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Off Topic / Re: Hockey Thread
« on: May 14, 2023, 04:39:53 pm »

The statistics for GVT vs GBB include no surprises. The season series tied 1-1, with GVT winning 3 maps and GBB winning 2. But the GBB that scratched and clawed to a winning map 3 in round 5 is not the same GBB that we saw last week. On paper this is GVT's match to lose - does GVT convert with all the advantages? Or was last week's loss indicative of a team playing halfheartedly in a meaningless match?


I was asked today which matters more, cumulative or above team avg for AIR. My answer was that team avg can tell you a lot for teams that have fluctuations in performance - for GVT, above team average does little but bring everyone down closer to the mean and tells us very little that we didn't already know. But for GBB the results are clear: Jaax is an elite-level talent, and regardless of his circumstances delivers performances only rivaled by Cwater. For TAA, Jaax is in 2nd place with 2.53, 0.86 more than the 3rd place! No matter where you look Jaax's dominance is clear: in a season series that included a match where his team got 12 rounds over two maps, Jaax is 2nd for both teams in kills, 2nd in FBR, 2nd in total first bloods, and 3rd in AIR. In terms of cumulative AIR, Jaax scores at 2.20; the next closest on his team is Stryker at -0.74. When asked about Jaax's season, admiration poured in from around the league: one player noted that "jaax put that team on his back and has been a hard carry for them nothing but respect", another said that "jaax is playing well". One source opined that "Jaax has been as he has always been: a #1 pick. I have yet to see a league where he has failed that expectation!", and another simply said "very impressive". It's probably safe to say that without Jaax there's a great chance that Cream Team makes the playoffs instead of GBB. Going into the playoffs it's hard to think of Jaax as anything but capable of singlehandedly winning this match on his own - and he may have to.

On top of this, he's also playing with Movement who currently sports the worst AIR in both categories and has since early in the season. Now, there's a reason why Movement had the number one overall pick, and opinions on GBB's captain were fairly sympathetic to his ping situation. One player noted that "I think hes playing how I expected on NA servers. He's trying to play like he does on EU and is feeling the effects of his ping" while another suggested that "Movement makes up for his ping with callouts and teamplay". Movement did receive some criticism for a perceived failure to adapt to the ping situation, with one person noting that "Movement does not (adapt to his ping)" and another saying "he just does not have the same playmaking ability (as other EUs on NA)". It's difficult to call Movement the problem on this team, as even in wins the statistical results don't show. For GBB's sake, though, he'll be aiming for as close to even as possible while maintaining the same level of communication and leadership that gives him value. Also, important to note that regardless of results, Movement volunteered to be a captain as an EU - deserves kudos for that. But it'll be on GVT to attack what is objectively a weakness on the GBB lineup.

The most obvious difference between GBB early in the season and GBB now is the loss of Kore. Kore was easily the best player in league 2 and a dynamic weapon and playmaker in League 1. Not having Kore in the lineup for League 1 resulted in an immediate drop in performance - while NickCole is clearly capable and a veteran presence, Kore's groupfighting sense and technical ability was a huge boon for GBB. This is obvious to everyone asked: responses like "GBB without Kore is definitely a team to fear less", "I do believe GBB is worse without kore", "Losing Kore has been a pretty serious blow to the team", and " yes they are much worse without kore, whoever steps up is a huge downgrade from how kore was performing" indicate that everyone understands the difficulty GBB has without Kore. But while league sources and GBB players alike agree that losing Kore is a giant blow, at least publically Movement seems to think otherwise, telling Mikey in his interview that "There shouldn't be any concern about his anticipated leave because everything has already been planned within our team". Is this a case of a captain being optimistic and averting a crisis of morale, or a sign that Kore's true impact wasn't well understood within GBB?

This was not Godfreid's best league from a statistical perspective; but how much of that is on him? League sources were tempered, noting that "he could be playing better, but their roster now is just really tough". He also received praise from opposing players who said they "liked how he changed up his style a bit" and that "he has had ups and downs this season but overall i think his play has been good". Inconsistency was something highlighted, with one player noting "he looked good at the start of the season, but he seemed to struggle more and more as the seasons gone by" and another calling his performances an "overall mixed bag - it does feel like he has the potential to perform better than he has been". Certainly a player with the potential for a higher level in the playoffs, but is GVT simply too much to overcome?

On paper GVT has to be one of the more stacked groupfighting teams in recent years. One player, when asked whether anyone on GVT was overperforming, put it bluntly: "I would say every GVT member is overperforming the team is stacked you cant really play shit on that team unless you just suck or having the worst performance of your life." Another exclaimed that " Who would of thought the team with basically 3 first round picks came out on top." It's hard to argue with this - when the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th players in cumulative AIR patrol the middle of the arena for one team,   the type of season GVT had was to be expected. Lots of praise came pouring in for Mikey, with people naming him "the main outlet for offense", "more consistent", "the spearhead of GVT", with one person going as far to say that he "does everything better than the rest of that roster". An obvious x-factor candidate. Risk may have something to say about that, though - the season series leader in AIR (tied with Yoloswag) has had the type of breakout season that many of the game's best players experienced. And Yoloswag, who was not too long ago in consideration for the best player in the region, has delivered exactly what GVT needed to be successful - positional dominance and playmaking ability when called upon.

An underrated key part of GVTs success has been HiReaper - and his impact seems to have gone widely unappreciated around the league. When reached for comment, frequent opponents were tempered, saying " I think he is a little overrated" and assessing him as missing "play-making abilities of his own". However, some noted the impact he has, praising his IGL abilities, saying he's "playing very well" and that he "brings mostly positives to any team he plays on". One captain showered Reaps with praise, commenting his IQ and mechanics are just insane i would have to agree he is an unsung hero". That's how GVT feels about HiReaper. Certainly, the big 3 provide much of GVTs power, but HiReaper's combo of gamesense, leadership, mechanical ability, and understanding of how ping affects his play leads to an incredible level of impact. His cross-region success speaks for itself!

The favourite in this semi-final is pretty clearly GVT - the loss of Kore (and GBB not having a league 1 player for the whole league) coupled with the talent level on GVT and the great regular season leads to the conclusion that GVT is very heavily favored. League sources had plenty to say about the x-factors and the match in general:
- "The biggest question that is going to impact this match is: who is going to get the first pick? Whilst GBB has the weaker lineup playmaking wise I think its going to come down to teamplay after the first pick that decides the outcome of the match"
- "(GBB) have a few good players but hard for them to perform overall, but you never know. gvt performs well because of team play with an already good roster"
- "X factors are mikey and jaax, whoever goes off i think will win their team the map/match."
- "GVT is stacked. They have the playmaking, synergy and strategy to acquire the W. Only way GVT loses is if they make plenty of mistakes that other teams capitalize on."

Pretty clear who the x-factors are - Mikey for GVT, Jaax for GBB!

I won't comment on my own prediction, but I received GVT 2-1 GBB and GVT 2-0 GBB.

wow indeed

new interviews btw - cwater, horse

how will horse survive the pedo allegations?


The Mess Hall / Re: Finally
« on: May 04, 2023, 07:43:42 pm »
yea maskman stop ridiculing you
fatso making fun of someone's english gg

how is our favourite gypsy?

Off Topic / Re: Hockey Thread
« on: May 01, 2023, 02:21:52 pm »
hate on bruins is as cringe as the diehard bruins fans

cant wait for reg to disband and go back to 55th

Napoleonic Wars World Cup / Re: NWWC 2023 | Suggestions
« on: April 30, 2023, 09:36:20 am »
This a thing still?

Nice interviews thank you again hireaper and mikey

Regimental Groupfighting League / Re: [RGL9] Matchweek 7
« on: April 21, 2023, 05:28:41 pm »
All the UK homies rise for the GOATED Sainsbury's home brand Pizza

Used to be £1.50 pre COVID, now its £3...violations
take up sport

Regimental Groupfighting League / Re: [RGL9] Matchweek 7
« on: April 20, 2023, 11:18:45 pm »
bad meme tho, atleast 15th fought for the meme ;)

Must suck always being on the short end
Must suck not be skinny

Jealous? I can afford food, fuck bitches and win leagues and tournaments

BBQ chicken thin crust pizza slaps btw
sure 🤣

Do you want a slice?

Regimental Groupfighting League / Re: [RGL9] Matchweek 7
« on: April 20, 2023, 04:38:45 am »
bad meme tho, atleast 15th fought for the meme ;)

Must suck always being on the short end
Must suck not be skinny

Jealous? I can afford food, fuck bitches and win leagues and tournaments

BBQ chicken thin crust pizza slaps btw

Fun reads both Theo’s insights and reapers interview, keep it up

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