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I have made a ton of headers now and pictures for threads but on google I always find the same images every single time and I want to find some new stuff. I'm actually interested in buying books from stores or lending books from the libraries. I know the Osprey books have some good images of Napoleonic Infantry. Do you guys know any other great books with tons of high quality images of the Napoleonic soldiers as well as American Civil War?

Thanks. :)

what kind are you looking for?

I can recommend "An illustrated encyclopedia of uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars" by Digby Smith

Michael Barthorp has some great individual uniform plates and osprey are pretty good. There's so much to choose from but my personal favorites at the moment are anything done by Keith Rocco, he does a real mixture of individuals, small vignettes and battle scenes.

the edit I did below is two of his ones merged together, I de-saturated the colour for this one but I'll post the full colour one next week when the details for the Sunday campaign are out.


Literally state of the art are any of the new books by Paul Dawson. Mind you, they're really academic-level books, which means academic prices. The books include art by Rocco, so well worth it.


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