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Reviveing the mod!!


word any Body or Regiments like to Help me and my Reg by Reviving the mod cuse we where thinking about doing Events on the mod and asking Regs from NW if they want to come etc that is it i Guess ; 3

ah its a Pole Shite ah well Fuck it ; 3

so when is next event :D

Hello, please I ask you to type more coherently to be understood. Your earlier posts, for example. Avoid double posting, you can modify your post with the Modify button to the right.

Nonetheless, if there is interest to host a War of 1812 mod event, then by all means let me know about this get-together. However, if an event is started I can give advice (and not only be relied upon for an admin, the assumption that I should be admin because I am a mod developer and expected of me is crazy). I am quite busy in real life.

Try commenting or making a discussion topic of possible interest here:

Or here:

Also there is the Mount & Blade: Warband subreddit although that is primarily singleplayer discussion and set-in-stone events getting word around.


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