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Favourite Historic Battles!

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Come here and list your favourite historic battles, name however many you please and why they are your favourite!
My personal Favourites:

Siege of Badajoz
Rorke's Drift

Beaumont Hamel (Somme)
Vimy Ridge

Battle of Britian
Normandy Landings

Colonel Howe:
Ancient World:
Cannae- cuz one of the most important battles in military history

Pharsalus- take it up the ass Pompey

Alesia- take it up the ass Gauls

Waterloo- no explanation needed

Borodino- ruskies die

Austerlitz-Austrians die

American Civil War:
Antietam- cause bloodiest day in American military history.

Gettysburg- cause 20th Maine and Pickett's Charge

World War I
Verdun- French :3

Gallipoli- dead Aussies :,(

World War II
Stalingrad- Hurrah, comrades!

Probably Trafalgar, Waterloo or the Battle of Arnhem (Operation Market Garden)

What I find very interesting about the Battle of Leipzig a.k.a. Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig (Battle of Nations at Leipzig) between France and a coalition of Prussia, Russia, Austria and Sweden is that Jean Bernadotte, a former marshal under Napoleon, now fought on the side of the coalition with the Swedish forces that he lead himself. He was the newly elected heir presumptive of the sickly King of Sweden (Bernadotte, an early proponent of the French Revolution, allegedly had "mort aux rois!", literally "death to kings!" tattooed across his chest, which I find very ironic).

Another interesting event that occured during this battle was the defection of over 5000 Saxon and Württembergian troops that originally fought on the French side. Saxony and Württemberg both were part of the Confederation of the Rhine and became Kingdoms following the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806. After the Battle of Leipzig, many member states of the Confederation of the Rhine joined the coalition against Napoleon until the Confederation was finally dissolved by the coalition in November 1813, making the member states independent.

The Battle of Karánsebes. No explanations needed.


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