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Favourite All Time Leader(s)

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Post the most favoured leader of your opinion. Here are mine..

1. George Washington

He is my favoutite leader because he united 13 small colonies against a European superpowe
. From his time as a LtCol in the British Army to commanding the American regulars, this man proved himself.

Adolf Hit--- Nah, JK.

I'd have to say Napoleon, honestly. He made very many feats of intelligence along all of his campaigns. The Battle at Austerlitz, Lodi, Dresden... The Battle against the Mameluke and Turk alliance at the battle of the Pyramids where Napoleon first deployed his infantry squares in great effectiveness. His amazing ability to use artillery at a huge advantage no matter what. I even admire his extreme bravery in trying to tame the Motherland of Russia. However a mistake, which cost him 400,000 soldiers, it's still very admirable. Even 120 years later, when Hitler marched on Russia, he made no significant progress as Napoleon did.

Napoleon was a great emperor and general. He's a man that should be studied by everyone.

Napoleon was a great leader, and all though society wants to hide from the truth of Hitler, he was too. An absolutely corrupted man, but he lead a nation to a war they knew nearly nothing about. Hitler is one of the greats, alongside Napoleon.


--- Quote from: Thomas on December 26, 2012, 04:20:48 am ---... Hitler... An absolutely corrupted man, but he lead a nation to a war... Hitler is one of the greats, alongside Napoleon.

--- End quote ---

Hitler was indeed a very great man. He is frowned upon for inhumane dillusions against all non white people and Jews, nonetheless Germany would not have become an extreme economical powerhouse it was. He took Germany out of one of the worst depressions in human history, and make Germany into a strong economical empire once again. He was a very intelligent man, he just made those few mistakes that cost him not only his life, but Germany's reputation. The biggest mistake that Hitler EVER made, was dishonoring the very strong pact he had with the Soviet Union. People refer to the US as the "Sleeping Giant" during WWII, but Russia was right up there with us. Russia destroyed the German eastern front, and annhilated all German occupations in their path to reclaim Eastern Europe.

Aye, it seems Russia is the "Achilles Heel" of European military leaders. First, Napoleon's grand army, then Hitler's nazi force.


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