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Jack ONeill:
Hey All,

Started playing the game full on yesterday. Really enjoying it. Love being able to drop in and play.

Have a suggestion / question -

I've spent years, (decades), as a ACW reenactor, both sides. Everything from Private to Major commanding a 4 company Battalion.

I noticed the following when in action in the game - the Company Commander runs out in front and shouts "Follow Me". He runs on ahead and the company follows. He stops, they stop and open fire, with him out front. Historically, the company Commander is posted on the RIGHT of the Company, and the company forms on him to his left when they halt. God knows how many times I've done that as a reenactor Company Commander.

My suggestion / question - would it be a big deal to add this into the game. or maybe as a mod? (Done enough of those with various other games).

"OR" Is it a big deal  to change this. (I agree with the idea you guys had about keeping out the "come to the ready" bit when loading after firing).

Just a thought. Otherwise, really enjoying the game so far.

Jack "annoying when possible" O'Neill

I wanna be the one leading the line

Jack ONeill:
So, finished a little while ago an excellent battle.

I commanded what would be roughly a battalion-sized unit. Hard to tell really. Anyway, with a unit that size, you do lead from the front, as a real Battalion Commander would. I also managed to get shot by my own men as I worked to get round back of the firing line. I'm guessing there is no way to pass through the Battle Line to get in the back of the unit? (Or have I just not found the right Function command?)
Oh well, learning is fun.

Jack O'Neill

I commanded a regiment sized company, while my men were not proficient at shooting and melee, my men excelled at making the purple chat gods angry. I do think the whole purple chat thing breaks my immersion of the game but I digress. However when I try to join servers I occasionally get Ben messages ranging from “bush pirate” to nasty troll. Is this an intended mechanic of the game? If not how do I circumvent this issue and continue leading my squad sized regiment



We used to form up in semi-circles until recently, where we have taken a more linear approach to warfare



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