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Community / Inappropriate behaviour from Muha
« on: January 06, 2021, 01:22:14 pm »
I know I don't post much on this but I feel that I should get this message to everyone. We have had reports from one of our guys in the 45thN. One of our members is 11 years old and he is one of our most keen players. He's a big part of our community. Which is why we would do everything to protect him from people who look to take advantage of him. Especially in this case, Muha. We have teamspeak logs of Muha talking to said member about sensitive information which is totally out of order. I am disgusted with how this is about seeing as I am the person that brought this guy into this community. I am disgusted that we even let this person into our teamspeak. I would like everyone to know about this so everyone knows and hopefully we can take some action about this as it is absolutely disgusting what he has said. We have agreed int he 45thN that Muha will be perm banned off everything in regards to the 45thN and I hope that we can come together as a community and do the same thing with Muha's accounts.

Even if this was said as a "Joke" it's absolutely absurd and should not be taken as so. If anyone would like to speak to me about this with more information do so please. There is a lot more to say about this situation as I have found out.

Thanks guys x

Happy New Year x

Regiments / 41st (Welch) Regiment of Foot [Recruiting]
« on: April 17, 2020, 01:32:58 pm »

41st Welch Regiment of Foot


This regiment was raised in 1719 by Edmund Fielding. He drew its troops from independent companies of invalids - those otherwise considered too ill, old or injured for active service. Also recruited were Chelsea out-pensioners - men who received a pension from the Royal Hospital Chelsea, but lived in their own homes.

The unit was re-titled the Royal Invalids in 1741. Ten years later, it was given the number 41 in the line infantry order of precedence.

In 1787, it discharged its pensioners, gave up the 'Royal Invalids' title and started normal recruitment ready for active service overseas. Until that time, it had been used to garrison the naval base of Portsmouth.

Its first overseas deployment came during the French Revolutionary Wars (1793-1802), when it helped capture Martinique in March 1794. It also took part in the attack on Guadeloupe in April that year.

Originally raised in 1719, the 41st Regiment's motto was 'Gwell Angau Na Chywilydd', which means 'Death Rather Than Dishonour'. The 1881 Army reorganisation saw this unit become the 1st Battalion of the new Welsh Regiment. The latter also inherited the 41st Regiment's motto.


Lieutentant Valley: Valley
Teamspeak IP:
Steam Group:
Interested in joining the 41st Welch Regiment of Foot? If so then add Valley on Steam!

In-game tags: 41st_Rank_Name


Commissioned Officers

Colonel (Col)

Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol)

Major (Maj)

Captain (Cpt)

Lieutenant (Lt)

Ensign (Ens)

Non-Commissioned Officers

Serjeant Major (SjtMaj)

Colour Serjeant  (CSjt)

Serjent (Sjt)


Enlisted Men

Lance Corporal (LCpl)

Grenadier  (Gren)

Kingsman (Kgm)

Fusilier (Fus)

Private (Pte)

Recruit (Rec)


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