightofsaintJohn ( big influence on him), myself (a little bit)) to learn more about leadership and the philosophy behind it and pushed the regiment along and eventually won NANWL League 2 in 2017. He instilled loyalty in alot of good meleers with his positive and jovial outlook on life and NW as a whole. Was able to hold his own in melee against superior numbers with his constant study of the game and desire for melee improvement. Achieved 1x NANWL League 2 win.

Current officer in the 59th and former leader of the 2ndCSG / 8th /47e.
Hursty does not have many fans in some areas of the community, and before I met him I could understand why, but upon taking the time to know him during my time in the 2nd and our leadership of the 8th, his natural leadership and his ability to learn and adapt quickly was obvious to see. One of my favourite 2nd officers in a line, we worked well together for the most part and Hursty had a competitive streak within him that was relatable to me and the others in the 2nd / 8th and that's why despite many people who doubt him or dislike him, there is still a relatively large group of people loyal to him and still follow him in the 18th. Tactically a defensive leader who does farely well despite a line that was not the strongest in melee.

Former Colonel of the 84e.
Maybe it's because Bandej / Steinmann was so bad at leading, or because I need to pad out this list, or maybe I'm filling my gay quota, but the few times I have seen Shadey lead and in his few contests against the 15th in 1v1s, he has been pretty solid. Doesn't strike me as the most authoritative but I put that mostly down to not being in direct contact with him in a regiment, and from my initial impressions as an 84e invite. Has a good understanding of line formations and angles, maybe would have benefited more in 1v1s with a bit more patience, and possibly a good 2nd to depend on. Unironically the only reason why the 84e didn't suck dick in 1v1s. Would have been interesting to see how good he was with a bit more experience.

Colonel of the 8th Kings on NA.
Jorge was an aggressive line leader who had a good understanding of angles for shooting but was not the most patient although it didn't hinder the 8th too much as over the 7 or more years the regiment existed or still exists ( unconfirmed ) it had its own loyal following of what would have been high tier meleers pre 2015 with Jorge himself being the pinnacle of the 8ths melee. He would require potential members to beat him to join and I received all my initial melee training in the year or so I was in the regiment.
Don't remember losing too much except for a fee times with the 4thPW, 45e / 84e and the 75th Highlanders. A very enjoyable if a bit cancerous regiment to be in, but behind it all it was a very close knit regiment and Jorge instilled a loyalty in its members that continue to this day. Achieved podium position in NWL league 2.

Leader of the 16th Middlesex (London Irish) Rifle Volunteer Corps.
Jetch is a big advocate for discipline and holds alot of influence over his members, having led the LIR for many years. He holds a spot on this list due to the LIRs multiple podium positions in previous NWLs and also due to Jetches unique leadership style and consistent approach to 1v1s. Jetch prefers to operate mainly without a primary 2nd officer, breaking off his line in almost total war fashion and telling his line exactly what to do and when to do it. This coupled with his preference to draw attention away from his line holding position and firing by not stopping himself in a way of tricking the opposition. Extra credit to him for his enthusiastic and constant drilling of his line in preparation for tournaments and the fact that the LIR were never really a top tier melee regiment.


Honourable Mentions 1v1

Pieter was generally considered quite good in the 1v1 scene also. But I had never fought or analysed that side of his leadership as i don't think I have encountered him directly, ( maybe once with Hursty ). He did lead the back of the line quite well in some of the early days of the 6teSLR and did contribute as much as he could while I was still training the regiment in the formative years.

Former officer in the MoskovGren and the 6teSLR. Griffin was a good 2nd at the back of the line,
and had a good understanding of angles and where to position the line. Was a good drill instructor type character to enforce order in the line, and was a dependable leader for me during the ( hopefully forgotten ) NAPL days. He was not the most liked in the regiment due to his strict view on discipline but he was very good at what he did. I imagine it stemmed mostly from his days in the MoskovGren with Ody. 

DasBrot / Wustenfuchs
Leaders of the 6te Garde.
Played vs them a couple of times, slightly inconsistent but did know what to do in terms of shooting angles and had a pretty decent roster. They were a bit cheekibreeki but good fun and was always a decent battle if sometimes annoying as they will camp or do whatever it takes to put you off. Similiar to their other German compatriots Rommel and Darktemplar in terms of strategy, but that's merely from an outside perspective.

Current Major in the 6teSLR and former officers in the 45e / Nr4. Commanded his own regiment over 2 years ago whos' name escapes me. At face value Rafael is a serious leader who is in the very top tier of NA meleers and has a large impact whether it be dueling or groupfighting or leading. He has developed in terms of tactical knowledge immensely compared to his days in the 45e / Nr4 where his style of leadership was much different due to their melee orientated roster. His adaptation to a completely different style of leadership in the 6te was seamless and personally benefitted me and the regiment greatly as not only was he skilled ingame but he also established himself in my eyes as a committed and passionate person who got to know the regiment and it's people and endeared himself in the opinions of everybody in it. This is especially impressive as he personally did not like me before he joined, and since then he's been an invaluable insight into the upper echelons of competitive gameplay, regimental values and has probably been the most dependable 2nd leader I have had in the 6te. Achieved 1x NANWL season 8 L1 1st place. Other achievements to be updated.


Best Leaders Groupfighting

One of the Founders of Poosy GF team and a dedicated member back in my 79e days. Although not quite active anymore, Hercules was the right mix of seriousness and banter in the old Poosy team. With Bagins co captaining, the team was always playing well and it felt effortless with the natural leadership involved. Although not quite as outspoken outside of the Poosy team, Hercules was always a dangerous player in his own right with a variety of strange timings and attacks that would always catch one or two people off guard if outnumbering him. Downside is he never answered steam messages which makes you wonder why the daft cunt hosted NWWC Groupfighting League.

Former Colonel of the 17e.
I could never quite tell if it was actual strategy or the motivational side of Pieter that spurred on people within the 17e to do better in melee. When he spoke people generally listened. He had the ability to make people pay attention in groupfights, and when you consider the fact that the 17e had a reserve detachment of people of generally questionable attention span, this is a feat unto itself. You could say he was fortunate to have a good roster but in my experience he also helped me in the 6teSLR in terms of groupfighting as he generally had a good cohorent way of explaining situations that could occur in GFs.


Possibly more Lists to follow

Let me know your thoughts, I'm sure some of you will form coherent and constructive responses.  ;)

Regiments / 12th East Suffolk Regiment of Foot [EU][Recruiting]
« on: March 02, 2017, 09:10:29 pm »
12th East Suffolk Regiment of Foot

About Us

A competitive regiment comprised of old friends, we are not the best nor the worst but we are highly active with many 1v1 linebattles and groupfighting events throughout the weeks as we hope to improve with each victory or defeat.



Commanding Officers

   Colonel Irish
Non Commissioned Officers

   Serjeant Death
   Serjeant Piercee
   Serjeant SpicyDwarf
   Serjeant Valley
   Corporal Bandej
   Corporal Golden

Lance Corporal:

   Lance Corporal Tim


   Grenadier Asian


   Kingsman Achilles
   Kingsman Alex
   Kingsman Anthony
   Kingsman Azuris
   Kingsman Godfried
   Kingsman MrDixon
   Kingsman Night
   Kingsman Nozza
   Kingsman Raymund
   Kingsman Kreativity
   Kingsman Warlord


   Regular Deadwulf
   Regular ErikThePrik
   Regular Fraser
   Regular Mechanic007


   Private Bagins
   Private Brandon
   Private Emmet
   Private GeneralMcWaffles
   Private Gosu
   Private Gustafson
   Private King Leonidas
   Private Lost
   Private Nero
   Private Padawan
   Private Seanamus
   Private Sky
   Private Tod
   Private Vader
   Private Vemon
   Private Wielkopolanin
   Private Wolpi


   Recruit Allania
   Recruit Archmage
   Recruit Arvedui
   Recruit Atlas
   Recruit DarkBG
   Recruit George
   Recruit Henri
   Recruit Hybrid
   Recruit Jay
   Recruit Konnor
   Recruit Nevino
   Recruit Rosen
   Recruit StaffaN
   Recruit Teddy
   Recruit Tommy
   Recruit Vader
   Recruit Wallace
   Recruit Yoshie


   Reserve Comolokko
   Reserve Dinkelwinkels
   Reserve Gaz
   Reserve Grela
   Reserve Hertz
   Reserve Jacob
   Reserve MVH222
   Reserve Razz
   Reserve Ronald McDonald




Wins: 16
Losses: 5
Draws: 3

12th 1 - 9 72nd Loss 28th February 2017
12th 8 - 2 14pp Win 5th March 2017
12th 6 - 4 15e Win 6th March 2017
12th 4 - 6 59th Loss 8th March 2017
12th 9 - 1 16pp Win 13th March 2017
12th 9 - 1 LG_Gren Win 14th March 2017
12th 8 - 2 6te Win 16th March 2017
12th 7 - 3 3rd Win 19th March 2017
12th 5 - 5 17thJR Draw 22nd March 2017
12th 4 - 6 72nd Loss 28th March 2017
12th 7 - 3 1y Nevsk Win 29th March 2017
12th 7 - 3  74th Win 31st March 2017
12th 8 - 2 Nr4 Win 2nd April 2017
12th 7 - 3 12pp Win 5th April 2017
12th 5 - 5 59th Draw 12th April 2017
12th 9- 1 2e Win 15th April 2017
12th 7 - 3 12pp Win 19th April 2017
12th 3 - 7 72nd Loss 25th April 2017
12th 6 - 4 8pp Win 27th April 2017
12th 10 - 0 23pp Win 28th April 2017
12th 2 - 8 15thYR Loss 1st May 2017
12th 5 - 5 8pp Draw 10th May 2017
12th 7 - 3 6te Win 11th May 2017
12th 7 - 3 17thJR Win 22nd May 2017


Wins: 24
Losses: 18
Draws: 1

12th 15 - 10 59th Win 27th February 2017
12th 15 - 6 3aDiv Win 2nd March 2017
12th 15 - 8 2nd Win 6th March 2017
12th 8 - 15 10e Loss 7th March 2017
12th 8 - 10 10e Loss 7th March 2017
12th 9 - 15 15e Loss 9th March 2017
12th 11 - 15 18e Loss 12th March 2017
12th 15 - 10 LG_Gren Win 14th March 2017
12th 4 - 15 KKA Loss 20th March 2017
12th 9 - 15 15e Loss 21st March 2017
12th 15 - 5 59th Win 4th April 2017
12th 11 - 15 Ifn Loss 5th April 2017
12th 15 - 7 18e Win 7th April 2017 (6v6)
12th 13 - 15 3rd+13te+17e+Europe+More Lose 11th April 2017
12th 15 - 4 59th Win 11th April 2017
12th 15 - 8 59th Win 11th April 2017
12th 15 - 4 15e Win 17th April 2017
12th 15 - 9 15e Win 17th April 2017   (5vs5)
12th 15 - 6 Vanguard Win 17th April 2017
12th 15 - 4 59th Win 17th April 2017
12th 14 - 15 18e Loss 18th April 2017
12th 11 - 15 66th Loss 19th April 2017
12th 15 - 6 Conquistadors Win 22nd April 2017
12th 9 - 15 [LIE] Loss 24th April 2017
12th 5 - 10 [LIE] Loss 24th April 2017
12th 14 - 15 57e Loss 27th April 2017
12th 15 - 11 15thYR Win 2nd May2017
12th 15 - 6 18e Win 3rd May 2017
12th 11 - 9 8pp Win 4th May 2017
12th 14 - 15 72nd Loss 9th May 2017
12th 14 - 15 17thJR Loss 11th May 2017
12th 15 - 7 18e Win 16th May 2017
12th 10 - 10 8pp Draw 17th May 2017
12th 15 - 4 72nd Win 18th May 2017
12th 10 - 0 2nd Win 20th May 2017
12th 4 - 10 2nd Loss 20th May 2017
12th 15 - 8 63e Win 20th May 2017
12th 7 - 8 17thJR Loss 22nd May 2017
12th 15 - 12 15thYR Win 23rd May 2017
12th 4 - 15 KKA Loss 24th May 2017
12th 10 -3  Daltons Win 25th May 2017
12th 14 - 1 63e Win 25th May 2017
12th 7 - 13 17e Loss 28th May 2017



Wins: 5
Losses: 0
Draws: 0

12th 12 - 8 18e Win 26th March 2017
12th 12 - 8 16pp Win 30th March 2017
12th 17 - 3 17th_JR Win 9th April 2017
12th 20 - 0 Saints Win 21st April 2017
12th 16 - 4 6te Win 23rd April 2017

1x Regimental Groupfighting League Season 4 Division 2 Winners

Regiments / 6te Silesian Landwehr [NA][Old Thread]
« on: March 14, 2016, 11:59:23 pm »


The 6te Silesian Landwehr are a North American Napoleonic Wars Prussian regiment that focus heavily on discipline and maturity while maintaining a sense of community and cohesiveness. We strive to become the best we can be, through daily training and partaking in both casual and competitive events and competitions. We aim to be different from every other NW regiment by instilling a strict attitude towards trolling and childish behaviour and focus on expanding and improving our core community of people. As a regiment we prefer functionality over historical accuracy, and our structure and formation aim for efficiency and simplicity, rather than complexity.

Recruitment Phase

This regiment will not be for everyone, we don't have an open door policy for recruiting. The recruitment phase involves each recruit going through a 7 day trial period to see if they are a good fit for the regiment in all areas including activity, loyalty, discipline, attitude and potential to improve. Skill level is not our main concern as long as each recruit has the willingness to train and improve under our guidance. A good recruit is loyal to the regiment, can take criticism, and sticks with the regiment through the good days and the bad, nobody said it will be easy. We reserve the right to remove any recruit from the regiment if we deem them unsuitable!

Rank Structure

CO Ranks


Oberstleutnant - ObLt.


Hauptmann - Hptm

Oberleutnant - OLt.

Leutnant - Lt.

NCO Ranks

Oberstabsfeldwebel - Ofw.

Stabsfeldwebel - Sfw.

Feldwebel - Fw.

Stabsunteroffizier - SUttz.

Unteroffizier - Uttz.

Oberstabsgefreiter - OSGfr.

Enlisted Ranks

Stabsgefreiter - SGfr.

Hauptgefreiter - HGfr.

Obergefreiter - OGfr.

Gefreiter - Gfr.

Soldat - Sdt.

Rekrut - Rek.


How do I join?
In order to join the regiment, add [6teSLR] Irish on Steam.

What troop types do the 6teSLR play as?
The regiment currently has line and artillery detachments.

How many events a week do the 6teSLR have?
We currently have anywhere from 3 to 4 events per week.

What kind of events/competitions do you guys go to?
Our events vary from casual public events to serious 1v1 events to groupfighting events and even tourneys like the Napoleonic Wars League.

Who do i go to if i have more questions/issues?
You can go to any CO or NCO for additional queries.

Im worried the regiment will be too serious and strict for me..?
A common misconception, we enforce discipline but outside of events we are just normal, nice plebs.

The regimental FSE thread is missing an inspirational quote, my morale is wavering, please fix?
"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." --Henry Ford

Regiments / 3te Silesian Landwehr [NA] *RENAMED* *OLD THREAD*
« on: July 11, 2015, 08:07:21 pm »
3te Silesian Landwehr


The 3te Silesian Landwehr is a prussian Napoleonic wars regiment focused on improving our gameplay while maintaining a fun enviroment. We're formed from the remnants of the 104th, and parts of the 9e. Many of us have come from regiments where everything was controlled by one man and know how power can corrupt people and because of that we are a regiment predominantly led by officers and NCO's so that every man has a voice. The majority of our members have been friends for almost a year and more so we have a close bond. The main philosophy of the regiment being that we are pretty chill outside events and training, but when we need to serious we expect everything to be uniform and respectful.


Our recruitment requires that you have Teamspeak 3, and also a certain level of maturity with the age limit usually 13/14+, but we do not judge by age in most cases. If you are interested in joining a regiment looking to improve after a fresh start, the 3te SLR is the place for you. Add Crusader on steam for recruitment.

Commanding Officer Hierarchy

Oberst: Crusader
OberstLeutnant: Irish

Members & Events

The 3te SLR are a large regiment that attends events regularly, we are currently comprised of one company.
A1 Company Lead: Crusader/Irish

We currently own a 200 player game server generously provided by Ronin(Our Lord & Saviour)
Server Name: *3teSLR_Official
We also own a 40 player teamspeak but we will not give it out on the forums for security purposes. Please add one of us on steam if you wish to join and get our teamspeak.

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