Author Topic: Your opinion on LGBT  (Read 9539 times)

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Re: Your opinion on LGBT
« Reply #225 on: July 18, 2021, 01:01:07 am »
I think its a pyramid scheme run by Big Gay and all it does it take from those poor suckers.

I mean think it through - gays only get to "fuck" anal, whereas us heterosexuals get to stick our dicks both into a pussy and ass!

How many gay fortune500 CEO's are there? a minority. Do you know why? Big Gay stifled their ambitious entrepreneurialism by making them have limited choices! This is absolutely appalling in my opinion and should not exist in a society which deems itself "democratic".

Now, of course, some of you will call this a "hoax" or call me a "conspiracy theorist" but you just haven't done your research! Look into it, i didnt believe in it at first but this is is some real shit!