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[23rd] Chaizard:
Hello fellow NW enjoyers,

I'm putting this forum thread to shed light on a concerning issue that has been affecting our gaming community. Recently, it probably has come to some people’s attention that the 63rd Regiment of Avaria’s name has been mentioned with stuff like toxicity, cheating and launching DDoS attacks against players and servers. As a member of this community, I believe it's important to expose such behavior and take necessary actions to ensure fair and enjoyable gameplay for everyone.


63rd has been actively exploiting cheats in public events and 1v1 Linebattles to gain an unfair advantage over legitimate players. These cheats range from aimbot and wallhacks to exploits that manipulate game mechanics for their benefits. Easiest way to spot the cheat is by the reload cheat that reduces your reload speed to 3-4 seconds by cancelling a part of animation, videos on below are from 33rd Wednesday event which they ended up getting banned. ( February 21, 2024)
[Leader of 63rd using the reload cheat]
   [Another member using cheats]
  [Leader of 63rd using the reload cheat once more after being warned by the 33rd to not use it]
   [Another one, same thing]

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It was me that first realized that they were cheating and when we looked back into their youtube channel we figured out they been using it for a while
63rd using cheats on Empire events :
Original videos:   (19 Feb 2024)
                         ( January 28, 2024)
                                    (17 Feb 2024)

Parts that they used the cheats:  [Three 63rd members using the cheat]

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63rd using reload cheats on their 1v1 Line Battles, this one is from their match against Legion
( February 18, 2024)
Original video
    Parts that they used the cheat

Well, this one is against Daewden. 1v1 Line Battle once more and you can figure out the reload cheat there ( February 25, 2024)
Original video
            Parts that they used the cheat

That's the stuff they uploaded to youtube, there's probably bunch other events and linebattles that they abused this feature to get a advantage against their opponents. We also figured out that cheats are handed out by their regiment leaders to new members.

 It would probably be more logical to get opinions from clans that suffered from their toxicity, but you need to know that 63rd is currently banned from approximately eight events. All these accusations are true and there is definitely a backing. I'll leave a few videos and screenshots below.

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DDOS and Doxxing
I think the 63rd and DDOS problems first started on the third anniversary of 23rd. On the day we wanted to celebrate our third anniversary, we were exposed to a DDOS attack while we were on our own server (I host the server from my own computer). We thought this might be a coincidence and moved to the 1Rhein server with a quick request, but DDOS is here. It did not leave us alone, as it would on the next server, the 19th server. DDOS continued throughout the three servers we logged into and unfortunately we had to enter our third year without a celebration.

During the days after the DDOS, I spent a lot of time with the logs and finally discovered the problem. There was a person who joined all three servers, except the 23rd members, and he was pulling the server IP and performing the DDOS attack. Unfortunately, we could not track the IP because they use a free DDOS site that you can compare to a botnet. Going back to our topic. We detected a foreign GUID and I decided to track it down. As you can see below, in the logs of all three servers, there is a person who joined the server: 2365678 (kucuk_babu). I asked the 19th Admin to check this guid and I got this answer. If none of these are sufficient, you can see the person's attacks on another module with the same nickname. Last screenshot shows 63rd leadership (Eternal and Cezzar) using free stressers( lowbudget botnet) to ddos our server and other one is another 63rd member doxxing a player by sharing their IP.


[Original Screenshot]



 DDos attacks other than the ones that done to 23rd were also made on events organized by Dogureau. The events held on 22.03.2024 and on the day they were banned from the Dogu’s server suffered from ddos attacks.

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bump of support.  8) 8) 8) give us the guids of the players if you may :D

[23rd] Chaizard:
Screenshots from cheat's offical discord, you can see same names present with chat logs.


That is sad to hear. I wish that the violator could be punished. We also faced with the increased ddos attacks, however we did not link them with the 63rd regiment.

Thank you again for bringing this up after the attack on the event server on Friday. I had no idea and am glad I could call off the GF we were supposed to have with them.


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