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Regimenter / Re: ♚ Das Kaiserliche Heer ♚
« on: May 31, 2020, 07:06:27 pm »

"Le meme, c´est moi" - Roi Marshall Ben

Since we had some bad luck with the master servers the Phase 2 and Phase 3 will be redone on Saturday 9th of Mai. 2000 gmt+1

The Cav round was very epic and the clan leaders are already informed that we will redo the rest with lesser players to have more stability (;

Events: EU / Re: [DL]Monday Linebattle [EU]
« on: April 28, 2020, 09:47:15 am »
Line Infantry:
k.k. Infanterie Regiment Nr.59 "Alexander von Jordis" [kk_IR_Nr59] [permanent]
k.k Linieninfanterieregiment "Joseph Alvinczy" Nummero 19 [kk_IR_Nr19] [permanent]
>>> space <<<

I will take the last free space for another infantry regiment.
Please reserve it for me.

Events: EU / Re: Warband Extravaganza-Event | Native Event on the 26th
« on: April 24, 2020, 08:01:36 pm »
Gather your men, prepare for battle, it is settled.

(Siege Map - Heavens Tribunal)

(Battle Map - Turning Point)

The Event Maps are finished and so are battle Preparations.

During the Event we will make use of the "Adimi Tool" which will grant us more freedom in creating an unique battle experience. From simply resetting rounds to enabling unique equippment the Adimi Tool provides a stable administration tool.

+ Please distinguish your clan with a unique Banner at it will be displayed via special body equipment.
+ Rules have been updated

What to expect:
First Phase: Cavalry Charge
Consisting out of 3 Rounds

Important: Players need to spawn with their respective Cavalry Class WITHOUT a horse, ONE unused weapons slot and the eqiuipment you will want to use in battle. Via Admini Tool everyone will receive a HEAVY LANCE, CUSTOM BODY GEAR and a STEPPE CHARGER to make things more balanced.
Please don´t start rushing in when the round starts as you will need one minute to get the gear and set up your formation. The admins tells you when the rounds are "live".

Second Phase: Infantry Battle
Consisting out of 3 Rounds

Important: Players need to spawn with their units of choice. To make things more balanced everyone will once again receive CUSTOM BODY GEAR.

Third Phase: Siege
Consisting out of 1 Round (2 rounds if there is more time than expected)

Important: In Siege the admins can´t get you custom gear since it is resetted once a players dies. Choose your gear according to the ruleset. No Cavalry allowed.​

Information on the Maps:
On Battle there are three attack routes. You can charge through a destroyed village, across two bridges or across the shallow waters in the middle. Play together to make your Team win!

On Siege there are three Ladders you can find behind (from an attackers view) and on the right side of the castle. The Flag is set at the very top. You can reach the flag via the stone towers, but you will reach the top very slowly, it is not buggy. While testing I have found one thing where defenders could get stuck, I put it in a spoiler, watch out for big gaps on the floor at the front wall.



I hope the event will turn out as good as I have planend it We will try to start 5 minutes after the full hour. Be on time! Also this event will be recorded for youtube, therefore show your best manners (;

Events: EU / Re: Warband Extravaganza-Event | Native Event on the 26th
« on: April 21, 2020, 12:44:52 am »



Excercitus Imperatorius / 60 men
LCL / 10-15
18teKGA / 10-14
HvB / 30-40

Total: 110-129


Milites Fortunae / 10-15
HoF / 15
14e / 50
VoR / 30

Total: 105 - 110

Battle Preperations will now take place... stay tuned

Events: EU / Re: Warband Extravaganza-Event | Native Event on the 26th
« on: April 21, 2020, 12:06:01 am »
Hello !
Name: Suchet
Numbers: 50
Steam:[14e] Suchet / 47298143

Name: Milites Fortunae
Numbers: 10-15
Steam: [MF] Marko

happily accepted

NATIVE-Event / 26.04.20 / 2000 Hours gmt+1

Intro: Once there was a beautiful princess. Cleary that meant war. After the first great Battle, the princess continued to live in the north and in LAMATOPIA attacks increased. The warlords of the princess were able to preserve the state treasure, but the "beautiful" LAMALANA succumbed to an accident, or more precisely to an arrow between her eyes. Now it's up to her sister, some... (the historian did not know any words to describe her presence) to protect LAMATOPIA.

The Event will consist out of three Battles: 1st Battle (3 Rounds of Battle) Open Map - Cav vs Cav- Free choice of armor and weapons - No Warhorses
2nd Battle (3 Rounds of Battle) Open Map - Without Cav - (1/3 your number can choose bows/crossbows), Free choice of armor and weapons
3rd Battle (1 Round of Siege) Winner of the majority of rounds will be Defender

+ 10.000 Gold
+ No Warhorses du to Balancing
+ Play together with atleast 6 men
+ The admin can do additional rules
+ With a total signup number of 15+ the Leader can ride on horseback
+ Additonal rules in the post down below

Sign Up:



Excercitus Imperatorius / 60 men
LCL / 10-15
18teKGA / 10-14
HvB / 30-40

Total: 110-129


Milites Fortunae / 10-15
HoF / 15
14e / 50
VoR / 30

Total: 105 - 110


This Event Series will make you feel nostalgic in 2020.

Yes, you have heard right, there will still be numerous events in 2020. Mostly in Napoleonic Wars, even the main module Native still has some special features and other modules are also often played. Most players and player groups are not aware of the wide range of possibilities that Warband still offers today - I want to change that.

Personal information
I have been the leader of a multi-gaming community since 2006 and 2020 is my year for Warband. After experiencing another 200-player Napoleonic Wars event on April 7th and having lots of fun with my 86 players, a veteran of the M&B: community came up to me.
"Great, I've never played an event like this before, although I started in 2010. Really unique, fucking epic."
Then it was clear that I wanted to host more events and offer them to a larger community.

For you
I will write and announce events in this thread. On my TeamSpeak3 server single players can also connect and participate freely in the events under the terms of the current rules. There will be events within many modules.

TS: 185,170,113,234:9988

The following are impressions of past events in order to prepare for future ones. (Disclaimer: Yes, these are all players. Except in Full Invasion Events of course)




08.04.20 2000 hours gmt+1 - FULL INVASION II: OSIRIS - Defense of Minas Tirith

26.04.20 2000 hours gmt+1 - NATIVE - Battle of Lamatopia III

Napoleonic Zombies - Napoleons Comeback

Mount & Musket: MM Prussia 3 - Swamps & House II

TheDeluge - Polish Hussars

Deutsches Forum / Re: Extravaganza-Events / Ein Hauch von Warband
« on: April 16, 2020, 02:45:21 pm »

Das FI2 Event war ein Erfolg.

Eine große Spielergruppe hat sich bis zuletzt durchgeschlagen und dem dunklen Herrscher SAURON getrotzt. Zwar ging am Ende jemand in Flammen auf und stürzte sich von der Turmspitze, aber Spaß machte das erste, größtenteils kk-interne Extravaganza Event auf jeden Fall.
Für alle die es verpasst haben gibt es 3 Parts an Aufnahmen durch einen bekannten deutschen YouTube Kanal, der Let´s Play WG.

Einige Eindrücke:
"Screenshots und Aufnahmen"


Ankündigung! NATIVE-Event am 26.04.20

Vorgeschichte: Die Prinzessin lebte nach der ERSTEN GROßEN SCHLACHT fortan im Norden weiter und in LAMATOPIA mehrten sich Angriffe anderer Völker.  Sie setzten einander schwer zu, um ein altes Schloss, welches den Staatsschatz hütete, zu erobern. Die Kriegsherren der Prinzessin konnten den Staatsschatz zwar bewahren, aber die "schöne" LAMALANA erlag einem Unfall, - genauer gesagt einem Pfeil zwischen den Augen. Jetzt liegt es an ihrer Schwester, einer nicht weniger... (dem Geschichtsschreiber waren keinerlei Wörter bekannt, um ihre Präsenz annähernd wahrhaftig zu beschreiben) LAMATOPIA zurückzuerobern.

Ablauf: 1. Schlacht (3 Runden Battle) Offene Feldschlacht - Kavallerie vs Kavallerie - Waffen/Ausrüstung frei - No Warhorses
2. Schlacht (3 Runden Battle) Feldschlacht - Ohne Kavallerie - je auf 4 Nahkämpfer kommen 2 Fernkämpfer (1/3 der Anzahl kann max. Fernkämpfer spielen), Wurfwaffen frei, Ausrüstung frei /
3. Schlacht (1 Runde Belagerung) Sieger der Mehrheit der Runden ist Verteidiger.

+ 10.000 Gold
+ Warhorses (gepanzerte Kriegspferde) wegen Balancing verboten
+ Zusammenspiel ab 6er Gruppen.
+ Gespielt wird auf einem Gameserver mit Custom Maps
+ Besondere Einteilungen durch den Organisator sind zulässig
+ Bei Anmeldung 15+ Spielern darf der Leiter als Reiter auftreten


Zur Anmeldung bitte in den internationalen Thread:

Community / Re: NW_Unofficial_EU1 - Reviving Battle
« on: April 15, 2020, 06:15:53 pm »
Farmer_Oposum still plays Mini_Siege on Native, someone should try to get in touch with him, same with Gragnok. If you get Beep_Beep_I_Am_A_Jeep, it's an insta +40 players boost. Also what was the name of that pretty skilled duo, always playing together with similar nicknames (You will hardly ever see one without the other).

God, now I can feel it, the memories coming back ...

Now I really need to do a remake of House 2 from old MM :D
You are right, some more advertising will do the trick. The good thing is I have 100 active players up my sleeve and they will populate the server easily at first.

Hey. Checkt doch das hier.
Bitte unterstützt mit Regimentern und euren Kameraden das Projekt.

Brauche auch gute Admins.
Lasst uns das Spiel wiederbeleben:


Community / Re: NW_Unofficial_EU1 - Reviving Battle
« on: April 15, 2020, 06:07:26 pm »
EU_1 was by far the best casual servers that ever existed. I will happily come back to play this for some time, hope others do aswell.

Oh yeah, that´s the motivation I was aiming for!
If the server is as successful as I hope it to be I am going to redo all MM Maps even faster. (:

Let´s spread the word.

Community / Re: NW_Unofficial_EU1 - Reviving Battle
« on: April 15, 2020, 05:59:54 pm »
I am looking forward to also see some discussion.

What would you want to be an oldschool Battle Server to be like?

Community / Announcement
« on: April 15, 2020, 05:55:55 pm »
The Server will be up and running on Friday 17th at 1000 hours GMT+1.
From the initial start Public Events will take place on this Server aswell in order to boost its popularity. Feel free to join in, form public lines or ambush those formations like the dirty bush pirate you might be.

First Public Event
Friday 17th 1000 hours gmt+1
Friday 17th 1600 hours gmt+1

Look out for the Kaiserliches Heer and shoot their leader, he is worth extra points.

Community / NW_Unofficial_EU1 - Reviving Battle
« on: April 15, 2020, 05:55:10 pm »
NW Unofficial EU 1

+ is the good kind of server you have lost track of
+ provides Battle-Experience such as we have missed from the old days of MM/NW
+ offers fun gameplay reworked old maps and much nostalgy
+ is approved by Old Nosey

2020 has made the numbers of players who enjoy Napoleonic Wars rise. In order to satisfy both old and new napoleonic fighters the leadership of the Kaiserliches Heer has revived the old idea of having a proper Battle Server which is organised by trusted players of the NW Community, has atmospheric NW Maps and custom maps of old MM and features battles as they used to be. Charge in and let´s go.

Servername: NW_Unofficial_EU1

Feel free to join this server, recruit some men for your regiments and relive the experience which has made this game so great.
+ Teamkilling and Teamhitting is prohibited
+ Don´t delay or be beaconed
+ Keep the chat nice and refrain from racial slurs or missbehaving.

+ Medium-sized Battle Maps
+ Some reworked Maps from Mount & Musket

Admins are chosen by a free application and have the desire to make the Server more enjoyable. Current Admins are:

ID (can be seen when joining most servers):
Date (when you have been banned):
Cause of Ban:

Map-Rotation and Special Maps
Screenshots (tba)

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