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Regiments / Re: ♞ 4e Régiment de Hussards [EU]
« on: January 25, 2022, 10:33:44 pm »
Good and fun return for the 4e in 2022 with the 15th :D

Something's wrong, I can feel it...  ??? ??? ???


@janne @fruitcoin if you’re looking for hot young 20+ year old professional league gamers in your area
Janne literally the worst Aphelios EUW

But his Ahri cosplay is pretty hot ngl
bro pls dont talk ive seen ur lee sin
tbh Janne is not that toxic in LoL, compare to nw he is  actually pretty chill and nice

I'm german and I vote Snowwi

wenn jetzt die Favoriten dran sind, wann kommt das Nr13?  :P
kommt gleich nach Enigma glaube ich  ???

Nr13 french (and other english speaking ppl) company is recruiting

Jokes aside, it's a shame to see you guys disbanding after such a solid run

Regimenter / Re: 2. Leib - Regiment [03.06.2016] *Rekrutiert*
« on: December 20, 2021, 02:14:22 pm »
und somit das gesamte Turnier gewinnen

2. Liga  ;)
Inf-fighter2 versucht anscheinend mit so wenig wie möglich Wort über die Kav zu berichten. Vielleicht kam auch deshalb nix zum Zapfenstreich der Kav am vergangenen Freitag... 

losing 2 finals on the same day feels amazing  :)

ggwp great tournament, love to see more of those next year after egs 3! merry xmas and a happy new year bois

international department of the Nr13, henlo
make it happen bish
So do I have to learn french now or are you guys learning german?

Archiv / MOVED: Napoleon Total War
« on: December 16, 2021, 07:48:47 pm »

European Groupfighting Series / Re: EGS | Discussion
« on: December 15, 2021, 06:04:56 pm »
so finally we just have a bunch of retarded germans who want ppl to suck their dick to unban a guy. The guys are so insecure that they try to fuck teams for egs
If said admins were doing anything of what you%u2019ve said above, How would it benefit them?
I think he is talking about the miscommunication when Vol left the admin team but agreed before that on changing the knockout stage ( 1st overall doesn't have to play the 3rd over all one). I don't know how much Red is informed about that, but what I have heard is that neither DT or Wursti knew from what Vol agreed on. Nevertheless they still changed it after they heard about what Vol agreed on.

But yeah germans bad, ban all germans pls I don't like them, only rigging and starting world wars!

I'm btw dutch now   8)

European Groupfighting Series / Re: EGS | Interviews
« on: December 14, 2021, 05:06:06 pm »
also nightwing gets off unbelievably easy as well :P
Bit surprised to be in two interviews in a row, but I prefer the interview from Gi  :D

Nightwing was schreibst du im Chat du goi
Befehl war Vater unser beten, Befehl wurde ausgeführt!

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