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How to Locate Your Player ID
« on: January 29, 2013, 11:58:19 pm »
Good day everyone.
If you got banned on any Server of Napoleonic Wars and your looking for your ID to get unbanned, then join this Server:


The Server will show your Name and ID until you left the server.

If you can't find ID_Finder:

What you need:

Napoleonic Wars Dedicated Server or a friend who can help you with his server.  If you have a friend or regiment with a server, then ask them if they can look into the logs (should be faster than the steps below)

No need to fear if you don't have any friends with access to a server.  Simply Join a server that shows a text showing your user ID.  If it goes off the screen before you see it, then hit L for the in game logs.

If neither of these options are available, follow the steps below.

This will take a few minutes.

Step one:
Download the official serverfiles

Step two:
If you downloaded the serverfiles, copy the folder "Mount&Blade Warband Napoleonic Wars Dedicated" and paste it where you can find it.

Step three:
You don't need to open your ports.
You will see this
Run one of the batch-file (like "NW_Sample_Battle_start")

Step four:
Following will open
Wait until everything got loaded (can take few seconds).

Step five:
Keep this two windows open
Now run Napoleonic Wars and go to Multiplayer.
Open the serverlist and change the source from "Internet" to "Local Area Network"
Join and then leave the Server.

Step six:
Now you can close the two weird windows.
Open your serverfiles and open the folder "Logs".
Open the file from the day you did this tutorial (at first time running the server, there should be one file)
Now you can see everything what happened on your server.
Look for following message: "YOUR_NAME has joined the game with ID: YOUR ID"

NOTICE: Native and NW ID's are different! The ID is not the CD-Key and not your IP! Don't post them.
Save your ID anywhere you can find it again or don't get banned again  :P

Thats it!

NOTE: Thanks to prototypus aka Probito for making this helpful thread and Wolfstar for creating the ID_Finder.
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