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I opened this Thread for Script Questions in NW and Mount and Blade. Ask for help or share your scripts here.

Greets Saxinger :)

BSM 'Shut up' Williams:
How would someone add weapons to a different class?

Hm you mean that the troops spawn with modifiyed weapons? Well you can write a Event in the module_scripts and define the weapons the different troops should spawn with, or you edit the module troops, but then everybody who has to spawn with this added weapons, need your module system :)

Can anyone tell me how to get the script where if a unauthorised user logs into a server with the admin pass, the server will automatically ban them. I heard that the Groupfighting server has this script installed for their I server and wanted to know how to get it.

Hm.what do ya mean with unautorised? Old admins who aren't allowed to be admin anymore? Or general people who got the admin pass from a friend, but they aren't admin?


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