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Week 2 matches are due on the 16th.

League 1

League 2

BB_G 2 - 1 GVT

Map 1: BB_G 22 - 19 GVT

Map 2: GVT 16 - 13 BB_G

Map 3: BB_G 16 - 9 GVT


I know I'm the only one with this issue, but on every other NA server I get 40 ping, but on the servers for this league I get 90 ping
Might be a routing issue with the server host, sometimes they can fix it if the hoster is given your IP. Sometimes it just takes a few weeks or months to fix itself from my experience.
Risk wanna try to help a brutha

I talked with Andy yesterday and he very generously put all the servers on high prioirty with their own core. They also did additional maintenance and a software update. This should have fixed the majority of lagging and ping issues, but sometimes this still happens. I will pm you the tracert you can do and then please send me the results so I can send them to Andy. This should hopefully fix it  :)

Here are the leaderboards for this season:

League 1 Leaderboards

League 2 Leaderboards

A few reminders, remember only 4 teams advance to playoffs for both leagues. The 3rd place will be played for both playoffs as well.

Also, although both League 1 and 2 have a best of 3 maps system, League 1 maps are bo30 while League 2 maps are ft10.

Please keep these in mind.

Week 1 matches are due January 9th. Both L1 and L2 matches have the same matchups in the match weeks to avoid confusion. Basically, your L1 and L2 team play the same other L1 and L2 team each week. They don't play separate teams.

Here are the brackets:

League 1

League 2

Trading deadline is also January 23rd.

All info is updated on the thread. Message myself or Xethos for any questions.

Good luck to all!!


Stream will start at 9:15 EST or earlier

watch here:

We have decided to allow Phil, Chuckster, and Rafael to play as it will now even out League 2 numbers. League 2 will now be a 5v5 with 2 subs. League 1 is unaffected and will still be a 5v5.

The draft is still TONIGHT at 9pm EST!

BabyJ will be streaming at:

Stay tuned :)

Sign-ups have closed! Thanks to everyone who signed up and is playing, we can't do it without yall.

Now on to the fun stuff.

There will be 6 teams. Each team will have a subsequent League 1 and League 2 team as stated previously. League 1 will be a 5v5 and League 2 will be a 4v4 with 2 subs. All of the League 2 teams/rosters act as subs for their respective League 1 team. Both League 1 and 2 will start with a group stage with everyone playing once, and only 4 teams will advance to the playoffs stage. If you do the math, 3 players will be left over as League 1 takes up 30 players including captains, and League 2 takes up 36 players. The remaining 3 will still be drafted and half of the teams will have an extra player/sub for League 2.

Your NWCL S2 Captains are:

The way the captains are ordered above will be the draft order. The draft will be a "snake" draft format.

The draft is planned to be tomorrow at 9pm EST. A stream or a way to watch the draft, is still in the works and I'm not sure on that yet.

The league will start immdiately after the draft and week 1 matches for both leagues will need to be completed by January 9th.

Sign-ups close tonight at midnight (EST). Please sign-up by then if you want to play.

edit- As a general update, we are attempting to try to have the draft tomorrow but it is not for sure yet.

Reminder that sign-ups close tomorrow. If you want to play please sign up by then so we can finalize captains and schedule a draft day to have the league starting as soon as possible.

Reminder that sign-ups close this Friday. If you want to play please sign up by then so we can finalize captains and schedule a draft day to have the league starting as soon as possible.


Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone has a great day!

Can we please adjust the number of teams according to the amount of players who sign up. I'm worried about League 1 being fully rostered, but not enough people in League 2, so they would just become a sub army

I believe this is said on the thread and in the ruleset multiple times, but yes, number of sign-ups determine number of teams and both league formats.

matches 1x per week every saturday at 9est would be incredibly based

Saturday is kinda ehhh but at least on Sunday most people are home at night cause of work/school on Monday.

We considered having matches on set days this time but as Mikey mentioned earlier, I believe only a few were extended matches from S1. And that was from 21 matches in total with a 2 match a week format and everyone played twice. So, I believe most matches do end up getting scheduled and played on time in the end. Part of it is enforcing the rules properly where matches are played even after extensions are granted, which we intend to do the same way we did in S1. Looking at this season though, it's only everyone playing once and 1 match a week for each league. So, it should be somewhat less intensive scheduling in a way.

Also, if you have it on set days you have to pretty much make that known initially that it is a part of the league and in the sign-ups so people know what they are getting into and know they would have to be available for Saturdays or whatever day it would be. We did not want to exclude anyone from signing up because of having a set day, even if it would only be a handful of people. We did not think it was necessary to do and it would be needlessly excluding these people when scheduling is, for the vast majority, done on time.

Current Teams and Leaderboards

Trading Deadline: January 23rd

Current Teams

Draft Results

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