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All Changelogs will reside here for convenience.

Version 0.5 Phase II Patch ChangelogProgress {onwards after 0.5} for Phase II Patch
Created Phase II Patch Readme (You better read it first! Or else..)

Important: Phase II Patch will be in Late War configuration for uniforms and troops. Therefore, make sure your mod folder is in late war configuration before applying to 0.5 mod folder.
(Hint: On initial download the mod folder is in late war configuration as default)


item_kinds1_early (delete)


How can you check in-game? The very first instance is the character uniform preview on the Multiplayer main menu, early war shako and pants vs late war tombstone shako and pants difference.

Re-worked Main Menu by Stetson
Spoiler[close]Re-worked Splash Screen by Stetson
Spoiler[close]New player banners for War of 1812 by Blitz_craig

Militia Unit Tab created for militia units:
Militia Unit Tab is Centered below Specialists Tab[close]Militia units can now be used in Siege mode

New idle flag holding animation by Raddeo
New musket idle hold and walking animations by DanP346

Fixed a bug in Conquest mode where name of Flags do not appear.
Renamed Bowie Knife to Knife in-game, US_knife in coding.
US knife re-done for US Frontier Militia Rifleman and US Rifles Rankers/Sargeant.
Spoiler[close]Keeping "The Star Spangled-Banner" as winning round end music for U.S. default.
Added optional variant "Hail, Columbia!" as winning round end music for U.S. Will be explained in the Patch Readme.
Added optional variant "Hell on the Wabash" as winning round end music for U.S. Will be explained in the Patch Readme.

Tomahawk melee speed decreased from 117 -> 90
Tomahawk throwing speed increased from 90 -> 117
Max ammo of tomahawks reduced from 4 -> 2
Tomahawks can be picked up on the ground now.
Max ammo of arrows reduced from 30 -> 15
All First Nations units have a new skill: power_throw_3
Native Bowman has a new skill: power_draw_1

-11th U.S. (early war) sub-name changed from 'Grenadier' to 'Regular Infantry' (Only 21st U.S are grenadiers)
-16th U.S. Color Sargeant has officer boots now
-14th U.S. Infantry Regiment added:
-Early war  brown uniforms along with red facings with blue half-gaitered pants:Early War 14th U.S. Ranker[close]-Late war  blue uniforms with white rolled pants
-14th U.S. Color Sargeant has officer boots now
-14th U.S. Line Infantry AI bot added
-14th U.S. commander battle unit name changed from '14th U.S. Line Infantry' to '14th Line Infantry'
-14th U.S. troop inventory 25th shakos changed to 21st for upcoming 22nd U.S. Infantry mini-mod.
-Added fur cap to Frontier Militia ranker:
Frontier Militia Ranker with Fur Cap[close]-Added slouch hat to Frontier Militia ranker:
Frontier Militia Ranker with Slouch Hat[close]
-Made round hat twice as likely to appear on Frontier Militia Ranker, Sergeant, Drummer, Fifer
-Made slouch hat twice as likely to appear on Frontier Militia Rifleman
-Removed gloves from Frontier Militia Officer
-Removed gloves from Frontier Militia Fifer

-Added gloves to U.S. Artillery Light Artillery Driver
-Added gloves to U.S. Artillery Officer
-U.S. Artillery Officer now have a cannon lighter than a pistol with ammo

-New York Militia and Pennsylvania Militia have their own pants coded for ranker/sergeant
-Early War New York Militia Ranker/Sargeant & Pennsylvania Militia Ranker/Sargeant have long-tailed coats.
-5th Maryland moved to Cav/Militia tab as third militia unit
-5th Maryland unit name changed to '5th Maryland Militia Infantry Regiment'
-5th Maryland unit sub-name changed from 'Volunteer Infantry' to 'Militia'
-U.S. Musician/Sapper swords are the same length as British musician sword now.
-U.S. Commanders have pistols now

-U.S. Commander Battle Commands & Shouts added, courtesy of Comrade Crimson

-Highlander bagpiper pennon is normal again I guess it was just me  ???
-Added missing backpack belt attached mesh #6 to Voltigeur Sergeant
-Added white gloves to Glengarry Light Infantry Sergeant
-Added Colonial Marine to Royal Marine Land Service Battalion
-Removed red cap from CSM Lower Canada Ranker
-Glengarry 2nd Militia Battalion now has blue shakos and blue rifle pants:
Glengarry 2nd Militia Battalion Ranker[close]Replaced British Commanders' Line Cavalry Sabre with Light Cavalry Sabre for accuracy/balance
-U.K. Commanders have pistols now

-U.K. Commander Battle Command & Shouts added, courtesy of Comrade Crimson

-Native American War cries added, courtesy of Comrade Crimson

Native Auxiliary unit overhauled:
Melee Warrior[close]Bowman[close]Variant Ranker[close]Tenskwatawa (The Prophet)[close]Bow & arrows added (now with sounds)
Gunstock club added
Throwing spears added (now with sounds)
Throwing spears have up stab/thrust melee now
Tomahawk now has sounds
Spiked Ball Head Club added, one-handed
New Tomahawk model added

War club needs texturing - completed by DarthTaco
New tomahawks need texturing - completed by DarthTaco

Native weapon models/textures courtesy of DarthTaco

Maps Added:
-Bladensburg (Battle)
-Fort McHenry (Night) (Siege)
-Longwoods (Siege)
-Chateauguay (Battle)
-Fort York (Siege)
-Stoney Creek (Day) (Battle)
-Stoney Creek (Night) (Battle)

Map Problems Fixed:
-Fort Niagara
'Moved the spawn locations of defenders closer to the forward ramparts on Fort Niagara.'

-Lake Borgne
'Corrected malspawning ammo boxes on Lake Borgne map.'

-Border Skirmish
'Created safe spawn areas for both teams on Border Skirmish Battle and CTF maps.'
'Widened the wood bridge on both Border Skirmish maps since it lays across the map edge.'

-Queenston Heights
'Queenston Heights Siege has had it's redoubt defenses beefed up.'
'Moved spawn locations closer to flag on Queenston Heights siege.'
'Added additional 12 pdr cannon to Queenston Heights siege map redoubt.'

Multiplayer profile menu reverted to vanilla for legibility.

I have mentioned it three times in this post, but again, a huge special thanks to Comrade Crimson for his generous voicework. Added a note of this to the credits list on the installer. Also a huge thanks to DarthTaco for his native weapon models, added to credits list on installer as well.

Mini-modifications thread made to document animations and the like.

Note to General Community
We are in need of sceners for additional maps and modellers/texturers. If you would like to join our mod team please PM me on Steam or here on FSE.[close]
Version 2.0 ChangelogNext version:

Removed sabre briquetes from character uniform (both male and female) on multiplayer main menu (late and early)
Changed musket from Versailles to Charleville on character uniform (both male and female) on multiplayer main menu (late and early)
In the Tutorial the British ranker now has white pants in early war configuration
In the Tutorial the British artillery now has grey pants in early war configuration

Custom Music

Driveable canoes (done finally and working)

Fixed the admin panel being too rigid. Had to add three Invalid Factions so one can switch the team placement of U.K. or U.S. (should do well for now)

Darker grey pants textures added

Custom darker flute texture added

Horseshoe Bend map now has admin panel image
Boarding Action map now has admin panel image
New Orleans (Night) Battle map now has admin panel image
Swamp Fight map now has admin panel image

-Added shako covers in late war for 41st, Canadian Fencibles, 89th Regiments & A.I. bots
-Changed Royal Marines' pants (Land Service and Royal Navy) from grey to white
-Added Colonial Marine to Royal Marine Land Service Battalion unit
-Reduced Arrows damage from 3 to 1
-Reduced Native Throwing Spear count from 4 to 2
-Spiked Ball Head Club is now a two handed weapon
-Added Scalping Knife as default weapon to Melee Warrior
-Melee Warrior has selection of Spiked Ball Head Club or Gunstock Club
-Removed Tomahawk from Melee Warrior
-Removed Knife from Bowman
-Added Tomahawk as default weapon for Bowman
-Natives Ranker/Bowman shirts have darkened wrist color now
-Removed Line Cavalry Sabre from U.K. Commanders troop inventory for balance (is a French sword)
-General Isaac Brock commander unit renamed to General
-Renamed commander Ranker to General Isaac Brock (finally)
-Commanders have Light Cavalry Sabre now & pistol with ammo

-Tombstone shakos now have a rain guard as part of a major overhaul of them
-Replaced 25th U.S. in early war configuration with 22nd U.S.
-14th U.S. now have own 14th U.S. shakos resource assigned to them
-Added new fur hat to Frontier Militia Ranker
-Frontier Militia unit renamed to Volunteer Frontiersmen
-Added new Ranger Pattern Tomahawk to U.S. Mounted Rangers unit and bot
-Added Infantry Service Ranker/Sargeant to U.S. Artillery unit
-U.S. Sailor renamed to Sailor, USS Chesapeake
-General Jacob Brown commander unit renamed to General
-Renamed commander Ranker to General Jacob Brown (finally)
-Commanders have pistol with ammo

New U.S. Ranger pattern tomahawk in process/model complete
New Native scalping knife complete
Ranger Pattern Tomahawk weapon model/texture courtesy of DarthTaco
Possible new bow & arrows/quiver

The following maps are now also for Battle/Team Deathmatch/Deathmatch mode:
-Queenston Heights
-Fort York

Maps Added:
-Horseshoe Bend (Siege)
-Boarding Action (Battle) / (Conquest)
-New Orleans (Night)(Battle)
-Swamp Fight (Battle) / (Capture the Flag)
Map Changes:
North Point now has a plain outer terrain than beach.

Horses now can rear up when hit with a bayonet.

Thanks to Theodaric for his contribution scene - Swamp Fight map.

Note: we are still looking for more mappers for more maps! Especially maps for Commander Battles.
Further DevelopmentAdded variant slouch hat to Volunteer Frontiersmen Ranker, Sargeant, Rifleman, Officer

Testing starr cutlass and figure eight cutlass for naval sailors

RanGer's reload animation now ported in source code, no longer need extra actions.txt file for retaining

Added more AI bots for Custom Battle, in-server, and Commander Battle modes:
5th WIR Line Infantry
First Nations Auxiliaries
Sedentary Militia Infantry

Volunteer Frontiersmen
15th U.S. Line Infantry
New York Militia Infantry

Renamed U.S. Mounted Ranger bot to just U.S. Ranger

Gave British Marine bot white pants than grey

Adding custom scene props (walls and the like)

I approve. nuff said

dat slouch hat is 8/8  8)

Looking good Boys  ;D


--- Quote from: HWMHall on January 21, 2015, 02:59:23 am ---Looking good Boys  ;D

--- End quote ---
Thank you Hall

Patch is now released and changelog is posted above.


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