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Regiments / 76th Regiment Of Highlanders *OFFICIAL*
« on: May 29, 2014, 12:58:09 am »

About US

We are a active Napolenic wars regiment we were known as the 72nd until another person stole our name so now we have reformed as the 76th, We are active and we aim to be very good at Meele. We are small but big we have constant members joining and all our members are outstanding in behaviour if they are not they will be disciplined by an officer and told off severely or kicked out of our regiment.

OUR History
The 76th Regiment of Foot was originally raised as Lord Harcourt's Regiment on 17 November 1745 and disbanded in June 1746. Following the loss of Minorca to the French, it was raised again in November 1756 as the 61st Regiment, but renumbered to 76th, by General Order in 1758, and again disbanded in 1763. A second battalion raised by that regiment in October 1758, for service in Africa, was renumbered as the 86th Regiment and also disbanded in 1763. On 25 December 1777 the 76th was again re-raised as the 76th Regiment of Foot (Macdonald's Highlanders) by Colonel John MacDonell of Lochgarry, in the West of Scotland and Western Isles, as a Scottish Light Infantry regiment. It was disbanded at Stirling Castle in March 1784. The regiment was again raised for service in India by the Honorable East India Company in 1787.

Why you want to join:
Will you obey the officer:

Questions or want to get in touch with an officer contact me on steam

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