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Groupfighting Teams / Alcademics
« on: August 23, 2016, 09:01:23 pm »

Bever* [Leader]
Beatz* [Co-Leader]



Technical Support / Unable to connect to server (nothing works..)
« on: February 08, 2016, 08:40:50 pm »
Hello everyone!

It's not the first time this error turns up, but it's the first time I can't really fix it. I can't connect to any NW servers. I have the "Unable to connect to server" error. I tried restarting Steam and my computer already and also changed the use_secure_connection code in the RGL_config file (found this possibility on TaleWorlds).

(I'm using the Enhanced Mod on the newest version btw, but shouldn't be pertinent for the issues.)

Any other ideas?
Thanks for your help!


Archiv / MOVED: Hallo!
« on: January 15, 2016, 07:30:20 pm »

Events: EU / The Destruction of La Grande Armée
« on: August 23, 2015, 09:34:44 pm »

Welcome everyone!
We're happy to present you a new historical event for the NW community, created by the great mind of VonBergen with the professional help of myself. You may probably anticipate that it's about the destruction of Napoleon's Grande Armée in 1812 during his campaign in Russia. Napoleons aim was the punishment of the  Russian Tzar for breaking the embargo with the British Empire. More than 400000 soldiers from various European countries marched east, but due to the Russian tactics the French army had to retreat soon. The pretty cold Russian winter and continuing attacks from Russian cossacks and hussars caused a loss of thousand of French men. Less than 40.000 returned from the campaign. The failure in Russia was a turning point in Napoleons military career, he never recovered from. The largest European army got destroyed such easily. - And now, we will replay this historical event!

Event date: ?

The event is meant to deal with Napoleon's  retreat through the Russian tundra. One team will play as Napoleon's Grande Armée and has to escort their general over the whole map and also avoid his death. The other team represents the Russian hussars and cossacks and only consists of cavalry. The event will take place on a long and foggy custom map with various safe points for the infantry, just like homesteads and other secure areas.

1. There will be a 60/100 ratio in favour of infantry
2. Infantry may only march in formation and on roads
3. Infantry may only fire in formation / fire in charge is also forbidden
  3.1 The infantry may fire in a formation which can be clearly identified as anti-cav formation
4. The different infantry units don’t have to march together, they may split up into single groups which consist of at least 15 players
5. Allowed units: Rankers and officers of regular line infantry and guard infantry - No skirmishers & light infantry.
6. The general may use his horse, but has to stick to any infantry unit
7. Each infantry regiments needs one officer, one musician, one flag bearer (bonuses are active)
8. The round is over when..
  8.1 .. the general arrives at the other side of the map
  8.2 .. the general is being killed by the cavalry
9. The cavalry may split up, but has to stay in groups of 6 at least
  9.1 Any group with less than 6 men has to find a new cavalry troop

For signing up, post the following informations:

Estimated attendance:
Leader's Steam:
Accept rules?:

The organizers may talk to signed up regiments after the sign ups closed to answer all questions. :)

If you have any questions, please tell us!

Bever | VonBergen


Archiv / MOVED: [DGR]-Dat Geilste Regiment (rekrutiert)
« on: July 24, 2015, 01:13:21 pm »

Regiments / 1st "Halifax-Dartmouth" Field Artillery Regiment [EU]
« on: July 18, 2015, 08:19:21 pm »

Hello everyone!
We're the 1st "Halifax-Dartmouth" Field Artillery Regiment (1stFAR) and are existing since June, 25th. Our aim is playing together for fun without any stress, but still on a serious and skilled level. Most of us are old mates from former regiments, mostly line infantry regiments. Nevertheless we decided to give artillery a try. We're attending to 1 event each week at the moment, which is the 4eHuss Thursday Linebattle. If you think you would fit into our little community you might add Bever on Steam and talk about joining with me.

Ensign - Charles Brixton
Corporal - Douglas Kenway
Corporal - Colton Gagnon

Steamgroup: 1stFAR

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
The regiment traces its lineage back to the Halifax Volunteer Artillery, which may have been in existence as early as 1776. The unit was officially recognized in 1791 and served into the mid-19th century, when it underwent a series of name changes. The regiment was under the command of the British crown and also involved into the War of 1812, e.g. into the capture of the USS Chesapeake.

HMS Shannon leading the captured American Frigate Chesapeake
into Halifax, Nova Scotia in June 1813

Napoleonic Wars League / Napoleonic Wars League [Season 5]
« on: December 08, 2014, 02:54:55 pm »

We are all playing "Mount & Musket" and "Napoleonic Wars" for years now and we all have our nice linebattle statistics. But we dont have the chance to compare our skills, beacause every regiment and every LB has its own rules. So you can't see, if one regiment is better than another, because they both had different battle conditions. So our idea was a standardized league with fixed rules. To make it a real league, like the German "Bundesliga", we have 3 leagues, the Premier, Second and Third one. At the end of the NWL the 2 best regiments in the second and third league rise up into the upper league. The the 2 worst regiments of each league will descent into the lower one. The 12th of the first and the 3rd of the second league will fight for promotion or staying in the league, same for the 12th in league 2 and 3rd in league 3. The 2 worst regiments of the thirdleague will drop out of the NWL. But 2 new candidats have the chance to qualify for the NWL! We want to have 14 Regiments per league, so at all we have a maximum of 42 teams in competition! Caused by this number of teams, we have decided not to have a second leg. So you will meet every regiment in your league only once. At the end of the league, regiments from outside it can qualify for getting a place in the third league. The 2 best ones get a place in League 3 then.

NWL was the first well running event of it's kind and got copied several times due to the success, but only the original league is supported by so many popular regiments and people. It also became the biggest event of the NW-Community, including 38 regiments with over 1200 players! The first four seasons are already finished. After season 3 we changed back to two leagues but with 14 teams each instead of 12. Since season 5 we've 3 leagues again, with a smaller league 3. It were very nice tourneys and we're looking forward to the next one!

1. No Firing in melee or out of formation.
  1.1 A melee is where one bayonet or sword from either line strikes the player or weapon of the opposing team.
  1.2 Firing out of formation is where a shot is fired from a player of a line which is not stationary and in a tightly packed formation.
  1.3 The officer is not allowed to shoot on his own while his line is waiting in cover
2. Gaps have to be closed tight.
  2.1 If you fire without closing the gap beforehand, you may be punished by the referee.
  2.2 You are not allowed to open the gap after you take a shot.
3. No officer aiming. This only regards the player in the officer class.
  3.1 Officer aiming is only true in the following situations;
    Shot whilst marching ahead of the line.
    Shot whilst ranged combat and not within 5 man spacing of the original line.
  3.2 In the following situations, officer aiming does not apply.
    If the officer is standing in front, behind or in the line (from enemies viewpoint)
    In a definite and obvious charge movement towards the enemy line.
4. Allowed units: Rankers and officers of regular line infantry - No skirmishers, light infantry or guard infantry.
5. Only one line per regiment, only one officer per regiment.
6. No Bonuses, no musicians, no flag bearers.
7. Only a ONE man majority is allowed.
  7.1 The minimum attendance required for a balance is 15 men. If a regiment does not bring 15 their opponents may use 15 regardless.
  7.2 The maximum attendance is 35 men in play at any time.
8. Only 'Random x Medium' maps are to be used. And not on the "forest" setting.
  8.1 Both regiments have to agree on a map. After 5 rounds teams will be swapped to the opposing faction.
  8.2 The referee may pick a map on his own when it takes more than 10 minutes to agree on a map.
9. Matches have to be played on official NWL Servers.
  9.1 The referee may choose a server if the regiments can't agree on a server
10. You need to get a referee for your match, otherwise its invalid. A list of these is shown below.
  10.1 Both regiments need to agree on the chosen referee.
  10.2 Referees are not allowed to referee a match that their own regiment is partaking in.
11. You need to play your match in the given time.
  11.1. Matches can be played from the commencing Friday to Thursday.
12. If one regiment does not appear in time, the other one will get a 10-0 win.
13. If both teams don't appear, both will get a 0-0 loss. This will result in 0 points for both teams.
14. Players may only be in one regiment that is attending the NWL. If a player is in two regiments that are both in the NWL they
             must choose which one to play for.
15. No invites.
16. Slaying, freezing, kicking or banning is only allowed, if the target is from your own regiment.
  16.1 You are not allowed to reset or restart on own behalf.
17. Referee rulings have to be accepted in a running match. You may not discuss it within an unfinished match.
  17.1 Instructions of a referee must be followed; excluding instructions which would change the match dramatically
                   where no rules have been broken (e.g. charge orders or similiar orders)
  17.1.1 The referee may send spectators of any regiment which is not part of the competing regiments off the server
  17.1.2 The referee may forbid to use the global chat and global admin chat for everyone, other chats (internal ones) are not mentioned
  17.2 You may appeal a referees judgement with a video or screenshot if abusing behavior is seen, or a wrong/biased decisions has occurred.
  17.3 If you abuse the appeal system your further appeals may be ignored.
18. No flaming or insulting. Organizers may punish insults or inappropriate behavior with ceding or canceling points.
19. Organizers keep interpretational sovereignty

The Sign Ups for the 4th season of the NWL will open on 15th January 2015 at 6pm CET!
The Sign Ups are open until 20th January 2015 at 6pm CET!
Regiments which sign up before or after the posted dates will be ignored!
There will be some qualifying matches for interested regiments maybe.
Regiments which stay in NWL don't have to sign up again. For signing up, post the following informations:

Estimated attendance:
Leader's Steam:
Accept rules?:

More informations about the qualifying matches will follow soon.
The organizers will talk to signed up regiments after the sign ups closed to answer all questions. :)

If you have any questions, please tell us!

Bever || DasBrot

Tavington || Dodo || Style

Crowh || Gazerbeam || 10sec

Nettelbeck || Striker

Striker || McCrow

- List below -

Modifications / Olafson's NW Mapping [Re-Upload]
« on: November 13, 2014, 04:34:25 pm »
Diese Anleitung von Olafson gab es mal in einer Dropbox, ist aber nicht mehr zu finden, soweit ich weiß. Deswegen kopiere ich sie mal hier rein. Ist nicht alles drin, aber nützlicher Kram wie Wetter und Kartengröße usw. :)

- Only edit scenes in the "scene edit" gamemode, or you will screw up your map (cannons, walls, windows etc etc)
- Testing of map settings and what not should be in any other gamemode. ( But dont save your map in this gamemode then! )
- Never place bushes as scene props! use the "flora" plant types. This saves performance.
- Place trees as scene prop; In the future we will have destructible trees which will need them placed as scene props.
- To place walls more easily;
To make objects have the same direction; first rotate one, then store its direction (press leftShift+R),
Then select other objects and load stored direction(press R).
- Don't use the scene edit mode while testing the map, it ****s up the lightning effects and whatnot.
- Don't invert destructible objects


Prop settings
# Weather scene props
mm_weather_time       # var1 = time of day 0-23; Default = 15 (hours)
mm_weather_rain        # var1 = rain type; 1 = rain 2 = snow, var2 = rain amount 0-25
mm_weather_clouds   # var1 = cloud amount 0-100; Default = 30
mm_weather_fog         # var1 = fog distance in meters * 10 where fog completely blocks visibility. 1-127; 0 = default (no fog)
mm_weather_thunder      # var1 = thunder type: 0 = none 1 = thunder only 2 = thunder & lighting,
                                     # var2 = thunder frequency 0-100 ; the higher value the more thunder
mm_weather_wind       # var1 = flora_wind_strength in % 0-100; Default = 14
                                     # var2 = water_wind_strength in % 0-100; Default = 14

# Door settings;
Var1 = Team ownership and Open/close rotation reversed;  IMPORTANT; This is a special case.
You can enter two numbers, the first number will be the Open/close reversed., second will be team ownership.
10  = (reversed rotation, any team can open)
11  = (reversed rotation, owned by team 1)
12  = (reversed rotation, owned by team 2)
1  = (no reversed rotation, owned by team 1)
2  = (no reversed rotation, owned by team 2)
0  = (no reversed rotation, any team can open)

var2 = linkage with wall;  choose a identity between 1 and 127, any walls with that same identity will delete this door when reaching critical prop destruction.

# Wall settings
var1 = window spawn setting;
             1= Rich type glass
             2 = Broken normal type glass
             3 = Broken rich type glass
             4 = Don't spawn any window,
             All else normal glass type is spawned.
var2 = linkage with cannon;  choose a identity between 1 and 127, any cannons with that same identity will be deleted when reaching critical prop destruction.

# cannon settings.
var1 = rotation limit 1-127 degrees in each direction. 45 means it can rotate 45 degrees in each direction.
var2 = linkage with wall;  choose a identity between 1 and 127, any walls with that same identity will delete this cannon when reaching critical prop destruction.

spr_mm_spawn_with_cannon # If added to the map artillery sergeants spawn with the cannon. and rocketeer troops spawn with rocket placement. unless var 1 is set;
var1 = spawn limitation;
             1= Spawn with cannons only
             2 = Spawn with rockets only

spr_mm_spawn_restrictions # If added to the map and set the Var1 correctly you can restrict the players to only spawn as either infantry to Cavalry.
var1 = spawn restriction;
   1 = Infantry only
   2 = cav only.

spr_mm_ship # controllable boat
var1 = Enabling boat to be controllable
   1 = Enable controlling

mm_disable_explosives  #  If this prop is in the map, the sappers cannot place explosives.

Siege Setup:

Defender Flag = Entry point 66


Conquest Setup:

Make sure to place the correct entry points in the correct game mode.

Entery Points - Place the entry points near the flag you would like the team to spawn.
Entry point 64 = Team 1 flag
Entry point 65 = Team 2 flag

Scene Prop - Flag scene props for either team to cap.
headquarters_flag_red"    - Team 1 Flag
headquarters_flag_blue"   - Team 2 Flag
headquarters_flag_gray"   - Neutral Flag


All Outer Terrains:



Scene Codes:

0x0000000330004563000d23480000074800005c49000021c5 -biggest map size possible. flat plains, without plants,without river.

0x000000033999062e800d234800004cca80004479000003da -biggest map size, flat plains, with plants, random. river.

0x000000034c59062e800d23480000067f80004cb1000003da -biggest map size, flat snow, with plants(forest), random. river.

0x0000000346d9062e400d234800006bc080004cb1000003da -biggest map size, flat snow, with plants

0x000000034c79062e400d234800006bc080004cb1000003da -biggest map size, flat snow, with plants(forest)

0x000000033c79062e400d234800006bc080004cb1000003da -biggest map size, flat plains, with plants(forest)

0x000000033c79062ec00d234800006bc080004cb1000003da -biggest map size, flat plains, with plants(forest), river

0x000000035c79062e000d234800006bc000004cb1000003da -biggest map size possible, desert, without plants,without river.

0x000000032c79062e000d234800006bc000004cb1000003da -biggest map size, flat steppe, with plants(forest)

0x000000032739062e800d234800006bc000004cb1000003da -biggest map size, flat steppe, with plants, river, random

0x0000000020000500000d2348000009e40000452d000004b2 -steppe biggest

Events: EU / 3. Freikorps' Tuesday Line + Light Event [Next: 06/01]
« on: August 26, 2014, 05:00:45 pm »

Next Linebattle: January, 6th

After playing a lot of Linebattle Events we, the 3. Freikorps, decided to host our own event on Tuesday. We'll start with playing on random maps, but as we have some mappers in the regiment, we'll play on some custom maps later as well. First we started with a normal event including all units. But after nearly 1 year more and more line regiments left and it was hard to find new regiments. Depending on the fact that most of the lines are enjoying events without cavalry and artillery we decided to switch to a "Line + Light" event to have more regiments in again, which means more fun for everyone! :)
Password will be given out via Steam 10 minutes before the event starts, so at 6.50pm GMT, live is at 7pm GMT!

- No firing in charge or out of formation (only for line)
- No reloading in charge
- No officer aiming
- No ramboing
- No trolling
- No teamkilling
- No delaying
- No bonuses
- Any troop smaller than 4 men has to join another unit

Line Infantry: 15-35
-> may crouch when in a double rank,
has to walk in formation all the time

Guard Infantry: 10-25
-> may crouch when in a double rank,
has to walk in formation all the time

Light Infantry: 10-15
-> walk in light/open formation, may crouch, gaps are allowed (~3m)

For signing up, post the following informations:

Regiment name:
Estimated attendance:
Preferred class:
Leader's Steam:
Understood and accept rules:
Attend once or weekly:

You can also sign up, when the event is already full, you will be added on the Waiting List then, which can be seen in the first post. I gonna add you on Steam when we have space again. :)

If you have any questions, please tell us! Just contact us via Steam:
Bever | VonBergen

The server will be 3teFK_Linebattle

This event is supported by:


Thanks for server hosting!

Media / Napoleonic Wars League - Media
« on: January 20, 2014, 06:02:31 pm »


This thread is for any kind of NWL media. You can post videos or screens here. Also please don't use this thread for commenting videos or screens and don't discuss other stuff. In a nutshell: Just post media here. :)


14e vs 5pp

14e vs 17e

17e vs 84e

92nd vs 5pp

17e vs 5pp

92nd vs 17e

M&B: Warband - Napoleonic Wars / Von Oberst, Ob, Obst und O
« on: December 31, 2013, 02:31:09 pm »

ich wollte mal was ansprechen, was ich schon lange nicht verstehe. Jeder Rang wird abgekürzt mit der militärisch korrekten Abkürzung, z.B. Gefreiter (Gefr), Unteroffizier (Uffz) usw.
Wir in der GLR haben dementsprechend auch den Oberst mit O abgekürzt und nicht mit Ob oder Obst.
Meine Frage ist nur: Warum schreiben viele Leute den Oberst einfach aus? Ich will hier keine schlafenden Hunde wecken, aber für mich sieht das immer aus, wie "Ich bin Oberst, also lass ich das auch raushängen" und nicht nach "Nur O sieht kacke aus". Selbst wenn O als Kürzel nicht gut aussieht, finde ich es trotzdem komisch wenn der Herr Oberst der einzige ist, der seinen Rang ausschreiben darf.
Erklärt mir mal bitte wie ihr das seht :D

Grüße Bever

Regiments / 3. Freikorps [GER] [Recruiting Light Infantry!]
« on: December 04, 2013, 12:26:02 pm »

We are the 3. Freikorps. We are passionate players, which highest aims are fun and teamwork. We don’t have a concrete minimum age, because discipline is more important than the age. Everyone who is searching for a nice community and is interested in playing together and having fun is welcome. The 3. Freikorps Regiment is a Light Infantry Regiment.
We’re attending to Trainings and Linebattles weekly and try to give variety to our members by hosting other events like Groupfighting-Tournaments or our own event, the “Napoleonic Wars League”. Every recruit will have 2 weeks to show us his suitability. As Light we don't just concentrate on shooting skill. We appreciate melee skill aswell. If you're intersted in joining just contact an admin on Steam.

The 3. Freikorps was founded in 2013 (25th of November) by old 1. Garde-Landwehr-Regiment members. Our aim is to create a regiment where fun, teamwork and discipline accompany each other. If you’re up to this points you’ll have a good time in our regiment and be promoted soon.
If you want to get a position as a Non-commissioned officer you have to show engagement and do special things like hosting voluntary events or helping commissioned officers.

Hauptmann Johann Bever

Steam: Bever
FSE Account: Bever

Leutnant Wilhelm von Bergen

Steam: VonBergen
FSE Account: VonBergen




3teFK Linebattle Event | 19:30 - 21:00 Uhr

1v1 Linebattle | 19:30 - 20:45 Uhr

Training| 20:00 - 21:00 Uhr

The "Lützowsches Freikorps" was a volunteer force of the Prussian army during the Napoleonic Wars. It was named after its commander, Ludwig Adolf Wilhelm von Lützow. The Corpsmen were also widely known as the "Lützower Jäger" or "Schwarze Jäger" ("Black Hunters"). The unit was officially founded in February 1813 as Königlich Preußisches Freikorps von Lützow (Royal Prussian Free Corps von Lützow). Lützow, who had been an officer under the ill-fated Ferdinand von Schill, obtained permission from the Prussian Chief-of-Staff Gerhard von Scharnhorst to organize a free corps consisting of infantry, cavalry, and Tyrolean Jäger, for flank attacks and guerrilla warfare behind the French lines. Volunteers were to be drawn from all over Germany (including Austria) to fight against Napoleon I of France; it was hoped that this broadly national force would aid in rallying the smaller German governments into the ranks of the Allies.











Regimenter / 3. Freikorps
« on: November 28, 2013, 07:53:04 pm »

Wir sind das 3. Freikorps. Wir sind sehr ehrgeizige Spieler, bei denen Spaß ganz oben steht. Unser Mindestalter liegt bei 16 Jahren, wir achten aber vor allem auf Disziplin und Benehmen. Unser Altersschnitt liegt bei 19 Jahren, somit erhoffen wir uns von jedem Bewerber ausreichend Reife und Disziplin. Jeder, der Spaß am Spiel hat, eine nette Community sucht und bereit ist seine Muskete gegen die Feinde des Vaterlandes zu erheben ist bei uns herzlich willkommen, auch wenn er noch nicht 19 ist. Das 3teFK ist ein Regiment der Linien- und Leichten Infanterie welches gemeinsam bis zu 3 Events die Woche bestreitet, darunter Trainings, Linebattles und auch unser eigenes Event, das 3. Freikorps' Tuesday Linebattle Event. Jeder Rekrut unterzieht sich einer zwei- bis dreiwöchigen Testphase in der wir schauen, ob er für das Regiment geeignet ist. Unsere Stärke liegt vor allem im Nahkampf, den wir stets versuchen weiter zu vebessern durch intensive Übungen, die das Teamplay aber auch den individuellen Skill steigern sollen.

Das 3. Freikorps hat sich am 25. November 2013 aus dem 1. Garde-Landwehr-Regiment gegründet, mit dem Ziel ein Regiment aufzubauen, wo Spaß, Teamwork, aber auch Disziplin und Gehorsam vonnöten sind. Wer all das mitbringt wird eine gute Zeit bei uns haben und schnell in den normalen Soldatenstand befördert werden. Wer jedoch mehr erreichen möchte muss sich im Regiment engagieren und Aufgaben übernehmen, wie z.B das Leiten von freiwilligen Events oder administrative Aufgaben wie das Ausfüllen der Anwensenheitslisten etc. Bei uns ist vor allem der Zusammenhalt und das Kollektiv sehr wichtig, denn nur so bilden die Leute auch im Linebattle eine Einheit. Wir besitzen eine eigene WhatsApp-Gruppe und spielen auch außerhalb von Events gerne zusammen andere Mods und Spiele.

Hauptmann Bever

Steam: Bever [3teFK]
FSE Account: Bever

Leutnant VonBergen

Steam: VonBergen [3teFK]
FSE Account: VonBergen




3teFK Event| ab 19:30 Uhr

1v1 Linebattle | ab 19:30 Uhr

Training | ab 20:00 Uhr

Das Lützowsche Freikorps war ein Freiwilligenverband der preußischen Armee in den Befreiungskriegen 1813–14. Es wurde von Major Ludwig Adolf Wilhelm von Lützow kommandiert. Nach dem für Napoleon katastrophalen Ausgang des Russlandfeldzuges wurde das erzwungene Bündnis Preußens mit Frankreich im Winter 1812/13 aufgehoben. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn und Friedrich Friesen, die schon seit 1810 in Berlin das Turnen und Schwimmen gefördert und den geheimen Deutschen Bund gegründet hatten, drängten den preußischen Minister Hardenberg zur Sammlung einer Freischar, in der Freiwillige aus allen deutschen Staaten gegen Napoleon kämpfen sollten. Offenbar vereinbarte man damals die Gründung einer solchen Truppe. Denn noch bevor der König vertraulich von Gerhard von Scharnhorst und offiziell von Major von Lützow um die Errichtung eines von diesem zu führenden Freikorps gebeten wurde, trafen Jahn und Friesen am 29. Januar 1813 am Sammelplatz Breslau ein. Dort warben sie in der Umgebung Freiwillige und bereiteten alles zur Aufnahme des zu erwartenden Ansturms vor. Lützows Truppe wurde im Februar 1813 mit offizieller Billigung unter dem Namen Königlich Preußisches Freikorps als reguläre Truppe des preußischen Heeres gegründet. Grundlage für die Aufstellung dieses und weiterer Freikorps war die Allerhöchste Kabinetts-Ordre (AKO) vom 3. Februar 1813 über die Aufstellung freiwilliger Jägerdetachements, von der auch der Beiname „Lützower“ oder „Schwarze Jäger“ herrührt, obwohl nur ein kleiner Teil der Truppe tatsächlich aus Jägern bestand.











Off Topic / Napoleonic Wars meets Dubstep
« on: November 23, 2013, 10:40:45 pm »
Uhm.. yeah. Nothing to say. Just watch it. :D


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