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Regiments / 78th
« on: November 12, 2015, 06:05:34 pm »

To keep the prestigious name of the 78th highlander regiment alive, I'm claiming to continue the tradition of this Scottish regiment of foot as the new COL!!

I'll try to make this post more pretty and shit in the coming days/weeks....

If you want to join and shit, holla at me on steam now, scrub! (befriend my ass) :

The regimental events will be only from time to time (a few per month?, every 2nd week or so?), no numerous events per week, as I said this regiment will be just fun and to keep the good ol' 78th name alive at least.... maybe sometimes the members of the regiment will just meet up to bush pirate another event (I kid, I kid)  ;)

Also new rules will be had, like every member can lead and command a battle from time to time, doesn't matter if Pte or Col....generally the leading will be less strict than other regiments and shit.....not to say that these other regiments do it wrong or anything, just a different approach....

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