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NA Community Representative Term: August-October

Hello everyone, I am Tired_Jake and welcome to the Community Representative thread for the months of August to October. From what I have seen from most previous CRs before me, most lacked to cater to both sides of the community, competitive and pubs, and primarily focused on one or the other. As I am still new to the idea of hosting events I will be working with different regimental leaders to figure out fun and different things that can be hosted for the entire community.

As CR does come with being a miniature moderator, I will attempt to "clean" up some of the things being said on the forums. That being said, I will probably not be perfect in dealing with specific posts across the NA threads or other sections of the forums as I am still new, but I will do my up most best.

Past leagues

The Regimental League of Groupfighting hosted by Hawkince has just finished with the 84th taking the final in a 20-18 fashion over the 98e.

The second season of the Napoleonic Wars Pro Cup hosted by Marceaux has yet to conclude with controversy surrounding the final between the 21st and the 1tes.

New leagues

The 6v6 Draft League hosted by James will be underway soon with the draft kicking off this Wednesday the 4th of August at 9 PM EST. Captains have been announced, and sign-ups are officially closed.

There are currently no leagues planned for regiments to compete in, but if you and your regiment want or has any ideas to start one please feel free to contact me from the links below.

Other News

Warband Matchmaking has seen another resurgence with the draft league around the corner. Get involved!

If you need to, feel free to contact me
This is my Steam
This is my FSE
and my Discord is: Jake_Mu#4423

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