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The question of Buckshot & Buck&ball

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One thing that I think could be helpful is a button admin panel that would disable buckshot & buck&ball. I recently attended two conquests events and one of them was literally everyone just using buckshot & buck&ball it was chaos and was like I was playing on a pub server. The second event banned use of buckshot & buck&ball which made it a lot more enjoyable because one you wouldn't automatically die and two would actually be able to make it to melee. Of course some people out there wouldn't follow the ban on buckshot & buck&ball and it can be hard to constantly read the kill feed while admining. Maybe just a simple checkbox like for gf mode where once selected you either cant select it or cant reload it or something that would just blocks the usage of Buckshot & Buck&ball

^ this we need this now

Buck & Ball just got nerfed

need to be nerfed more or again like the man suggested allow for admin to disable it for events ect

yeah for pub play I thinks it all good but just a simple way to switch it on and off for events


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