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Regiments / VIe Corps d'Armée Français [Polish speaking]
« on: April 17, 2017, 10:04:25 pm »

Steam Group of the VIth Corps

Adres TS3:

      Welcome. We would like to invite all napoleonic wars era fans to our Corps. We are a polish speaking Corps in virtual reality of Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars DLC. Our Corps was founded in 18.04.2017. VIe Corps d'Armée Français consists of Pułk 8. Piechoty which was founded in 12.07.2014 and re-formed in 18.04.2017 and Pułk 10. Huzarów which was founded in 01.02.2017. Both of these regiments are active and competetive, everyone is welcome ! It does not matter how old are you ! It does not matter which country you live in ! If you are interested in militaries, tournaments and if you want to meet weird, crazy and intresting people - do not hesitate, join our ranks!

Play with us in both competetive and fun battles and promote our history in Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars DLC!

General of the VIth Corps

The commander of Pułk 10. Huzarów
The commander of Pułk 8. Piechoty

      The commander of the regiment is Colonel TheMiedziak321 with deputy Lieutenant colonel Okra. This regiment brings together powerful, courageous, and unmerciful soldiers. Equipped with the 1777 model rifles they can wreak havoc in the enemy line. The bayonet of this unit is a great asset in the field when the enemy approaches too close.

      The regiment, thanks to its combat value, supports the VI. Corps of the Great Army. It does well against cavalry and better against infantry. Terrible opponents for this formation is selective battalions because of the incoming fire they can produce. These are: rifles, volteguers and artillery - in close contact with the white guns however, these opponents have no chance.

      The 8pp is active in events, tournaments, leagues, etc. Tournament rivalry is important for this regiment as well as when fighting in the field, because prestige is something that can be won!

Thread of Pułk, click here!

Steam Group of Pułku 8. Piechoty

      The commander of the regiment is Major Lysy890 with deputy Quartermaster Zahari. This regiment takes under its ranks soldiers who are not afraid of the hail of ammunition coming in their way. Our Horse and saber are the most powerful tools on the field.

      The regiment supports VIe Corps with its mobility in battle, where it can always find where the opponent do not want us. It aims to bring confusion, break down infantry lines, and decimate enemies who run for their lives after seeing the mighty charge that pushes towards them.

      Because of its achievements in the field or tournaments this regiment is well known and respected not only in Europe but also across the world. In short, for his merits, we became an elite regiment of cavalry, and at the same time the most important strike unit VIe.

Thread of Pułk, click here!

Steam Group of Pułk 10. Huzarów



I N F A N T R Y     R E G I M E N T

Senior Officers

Young Officers

Senior Non-commissioned Officers

Young Non-commissioned Officers
Kapral Furier

Older Privates

Younger Privates

Years of Service
(in the VIth Corps Yearly 0.5)

Szewron V.
Szewron IV.
Szewron III.
Szewron II.
Szewron I.
C A V A L R Y     R E G I M E N T

Senior Officers


Young Officers

Senior Non-commissioned Officers

Young Non-commissioned Officers
Brygadier Furier

Older Privates

Younger Privates
*name depends on the company

Optimates / [LEG*I] Legio I Macedonica [EU/Poland][For NW: 4pp_XW]
« on: September 21, 2013, 06:52:12 pm »

      Chcielibyśmy poinformować, że wraz z wyjściem pięknego moda „Bello Civili - The Roman Civil War” dla DLC: Napoleonic Wars. Pułk 4. Piechoty Xięstwa Warwszawskiego również chciałby zaistnieć na owym modzie, który zapowiada się wręcz „przepysznie”. Jesteśmy zauroczeni pracą Hinkel’a, która jak zawsze stawia na wysoki poziom i zaangażowanie. Zapraszamy wszystkich zainteresowanych wyżej wymienionym modem do wspólnej gry i zabawy.

Link z informacją o modze
                    Nasz TeamSpeak3

Głównodowodzący Legatus SaddamAZR

Dowódca Praefectus VEINRUS

Dowódca Tribunes SpiderPig

Dowódca Centurions Rohen

Dowódca Centurions Rizzet










Regiments / [AXW] Armia Xięstwa Warszawskiego
« on: May 30, 2013, 07:43:50 pm »


Steam Group of 4th Infantry Regiment of Duchy of Warsaw         
Member of V Corps of Great Army ks. Józef Poniatowski

Adres TS3:

      We are a polish speaking reconstructive group - regiment in a virtual world of Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars and in the future L'Aigle. We were founded in 11 November 2010 and still prosper. Our regiment was created based on a real life reconstructive group Pułk 4. Piechoty Xięstwa Warszawskiego (4th Infantry Regiment of Duchy of Warsaw). Because the internet reduces distances between people everyone can join us. With great engagement and care we try to cultivate the unique atmosphere of the epooch so that the game can have even better taste. The  game itself would not be so great if not for the people that create it. This is why as example we take people that are disciplined and conscientious. In our community you can find historical commands recreated to match the game system, muskets, cannons, horses, uniforms... and everything else that gives the game a reconstructive character. It does not matter how old are you! In what country you live! If you are intrested in militaries, competitions, if you want to meet weird and intresting people - do not hesitate, join us!
Have fun with us and promote Polish history in Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars and L'Aigle!

      15 October 1810 Pułk 4 Piechoty Xięstwa Warszawskiego with 400 infantry and 57 french dragoons under the command of kpt. Franciszek Młokosiewicz under Fuengirola crushed the british army of 2,000 british infantry, 1,500 british sailors and 1,000 spanish infantry. The Polish-French army lost 20 men and had 100 injured. The British-Spanish army lost 40 men , 70 were injured, lost 1 gunboat.  Polish-French army captured 5 cannons, 300 muskets and 60,000 munitions. 177 soldiers were taken prisoners, among them was general major of lord Blayney.

Pułkownik Pułku 4.

Rotmistrz Kawalerii

Podporucznik Woltyżerów

Feldfebel Grenadierów

Kapral Artylerii


      Pułk 4 Piechoty was created mostly by recruits from Warsaw and Płock departments. Stationed at Płock in 1808. After campaign in Galicia a group of recruits from Lubelskie department joined their ranks together with few hundreds of poles from Galicia that fled the Austrians or were taken captive in 1809.  Few dozen of recruits also came from Bohemia, Hungary, Silesia and Germany as they were taken captive durning the war with Austria in 1809.

In the first war of polish napoleonic epooch freshly formed 4th Regiment with strength of 1 battalion from 1 May untill 7 July 1807 took part in the siege of Grudziądz fortress held by prussian forces.
06.06.1807 - skirmish under Parsk and Nowa Wieś
Second battalion worked as garrison service in Serock near the crossing of Narw and in Pułtusk
25.05.1807 - skirmish under Zatory
18.06.1807 - skirmish under Popow

In the first part of napoleonic wars in Spain 1808-1810 4th reg. takes part in the following events:
- Puente del Almaraz (24.12.1808, maneuver on La Coruña)
- Consuegra, battle Ciudad Real (27 March 1809, maneuver on La Coruña)
- Old and New Castille, Asturia, Kingdom of Leon, skirmish under Moro, battle under Talavera de la Reyna (28 July 1809)
- defense of Toledo
- battle under Almonacidem (11 August 1809)
- battle under Ocañą (19 November 1809)
- battle under Fuengirolą (15 October 1810)
- Coien, Monbella (9 December 1810)
- skirmish in Rondo
- skirmish in Valez
- defense of Alhaurinu
- conquer of Marbell


      At the end of 1809 regiment had 2241 soldiers. 4th Regiment fought in battle under Fuengirola at the coast of Mediterranean near Malag. This events took place in autumn of 1810 when the British army tried to sabotage french offensive on Portugal. 400 soldiers of 4th Regiment had to face seven times bigger enemy which also had naval artilery and spanish partisan support.

In the second part of napoleonic wars (1811-1814), in 1811 4th reg. takes part in following events:
- battle under Albuerą
- Ximena de la Frontiera (25 September 1811)
- Czaszniki, Krasnoje (16 November 1812)
- oblężenie Spandawy (April 1813)

Winter 1811/1812. 4th Regiment of Foot with whole Dutchy of Warsaw division comes back to country. In 1812 reg. was not selected to join V Great Army Corps ks. Józefa Poniatowskiego but as unit of Great Army joined 28. French division of general Jean Girard in IX Corpus of marshal Claude Victor-Perrin. Because of that 4th reg was assigned to guard the communication routes and stationed in Smoleńsk. 4th. also took its part in the last phase of russian campaign in 1912 in following events:
- battle under Czaśniki
- battle under Sienno
- battle under Smolańce

In the 1813 campaign recreated reg. was assigned to  gen. Dąbrowski division. They fought in:
- defense of Wittenberg (10 October 1813)
- batles under Belzig
- battles under Jüterbog (6 September 1813)
- under Düben
- in the battle of Nations under Lipsk (16 and 18 October 1813)

 In the 1814 campaign soldiers of the 4th reg. fought as part of Legion de la Vistula in:
- defense of Soissons
- battle under Arcis-sur-Aube

After the abdication of french emperor Napoleon Bonaparte 4th came back to country carrying 2 banners and act as the core of 4th Line Infantry Regiment of Kingdom of Poland.


Off Topic / To co lubimy w wolnym czasie xD
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