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Off Topic / 1v1 Tournament 30.09.23
« on: September 24, 2023, 05:55:44 pm »
Sikeeeeeeee fuck movement for faking cancer in 2018 have a good day y’all

The Mess Hall / Banning Fietta From EGS *COMMUNITY VOTE*
« on: October 20, 2022, 04:10:56 pm »
Vote and whichever the community votes, happens! #FSECommunityDecision

Going to do a 2 hour + stream probably then post a few threads and look for some co hosts and then I may host this league in 2024! Stay posted guys!

Competitive EU Events/Tournaments / EGS RGL #1
« on: October 12, 2021, 12:08:17 am »
Sike #ReformK-KA

The Mess Hall / Hi NA
« on: January 13, 2021, 08:18:26 pm »
Just a reminder who runs these ends!! :)   15-0 EU servers 15-14 NA servers, take care :)!!!!

Competitive EU Events/Tournaments / TOG 5v5 Tournament Invitational
« on: January 10, 2021, 11:46:34 pm »
Team1: Ivan DOMI Zeyden Python Herishey Wolpi MarxeiL(c)     Team2: Mitchell galava cam13elb poberta Flusha Steinmann Coco_Ayala(c)    Tournament start date: 10/01/2021    Server: rickygroupfighting pword gf.   Prizepool: Friend tag on Poosy ts.

The Mess Hall / nW lIsT 2020
« on: February 11, 2020, 08:54:16 pm »
Fwuffy 99.1p Herishey 99p Hursty 91p Obelix 5p Knightmare 1p Extaz 0p  MattyCM -1p.    k bai

Competitive EU Events/Tournaments / Fwuffuble 7v7 Tournament 15.09.19
« on: August 28, 2019, 07:08:54 pm »


A pattern masterer tier tournament hosted by Volugod and Fwuffles for the month of September as we cannot host a EGT this month, so we are doing a independent one in the meanwhile. The format will be a 7v7 (8 to 16 team allowed in tournament) and will be hosted on Sunday 15th September at 8pm GMT. Rules and Application formats are below xoxo (enjoy the elite graphic made by lonedoggi). Sign-up deadline will be Saturday 14th September at 11:30pm GMT. The roster deadline will be 6pm GMT on Sunday 15th September.  tHe suN hAs riSEn!1!111 


- The limit of players for one team is fixed to 11, with 7 players from the main line-up and 4 substitutes.
- Players have to be signed up with their community names. Roleplay names will be accepted but you are requested to sign-up your players with their community name alongside their roleplay names so that they can be clearly identified by other participants on the servers.
- Group stage matches will all be played out in Ft5. Quarterfinals will also be played out in Ft5. Semifinals and bronze match will be played in Ft7. The grand final match will be played out in Ft10.
- Every player has to play with the name they have been signed-up as. Variations can be allowed, as long as we can still identify who you are.
- Every player has to wear the tag of their team.
- Players who are part of the same team may not use identical in-game faces.
- You may only spawn in once the name of your team is called.
- You may only enter the arena if you are playing.
- Substitutes can spawn in but will be expected to obey by the rules and not disturb the on-going matches.
- Captains are expected to type 'R' or 'Ready' in the chat before every round so that the referee can type 'live'.
- Line infantry is the only class allowed.
- The bayonet is the only weapon allowed.
- Melee speed will be on medium.
- No intentional teamkilling outside of the arenas.
- If you are a substitute, don't interrupt the on-going matches by jumping on the fences, running around (with flags or not), punching each other's, etc.
- If requested, we require the leader of the team to admin, or to nominate a member from there team, to admin the teams matches to allow us to run tournament more efficently.

Organisers: Voluble ,
Admins: Coco_Ayala
More TBA...
Steam (Captain): Obelix
Team Name: AK-47
Players: Player 1 - Obelix | Player 2 - Drake | Player 3 - ExtarZz | Player 4 - Tiberias | Player 5 - Voluble | Player 6 - LeBad | Player 7 - Moskito | Player 8 - Bessieries | Player 9 - Padawan| Player 10 - Fotin | Player 11 - BlackBeard
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

Steam (Captain): Fwuffy
Team Name: ProudBoys
Players: Player 1 - Fwuffy | Player 2 - Movement | Player 3 - Shadey | Player 4 - Golden | Player 5 - Marquez | Player 6 - Rune | Player 7 - Rikkert | Player 8 - Fralla8 | Player 9 - Herishey | Player 10 - Kore
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes
Steam (Captain):  Bagins
Team Name: Poosy
Players: Player 1 - Bagins(Breath) | Player 2 - Python(Ezterminator) | Player 3 - DOMI(Paralyzer) | Player 4 - Ivan(Punter) | Player 5 - Steinmann(Anhilator) | Player 6 -Hypno(Popper) | Player 7 - Dren(Bish) | Player 8 - Elsse(Plague) | Player 9 - Nero(Clart) | Player 10 -muha
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

Steam (Captain): MightyPaiN & Darius
Team Name: The Best Ever
Players: Darius |  Firefly  |  Bandej | Barro| Raii | Ryan | Janne|  Tigere | Frittentime| Retamar|
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

Steam (Captain): Gi
Team Name: Snappers
Players: Gi - 639367 | Irish - 1097538 | Vortx - 374420 | Bidbig - 520751 | Gaz - 293555 | Dundi - 1928138 | Porkins - 423274 | Ricky - 1100222 | Sadman - 422602 | TheTurkishFaisan - 1236582
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes/No

Steam (Captain): Desant
Team Name: CCCP
Players: Player 1 - Desant | Player 2 - Wursti | Player 3 - Laurens | Player 4 - Freedom | Player 5 - Max | Player 6 - Lvov | Player 7 - Bagration | Player 8 - Severus | Player 9 - Alucard| Player 10 - Flashkodr
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

Steam (Captain): Coco_Ayala
Team Name: Animals
Players: - Zenon(1513490) | Alatriste(495512)  - | Erios(45)  - | Cletus (501832) - | Rydh(362260) 5 - | Spartan(63683) 6 - | Nock (353576)  - | Anubis (1331602)- | Anakin (1224112)  - |Tenshi (1293363) - Corey(793311)
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

Steam (Captain): MrKnight
Team Name: Thugscry
Players: Player 1 - MrKnight | Player 2 - Ambigious | Player 3 - Fucker | Player 4 - Jerome | Player 5 - Ronin| Player 6 - Yoloswag| Player 7 - Pain| Player 8 - Snikk| Player 9 -DeathStroke | Player 10 -
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

Steam (Captain): Stockholm/Snowwi
Team Name: NotSwedish
Players: Player 1 - Stockholm | Player 2 - Snowwi | Player 3 - Nightwing| Player 4 -  Lordius| Player 5 - Basti | Player 6 - Dave | Player 7 - Andy | Player 8 - | Player 9 - | Player 10 -
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

Steam (Captain): Zülfikar
Team Name: 88th Regiment Of Foot
Players: Player 1 - Zülfikar | Player 2 - Marji | Player 3 - Nedim| Player 4 - Metalsie| Player 5 - Aurius| Player 6 - Lethe| Player 7 - Dexter| Player 8 - Soren Kierkegaard| Player 9 - Ruszin| Player 10 - Thomas Hobbes
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

Steam (Captain): Dayboul
Team Name: VerteVerge
Players: RzR - 1331448 | Dayboul - 431148 | Airsoft - 304810 | Melsyo - 892796 | Syrcrim - 664421 | Sinjide - 1418257 | Moumoute - 966997| Dashie - 1554632
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

Steam (Captain): Crusher
Team Name: OutKast
Players: Player 1 - Crusher| Player 2 -  Matt| Player 3 - Mussolini | Player 4 - Sneakyfellow | Player 5 - Chef | Player 6 - Alec | Player 7 - Eazy-e| Player 8 Vanleeuwen- | Player 9 - CryingNoob | Player 10 - Banjolord.
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

Steam (Captain):Bagetak
Team Name:56e
Players: Player 1 Aggofan | Player 2 Delsuna | Player 3 Kemf | Player 4 Menty | Player 5 Gargy | Player 6 Salakien | Player 7 Adda | Player 8 Jean | Player 9 Jjjjjj| Player 10
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes

13/16 Teams

You have to sign up on this thread with the following format: 
For Team
Team Application:
Steam (Captain):
Team Name:
Players: Player 1 - | Player 2 -  | Player 3 - | Player 4 - | Player 5 - | Player 6 - | Player 7 - | Player 8 - | Player 9 - | Player 10 -
Did you read and accept the rules? Yes/No
Referee Application:
Why would you like to become a referee:
Prior experience (If any):
Make sure to add Voluble or Fwuffy on Steam if you are accepted.

Brackets will be released 1 hours before the tournament starts.

Credits to Tardet for most of the Rules and some layouts xxx

Groupfighting Teams / Poosy
« on: July 09, 2019, 12:48:11 am »


            | Bagins
            | Voluble

            | Python
            | Stark
            | Ivan
            | DOMI
            | Elsse
            | Dren
            | Hypno
            | Steinmann
            | Tommy



"I'm a fucking gay haha" - Python
"I'm almost dumb as Coco ..." - Python again




Tournament will be hosted on Sunday 14th of April at 8pm British Time (16 Teams Max). To quickly summarise how this tournament will work. There will be 5 players per team (Plus 2 substitutes). One of which will be the "King" playing as Marine. The kings goal is to stay alive, while the rest of the teams goal is to kill the enemy king. Its just a normal groupfight, but if the enemy kill your king, you instantly lose the round. So Win by either killing all of the enemy team, or killing their king. Play defensive to protect your king, or aggressive to kill theirs. Completely up to you. Just don't let your king die. 

Additional information
What happens when we kill their king?: You instantly win the round.
King gets teamkilled: The king is still dead. Your team still loses the round.
We killed all the enemy but their king killed ours before dying: If your king dies before the enemies does...You lose the round
Their king isn't fighting: Good tactic. As long as he isn't delaying, it's not against the rules.
King is sitting in a corner being protected: This is not allowed. It's still a groupfight, however the king may wish to abstain from fighting, until he has to.
Does the king have to go Marine? Yes. And only the king may go Marine. This allows the enemy to determine who is king and who isn't.
Can we change king? Yes. Every round, as long as one person goes King = Marine

1. All players must be respectful and act in a mature manner during the tournament. Cussing or trashtalking will not be tolerated. There will be a warning, a kick and then a ban.
2. Teamkilling, teamhitting and trolling whilst your team aren't playing will result in kicks and if the behavior continues then a ban.
3. Only line infantry, rankers are allowed. (Footguards, Marines, Medics, Grenadiers or Militia do not fall under the category of line infantry), this rule is dependent on the type of tournament.
4. Melee speed is Medium.
5. Group stage matches will be ft5, Semi-finals and Bronze match are ft7, Grand-final is ft10 (subject to change).
6. You cannot use players which were added to the roster after the deadline of the roster edits.
7. The roster edit deadline is 6pm (UK Time) on the day of the tournament.
8. As a captain you are directly responsible for the behavior of your team. An inability to control your members (see rule 2), may result in refusal from other tournaments.
9. Team Captains will be required to referee in the tournaments (you may elect someone else in your team).
10. The tournament starts at 8pm (UK Time), a player from each team must be on the server at 7:45pm (UK Time) and the rest of the team should be on the server at least 5 minutes before the start time.
11. Only one player per team should say ready (to cut down on spam).
12. You are not allowed to use the same name with different numbers or letters. You can however use role-play names if you state this in your sign up post the name of the person is going to be playing under. E.g. Kit_Fisto = Melyso.

Tournament specific rules

1. Only 1 King is allowed per match, with only the King being allowed to play Marine. EVERYONE ELSE must go 1st Unit of Line infantry.
2. When the king is dead, Fighting must stop immediately, people who take the piss and continue for the sake of it, will just be kicked/Banned.
3. The king is the only one, who may not fight, this is not delaying. However when the rest of the Kings team is dead, he MUST fight. (Up to the team whether the king is active in the groupfight or not)
4. You lose if: King gets killed, King gets Teamkilled, All your team Dies (including king).

Organisers: Voluble ,
MightyPaiN and MarxeiL
Admins: Coco_Ayala
Le Faisan

Team Name: ChimpZ
Captain's Steam (Link required): neckurself
Roster (max 7): Voluble Golden Wolpi Fotin Moskito Cr3A Padawan
Team Name: GibbonZ
Captain's Steam (Link required): Me, you both have me.
Roster (max 7): Herishey, Water, Maurice, Blackbeard, Artista, Nero & Janne

Team Name: Kamikaze
Captain's Steam (Link required): Smylie
Roster (max 7): Smylie, OdaCao, Martin, Retamar, Barro, Faser and Mr T.

Team Name: TBE
Captain's Steam (Link required): Me, and Darius
Roster (max 7): Irish Firefly Kore Harrier Darius Gull Tiberias and Owindd

Team Name: Cazadores
Captain's Steam (Link required): u got me
Roster (max 7): Tigere, Heinrich, Alatriste, Anubis, Gerher, Elsse, Rikkert

Team Name: tba
Captain's Steam (Link required):
Roster: frittentime laurens gaz extkill silverbolt wursti rikimaru

Team Name: 59th
Captain's Steam:
Roster (max 7): Krytenn, Creggen, Rassher, Posh, Cobax, Fulgent, Jacky

Team Name: Animals
Cpt steam: Coco_Ayala and Porkins
Roster: Hokej, Porkins, Vortx, Bidbig, Zenon,  Ricky, Cookie

Team Name: JediMasters
Captain's Steam (Link required):  Hypno
Roster (max 7): DOMI hypno Fralla8 lonedoge ThrowUpTheX Mike TheHunted

Team Name: CCCP
Captain's Steam (Link required):
Roster (max 7): MarxeiL, Desant, Archangel, Witcher, Max, Stex, Yoda

Team Name: Poosy
Captain's Steam (Link required):
Roster (max 7): Bagins, Stark, Ledger, Fwuffy, Python, Dren, Hercules.

Team Name: Ladies
Captain's Steam (Link required):
Roster (max 7): Noel, Leyenda, Melvin, iuFF, Bulqur, Zenepl, Retamar

Team Name: ThiefUnion
Captain's Steam (Link required): and
Roster (max 7): max1m ironreign Sayartun Flex Sanel Marjixd Buzziwnl

Team Name: Diamond
Captain's Steam (Link required):
Roster (max 7): Hugo, BORODA, New, Bagration, Pain , Diz, Medved

Team Name:ThugsCry
Captain's Steam (Link required):
Roster (max 7):MrKnight MrDixon Fucker hellstaff Bogoslav Hunter491 Lvov

Team's Name : Tz0
Roster : ExTaZz94 , Movement , Maximou , Radulf , Obelix , Shadey  and LeBrave.
Captain's : ExTaZz94 , Movement

16/16 Teams

You have to sign up on this thread with the following format: 
For Team
Team Name:
Captain's Steam (Link required):
Roster (max 7):

Make sure to add Voluble on Steam if you are accepted.

Brackets will be released 2 hours before the tournament starts.

Credits to Hercules for the concept and the rules.
Credits to Hypno for the graphics and to Nero for the general assistance xooxo.

The Mess Hall / V. Points | 07.04 | Player rankings - Updated
« on: December 28, 2018, 08:17:40 pm »

Hello there! Since in our community we all are humble players and we hate it when someone says that we are bad, I'll try to keep it as badly listed as possible to generate attention on this thread! <<< Watch it for autism!!!
V. Points -  is list of active, competitive players of Napoleonic Wars, based on a combination of tournament performances and general skill shown . Minimum rating is 85p, maximum is 95p.

Groupfighting Ranking - Europe

Top Tier

92.5p - Bagins
91.5p - ExtaZz94
90.5p - Golden

89.9p - Wolpi
89.7p - Fwuffy
89.5p - Python
89.0p - Cr3A
88.7p - Voluble
88.5p - LeBrave
88.3p - M4rqueZ
88.1p - MrGerher

Tier 1

87.9p - Hokej
87.8p - Janne
87.7p - Fotin
87.6p - DOMI
87.5p - Movement
87.5p - Maurice
87.5p - Ivan
87.4p - MarxeiL
87.4p - Shadey
87.3p - Anubis
87.2p - Dren
87.1p - Rikkert

86.9p - Tigere
86.9p - Water
86.8p - Dayboul
86.6p - Padawan
86.6p - Hypno
86.5p - Rune
86.4p - Irish
86.5p - Vortx
86.5p - Nero
86.4p - Melsyo
86.3p - Elsse
86.2p - Gull
86.0p - Owindd

Tier 2

85.9p - ThrowUpTheX
85.8p - lonedoge
85.8p - Yoda
85.7p - Desant
85.7p - Mike
85.7p - Fralla8
85.6p - Wursti
85.6p - Matt
85.6p - Noswill
85.6p - Stex
85.5p - firefly
85.5p - Zappy (ExtaZz's Kryptonite)
85.4p - Sadman
85.4p - Witcher
85.4p - Le_Faisan
85.4p - XaArtil
85.3p - Mr T
85.3p - Felix
85.3p - Alatriste
85.3p - FoxTrot
85.3p - Higen
85.2p - Angel
85.2p - eXt_kill

Competitive EU Events/Tournaments / The VolleyFireuble Tournament
« on: September 26, 2018, 12:15:59 am »
Normal shit then if u break them I ban u.

Each team lines up in spawn, admin says present, aim then FIRE. When you have shot once u charge the enemy and fit normally. Any funny kids like barristan who try to reload in corners gets temp banned.
7v7 Formatttttt

Application format:
Captain's Steam:
Team Name:
Skin Colour:

Prize: £1.93 and a packet of Oreos(Mint).

(Imaginery spolier)
Captain's Steam: u hv me
Team Name: tba
Roster: tba
Skin Colour: pink

Teams: tba
Captain's Steam: u've me
Team Name: Reaper
Roster: tba
Skin Colour: black
(Imaginery Spolier)

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