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Confederates / 5th Georgia Volunteers "Clinch Rifles" [NA/EU]
« on: November 13, 2016, 05:31:53 pm »
Welcome, Soldier! Are you looking to enlist in the 5th Georgia Volunteers?

Who are we?
      Colonel Irish Warrior and Lieutenant Colonel Jonny Powers formed this Regiment on Friday the Fifth of December 2014 with the intent of having a good time within the North and South Community and to provide the best possible sizable, well-built, and disciplined regiment. Our rules and regulations are relaxed and calm but do not take this as an excuse to not follow them. We shall be the best regiment in the CSA!

Today, the 5th Georgia is run by Major General Francis, Lt Colonel Anderson, and the officers of the regiment. We continue to attend events with great success!

History of the 5th Georgia Volunteers
     The 5th Georgia Volunteer Infantry was organized on May 11, 1861, and surrendered on April 26, 1865. They were formed from 10 Companies in 1861, to be first posted in Florida under General Bragg, where they received their training. Their first combat assignment was on Santa Rosa Island off the coast of Florida. The assault on the Island resulted in a victory and early experience for the regiment. Following this, the regiment was posted in early 1862 to Knoxville, Tennessee, and Corinth, Mississippi. They were ordered to move on Shiloh in April but arrived too late to participate in the battle. The regiment fought in and around Corinth until the end of May, when they were ordered to participate in the Invasion of Kentucky. Following the failure of a series of battles, they were reassigned to battle in Murfreesboro. This proved devastating to the 5th Georgia, where they received 32% casualties along with their Colonel and the regimental battle flag. Following this defeat, the regiment pulled back to Shelbyville, Tennessee, where it remained until they went to participate in the Tullahoma Campaign.

Come September 1863 the regiment was back in native Georgia. They suffered further casualties at the Battle of Chickamauga. They participated in the Siege of Chattanooga on Missionary Ridge until they were driven from their position and fell back with the rest of the Army of Tennessee. The regiment suffered through a series of battles in their retreat through Georgia in early 1864 and served as prison guards until being moved to the South Carolina coast late that year. They fought to protect the Charleston and Savannah railroad, losing the battle flag a second time as they were forced to retreat. The 5th continued in retreat with the rest of the Confederate Army through North Carolina. They participated in the Battle of Bentonville in March, launching an assault against the Federal XX Corp, where they encountered devastating fire and were forced to fall back. The Army of Tennessee surrendered on April 26, 1865, where members of the regiment were present to witness the surrender at the Bennett Homestead.

Why YOU Should Join the 5th Georgia
     Hopefully, if you have reached this point you've read of our colorful past (and issues with The Colors in general) and have gained an inkling of an interest in joining us. But you may say to yourself, "Why should I join them when there are so many other regiments to choose from?" Well, let me provide for you a few reasons out of many.

A constantly growing and active community - As members of the 5th Georgia, we strive to achieve greatness through our ranks, further improving ourselves and each other through training and through events. If you want to be a part of the next main player within the Dixieland Army, you should become a regular within its ranks.

A Regimental Code to safeguard ALL - In our past, Lt.Col. John Powers and Major Scooter (Ret.) drafted up a set of Rules and Regulations, which not only outline the conduct all members within must abide by, but also the conduct of the Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers within their posts and towards all of the members of the regiment. Also included is a list of the rights of all members, by which all are subject to, regardless of rank. This document is signed by all of the members upon their entrance into the regiment and is enforced on all levels to ensure that play is fun and fair to all.

Acceptance of all within a welcoming group - We pride ourselves on being accepting of all groups of people, not only in regards to personal background but also in play-styles and activity. Whether you are a hardcore veteran of Mount and Blade: Warband regiments or a newcomer to the whole regiment experience, we welcome you into the fold with open arms! We have a solid mix of all kinds of players among ourselves and readily accept anyone wishing to be part of a regiment where the number one priority is having fun!

Where Do I Sign Up?
     If you have come to the conclusion you would like to join the 5th Georgia Volunteers, you needn't look any further! Below are the links to the commanding officers of the regiment, where you can send us an invite. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reply to this topic and/or PM me!

Major General Irish Warrior

Lieutenant Colonel Anderson

2nd Lieutenant Cochran

Regimental Steam Group

CSA Steam Group

I hope I have been able to provide adequate information to all of you who have shown interest, regardless of your decision to join or not. In any case, I expect to see most of you on the battlefield and look forward to playing with you all!

Suggestions & Bug Reports / Give Admins Ability to Disable Chat
« on: August 31, 2016, 04:52:12 am »
Give Admins Ability to Disable Chat

Hello, my name is Anderson. I've been apart of a regiment and have attended events from Native to NW and NaS for several years. Giving admins the ability to disable chat has been a recommended and strongly supported feature that can and should be implemented in all servers when different cultures, people, and arguments/conflicts and world views collide. This goes for communities with a large amount of people who disrupt large scale events by presenting an argument that is biased and creates tension with the community. Things like these should be kept to ourselves on teamspeaks, discords, skype/steam chats, etc. and presents a bad image of the community by only several small groups. This also creates a tendency for people to 'game throw' as it’s called as well, giving away tactics to the other team or trying reverse psychology on them to do the opposite. The game and events at hand should be focused on your perspective. One step the developers have already gone onto with this is with ghosting and giving admins the ability to have free look, to player, or to players’ camera in spectator; I ask, why can’t this be the same?

The counter argument to this will be not allowing players to give free speech or to communicate with their team or that you can already mute players in chat on your screen. However, no matter what, you have to keep in mind that these admins are most likely people who care and pay for the server and their community. Their dominion over their server should be of the upmost priority rather than public players or even members of a community who aren’t admins to give an opinion about different world events and views that should be kept elsewhere. Communication does come into point, but admins should be able to regulate between disabling team chat or global chat or both depending on the situation such as free play or events, and to those who don’t, the people will go elsewhere and find people who do. Finally muting players in your own chat doesn’t necessarily solve the problem for the community, more so for yourself to avoid chat that may ensue. I couldn’t see an entire community using the mute all players in their own chat as some people want reactions.

Since admins cannot force people to do things, nor can the micromanage every person in a 1000+ community, developers need to update the multiplayer to allow the admins to disable chat at the time and the place on the user interface, menu, or admin panel, only allowing admin and internal admin chat to remain on to relay rules or reasons for something. Tactics and voice chat with regiments or groups in game should be discussed and planned on third party applications like Teamspeak, Discord or Skype, and opinionated discussions should be outside of a certain time frame or event.

Not all communities would have to follow this or use this tool, nor does it have to be forced or maintained by communities that require chat to work, but it should be an option of those who want to keep their community focused on the game at hand. Also, going back to how this solves a community problem and not an individual problem, disabling the chat removes admins to need to view logs for offensive or racist statements (whether or not you believe in that), and helps players focus on the game than what the chat is saying. Spamming is another problem that happens, whether its spam from an individual or the entire sever, it fills up the chat box which breaks it so you can no longer view kills or important messages from team communication temporarily. It’s an annoyance that no one should be have to deal with and it is easily exploitable without an ability to disable chat.

I don’t know if the developers care about those who enjoy and remain with the game, as it seems they are focusing on Mount and Blade II, but getting a tiny team and adding this feature which separately disables the team and all chat would both improve stability and create less conflict that would otherwise drive new players away from the game. A large amount of people I know would support this idea and would publicly state this is the right way to go. Who knows, this might even be considered for Mount and Blade II.

In conclusion, the community in general is very much immature in way it communicates through chats about opinions, and it needs admins to regulate the sort of behavior both at the moment and in their communities with this tool.

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