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Servers / Melee Groupfighting Server
« on: November 18, 2013, 09:17:58 pm »
*Logo Work In Progress*

What is the Melee Groupfighting Server?

The Melee Groupfighting Server is a melee only server, with focus on teamwork aswell as individual skill in close combat quarters styled maps. The server is composed of 7 high quality arena maps emphasized on flat ground for fair play aswell as lag-free enviroments.





Hekko [Server Provider]
Evanovic [Server Manager]
LameHorse [Mapper]
Dekkers [Mapper]


No shooting
Line infantry only
No intentional teamkilling
No intentional teamwounding
No militia or guards
No recruiting
Do not unecessary delay the round
No insulting (this includes sexist jokes & racism)

Admin List



*Thread still work in progress*

Community / The reality of the 91st Donations
« on: October 06, 2013, 03:59:00 pm »
You'll finally hear it from the other point of view.
You have to realise that Tavington has spent 1000s of £s over the years to set-up, maintain and upgrade the 91st servers - a fundament to all major regiments.
By this reasoning, 91st's Costs = Tavington's Costs.
Tavington may have taken excess donations, the odd 10-20 euros, but the truth of the matter is that he has made a huge net financial loss on the regiment.
Tavington also made it very clear when advertising donations that he 'spent a lot of money himself on server costs, and is looking for some financial support to help keep the servers going'. So it was pretty damned clear that when 91st members donated to the regiment they'd be donating to Tavington, in essence: helping Tav help 91st.
A few disgruntled members decided to paint this as malicious fraudulence. They had ulterior motives; they had fallen out with Tavington. And whilst many of the members have had issues with Tavington's personality at one point or another, no one wanted the disbandment of the regiment over this (they'd have simply left the regiment if they didn't like being there).
The reason why the regiment disbanded was a mismanagement of communication and trust between Tavington and the members. He should have been more explicit about how the donations system worked so that disgruntled members could not nitpick holes in it and destabalize the regiment as a result. They quickly manufactured the half-truths that Tavington was embezzling money in a money-grubbing/profiteering sense of the word.
It is abundantly clear once you have heard both sides of the story, when you consider the reality of funding of the regiment, when you consider how apologetic and remorseful Tavington was in disbanding his regiment over this, that this was not malicious whatsoever. And the more that time passes, the more ex-91st members are realising this and the more the FSE community should realise it too.
In light of many FSE members' recent vulgar attitudes/celebrations towards 91st members on this forum, the 91st have personally asked Tavington to reform the regiment for our own pride's sake. We will be defining how we exit this community, not the community. We also have unfinished business here in regards to tournaments and competitions.
So sorry to be a party-pooper, but you'll have to put your celebratory paraphernalia back in the closet for the time being. We're back.


Summer has come, and another Official Groupfighting tournament, the 15th to be certain, with swords making their way in again to add to spectacle. Who has the organisation and teamwork to light the trophy once again? There's only one way to find out, sign your team up now! All talented meleers of NW are invited!


Short Summary: This is a 5vs5, with team size of max 8 (3 subs are recommended). 1 Officer and 4 Rankers (1 sword and 4 bayonets) is to be the team format.

The tournament will be held on Wednesday, 31st of July at 7PM GMT. Server details will be provided on the day. Be there!



1.1 Teams are to contain a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 8 players.

1.2 Teams are allowed to have 5 persons fighting at any given time. Of those 5 persons, 1 of them should be prepared to wield a sword, the other 4 wielding a bayonets.

2.1 No shooting.
2.2 1 Officer Sword and 4 Rankers per team only.
2.3 Only Ranker and Officer classes are to be used where specified.
2.4 You must fight with the only the weapon your class is designated, I.e DO NOT pick up a sword mid-round if you are a ranker using a bayonet, same applies vice versa.

2.5 There are 5 rounds to every match; first to 3. The Final and the Bronze Match will be in a first to 5 format instead.

2.6 The combatants are not to leave the arena until the fight is over.
2.7 The firing/melee mode button may not be used to conceal stab animations. (No 'Double Xing')

3.1 The organisers will operate on a basis of Common Sense, therefore any unspecificed details or potential rule-breaches will be handled by their discretion. The severity of their actions will therefore be for them to judge.

3.2 If you feel treated unfairly then please leave it till after the event or in at a time when there are no matches going on..

4.1 Teams are to register using the following template:
Include a Steam ID for the Team Captain!
Team Name:
Team Captain:
Team Members:


All the teams that are participating:
Team Name: Team Argyll
Team Captain: Evan Fraser (Evanovic)
Team Members: Mark Dawson (Mark), Neil MacLean (Phreak), Edward Kenway (Dekkers), George MacFie (Blade), Evan Fraser (Evanovic), James MacDonald (James), Moskito, Svensson
Team Name: Clews
Team Captain: ExTa
Team Members: Xuu, SweetAngel, NyLiaa, BigRedOne, ExTa, Alban, Dallan
Team Name: WWE
Team Captain: Meister
Team Members: Meister, Lewis, Primus, Andrei, Racoon, Tribal, Goldie, Richard
Team Name: Marton's Nubs
Team Captain: Marton
Team Members: Marton, Alexander, Varga, James_Clark, Jay and Whodoo, Roland, Pajti
Team Name: The Kilt Lifters
Team Captain: Herishey
Team members: Herishey, Caskie, Eddie, Kai, Jinx, Matt, Will, Callum
Team Name: 50% Yorkshire
Team Captain: USE4life
Team Members: USE4life, Potterr, Swedishking, Skittles, Nozza, Vanleeuwen, Magner
Team Name: Belgians are chocolateheads
Team Captain: VanHulstein
Team Members: VanHulstein, Andros, Wargy, MrSt3fan, Phoniex, Lionheart, Ribs, Bence/Timlef
Team Name: Cuntlikkas 2k13
Team Captain: The Norseman
Team Members: The Norseman, Penguin, Bertman, SexyJosh, Mike, Darkcore, Wookiee Burak
Team Name: The Spartan Vanguard
Team Captain: Titan
Team Members: Heracles, Thales, Hermes, Hector, Titan, Hades, Apollo, Ares
Team Name: Pls Nub
Team Captain: Inkyy
Team Members: Inkyy, Sparky, George_Nub, Gokiller, Sliffer, Desteny, Kratos , Thomaser
Team Name: 33rd Grenadiers
Team Captain: Porkins
Team Members: Porkins, Armal, Greyscale, Alexei, Knight, Books of War
Team Name : 75e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne.
Team Captain : Parisot Paul
Team Members : Parisot Paul (MacAaron) Parisot Jean (Altyr) Hauffman Valentin (Val) Laurin Justin (Privatek) Lucien Lavoignet (Enix) De Vallois Pierre (Breizh) Lavoignet Mathieu (Tardet) Gunther Arthur (Sinjide)

Team Name: One Direction
Team Captain: [17e]Posh
Team Members: Posh, Specimen, Darrian, Caylor, Kit Fisto, King Leonidas, Nock, Goldking
Team Name: ShutUpOrI'llHugYou - [SUOIHY]
Team Captain: Movement
Team Members: Movement, Fozz, Zag, Babba_G, Sushi, Wierdo, DIacetylMorphine, Jamz
Team Name: Knights of Sidmirr
Team Captain: Mem95
Team Members: Metalsie, Rikimaru, Hobbit, Mem95, ClaSh, YuriMan, IG_Sid
Team Name: Immortals
Team Captain: Morgoth
Team Members: Beorning, Jay one, Morgoth, Lubukill, Bessieres, Sanitarium

Automatically updated Brackets and Scores:

The random draw of teams:


Need to contact us? Click our names below to find us on steam:
Tavington - Head Organizer & Server Hoster
Evanovic - Graphics & Thread Designer


Get training, get organised and start having fun!

Yours faithfully,
Evan Fraser


Posted on behalf of Tavington (James Stewart)

After 13 great tournaments hosted under the guise of the founding father of Groupfighting, Hekko, the reins have been handed over to none other than the Groupfighting_Server owners themselves - 91st Argyllshire Highlanders. We are proud to present the community with the 14th installment of the Groupfighting Tournament! With the dawn of a new era of Groupfighting, however, there is a twist! Swords are making their debut in the tournament! A noble and chivalrous weapon of old emerges to reclaim it's honour on the battlegrounds. It graces the bloody fields of mechanical bayonet combat with it's elegant swings. This time both bayonet-muscle and sword-precision will play an important role in the outcome of the tournament.

Can you master the sword? Can you battle as a unit? Will you win the Groupfighting Tournament? There's only one way to find out, sign your team up now!
!Please do not sign up your teams in this thread!

Short Summary: This is a 5vs5 tournament, with team size of max 8 (3 subs are recommended). 1 Officer and 4 Rankers (1 sword and 4 bayonets) is to be the team format.

The tournament will be held on Wednesday, 13th of March at 7PM GMT. Server details will be provided on the day. Be there!

Sign up in the link above ^

The teams so far! Think you can beat them? SIGN UP HERE!

Team Name: Team Argyll
Team Captain: Alexander Munro (Ragni)
Team Members: Alexander Munro (Ragni), David Stewart (JackieChan), Evan Fraser (Evanović), John Thomson (NeedSomeMore), Alistair MacKintosh (Macbeth), Mark Dawson (Mark), Edward Kennedy (Eddie), Fixjo

Team Name: Les Clews
Team Captain: ExTa  Click Here
Team Members: ExTa, Mc_Cain, NyLiaa, Alban, Xuu, NoLiMiT, MacGuiness, Nostrack
Team Name: Magni Eri
Team Captain: MrSt3fan
Team Members: MrSt3fan, Metalsie, VanHulstein, TheLedge, Draken
Team Name: The Forbidden Order
Team Captain: RebelliouS
Vice Captain : Rikimaru
Team Members: Fortune , Rikimaru , Clash , Lubukill , JHS , Xeon , Phreak , RebelliouS
Team Name: PowerRangers
Team Captain: Vampyr
Team Members: Alan McNeil, Robby, Gokiller, Flammeus, Falke, Vampyr, Nico

Team Name: Breaknice
Team Captain: Warder
Team Members: Warder, Garond, Damian14,Vister, Makos, Łysy890, Gvozdziu, Tybaldus
Team Name: Hell's Badgers / Les Blaireaux de l'Enfer
Team Captain: Gunther Arthur (Sinjide)
Team Members: Lavoignet Mathieu (Tardet), Leconte Antoine (Arthur), Hauffman Valentin (Val), Laroque Paul (Dovahkiin), Laurin Justin (Privatek), De Vallois Pierre (BreizH), Emery Thomas (Srellian), Gunther Arthur (Sinjide)
eam Name: 94th Scots Brigade
Team Captain: USE4life/[91st] USE4life
Team Members: USE4life, Potterr, Magner, Vanleeuwen, Lucas
Team Name: Grove Street
Team Captain: CJ (Will) steam: markalus70
Team Members: CJ (Will), Big Smoke (Harasim), OG Loc (Pchela), Sweet (Adiq), Ryder (Shivaki), Madd Dogg (Dominatro), Ceasar Vialpando (Szymek), Frank Tenpenny (Wodzu)
Team Name: Moosefuckers
Team Captain: Daniel
Team Members: Daniel, Svensson, Hobbit, Blade, Regulus, Kleist

Technical Support / Attack Animation / Turning / Feinting lag
« on: December 06, 2012, 10:28:23 pm »
I have had a problem for a while where quite frequently my animations in blocking and stabbing have 'held' or 'stunned' for an abnormal amount of time. This is also coupled with sluggish turning despite having a high sensitivity, and furthermore often my 'feints' (stab - block - stab) sometimes stop randomly in the middle of the action and I'm left suspended for a second or so not being able to do anything. In native with some weapons it's so bad that it won't let me feint at all with them, no matter how early I cancel the attack.
This problem has occured on 3 PCs of mine: 2 were laptops, 1 is a high end desktop. The problem persists until I delete a certain process called 'Task Scheduler Engine' on Task manager. When I delete this the game is immediately faster, more responsive and with far less animation problems. However, I cannot always find this process in task manager despite the fact that I know it's running, it only pops up arbitrarily in there.
I've been wondering if anyone else has had similar problems or if someone can explain to me what's going on with Task Schedular Engine on my PCs?
Over the last few months I've been trying to work out what's going on and have narrowed it down to that process. I know it's not the CPU, not the GPU, not my internet (it happens on all servers, my ping however is low and stable and I have 0% packet loss from servers I've checked), and I make sure almost no other programs are running whilst I play warband and have tested on lowest graphics levels and on both direct X 7 and 9. I guess there are some tasks that are conflicting with Warband in Windows?

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