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1. Bayonets - Please give an option where you do not need to remove them after every spawn.

2. Bayonets - Can the person be allowed to put on / remove the bayonet while walking at least. The need to stand still seems silly.

3. Shot gun - I dont remember which one I was using, but two enemy were rushing me practically shoulder to shoulder. When I shot at them, roughly 10 yards away, I didnt even get a hit. This definitely needs to be reviewed.

4. River - I walked into a river and couldnt get out. Sorry I dont remember the map. I did ask other players for suggestions, but eventually had to respawn.

5. Weapons - Any chance we could increase the speed of cycling through the weapons / items while in the game?

6. Kills - Several of my kills were not counted. In the game it stated I killed someone, but when I checked the scoreboard, it was not added. I supposed this doesnt really matter since I couldnt find anywhere with career kills.

7. Medic - Is there a way to identify who is injured and who I need to help as a medic? I wasnt able to determine who was injured and who was not.

Thank you for reviewing the suggestions above.

1. That one can be toggled by the admins, todays NA linebattle had players spawn without bayonets. Not too much of an issue at present though I think, especially at the beginning of a round (only 1 second to take it off is a very minor inconvenience)

2. Yeah fair enough, might be something worth looking into eventually for quality of life

3. Could be a genuine bug or it could be just the inherent nature of a shotgun + type of ammo, could honestly be anything

4. Might be a bug to do with the map or something.

5. A bit annoying I agree, definitely feels a lil long but that might be intentional and again not toooo inconvenient ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6. If you suicide iirc or teamkill it counts against your kills and subtracts from your killcount for that round, which might've happened to you.

7. There is a red blood drop above injured players which you should be looking for- However, it is a bit dim especially with all the visual effects of the surrounding game (lights, flashes, trees etc.) and I definitely think that the symbol should be a fair bit larger and/or more brightly coloured for the medics to see, I also struggle sometimes with that.

There's also an FSE discord ( which has areas for bug reports, feedback and suggestions which tends to be a bit more active in regards to reviewing devs, if you'd like to say something there!

Thank you for the clarification and quick responses on everything. I appreciate it. Ill check out the discord channel as well.


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