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Selling City RP's Scripts(module, api, database)

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Hi there. I developed a server called City RP and want to sell it's scripts.
City RP is a roleplay server which you can be doctor, police, lawyer; gang member, outlaw... You can earn money by doing jobs, getting paid or trading in RP.

Here is a full list of features of City RP:
[*]Mysql System(Every data saved inside mysql database. All features will be refreshed on map restarts. Maps won't restart until admins restart them.)
[*]Systematic Jobs(Woodcutting, Mining, Farming)
[*]RP Jobs(Building)
[*]Faction System(Fully dynamic)
[*]Legal Factions(Police, Doctor, Mayor, Priests, Lawyers...)
[*]Some factions have saleries, players will receive gold every hour.
[*]Illegal Factions
[*]New factions can be added from database
[*]Inventory System
[*]Item System(City RP is using Warband NW's items, but in addition to these: you can edit NW items or add new items to the database(e.g. Lockpick).)
[*]NPC System(Fully dynamic)
[*]New NPCs can be added via database. Map restart will be enough to add them into map
[*]NPCs have their types(Shop, Bank, Horsemaster...), inventories and shops.
[*]Properties(Players can buy interiors)
[*]Player Menu(Actions, Animations, Inventory; Legal factions have their own menu)
[*]Admin Commands
[*]Report System(Players can report other players in-game, admins will respond.)
[*]Mount System
[*]Level System(Players have more than level 3 can buy/use pistols)
[*]Players can buy mounts from horsemasters
[*]They can keep their horses inside stable
City RP's scripts are fully dynamic. You just need to edit database to install server to your map.

Send a private message to me if you are interested and want to talk about prices.

Yeah but can I pull up on the opps?


--- Quote from: Saxon on September 13, 2021, 01:54:33 pm ---Yeah but can I pull up on the opps?

--- End quote ---

You have a server with this open I’d like to take a look?

It's a pity you banned all the players of the only community who would probably be interested in a server like this. (NRP)


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