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South Carolina Zouave Volunteers
"Animis Opibusque Parati"

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Who We Were

The South Carolina Zouave Volunteers was raised as a single company in Columbia, South Carolina in 1861 to report to the Newly Formed Hampton's Legion as Company H. Due to a Measles Outbreak however, they were ordered to quarantine until July 1862, when they were finally allowed to join the Legion in the Army of Northern Virginia. They wore Grey Zouave Coatees, piped in Sky-Blue, Red Fezzes, Sky-Blue Zouave Pantaloons, until late 1861 when they were issued with Light-Yellow Zouave Pantaloons. In late 1862, Cheves McCord, the Capitan of the Company put a request into the armory in Charleston, South Carolina for "100 pair of Infantry Trousers," meaning by this time, a large portion of their Zouave Pantaloons had been worn out, although, it is thought they kept their coatees and fezzes until mid-late 1863, potentially much later. They fought on foot with Hamptons Legion until May of 1864 when they were ordered to mount on horseback. They fought on horseback until they Surrendered along with Lee at Appomattox Courthouse on the 10th of April, 1865.  Battle Honors include 2nd Manassas, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Petersburg and Appomattox Courthouse

Who We Are

This regiment is going to be oriented towards all players in the linebattle game genre, regardless of skill or experience.  We look forwards in not only playing BCoF with you, but other games as a community as well.  We aim to be a historically faithful and accurate as a company, with reflecting ranks and chain of command. As seasoned players of the genre, we hope to eventually participate in competitive events as the development of the game continues.



Commissioned Officers

Captain [Capt]

First Lieutenant [2ndLt]

Second Lieutenant [1stLt]


Sergeant Major [SgtMaj]

Quartermaster Sergeant [QmSgt]

1st Sergeant [1stSgt]

Sergeant [Sgt]

Corporal [Cpl]


Lance Corporal [LCpl]

Private [Pvt]

Recruit [Rct]

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For more information regarding  or you wish to join our ranks, add Sup on steam, or join our Discord! (link below)

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