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I have the goal of creating a scene for NW multiplayer based on an authentic french military camp from the late 18th/early 19th century but haven't found good sources online. It's hard in my country (Portugal) to have access to such information in libraries though perhaps maybe in a specialized library at a university.

I would like to find out about their structure, there were surely tents for the soldiers to sleep in, benches, wooden tables, cooking pots for eating and cooking, perhaps an ammo store to hold muskets, ammo and some artillery pieces, a field hospital to treat the sick, the wounded and the dying, a stable for the army's horses, etc

That's the kind of information I'd like to get my hands on, map, schematics, though text documents are fine too.

With your help, the research would surely go much faster. Will you help me, providing information on the topic?

Best regards,


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