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Regiment name: 2ndKGL
Regiment type: Rifles
Steam: still me
Expected attendance: anything ranging from 10-15
Weekly or once: weekly

pls give us our rifle slot we've had at this event for 6 months or ina send flexi to bully u

Events / Re: [VIIe] Glorious Thursday Event [EU] 23/06/22
« on: June 06, 2022, 01:06:53 pm »
Name of the regiment: 2nd Light Battalion, KGL

How many people can you bring ? 12 avg

What are you waiting about this event ? this isn't a coherent question

Which class will you play ? British Light Infantry

Regiments / Re: 2nd Light Battalion, King's German Legion
« on: May 14, 2022, 08:22:46 pm »

imagine if we attended that

We're still cruising along nice and easy, add AJThorn#3082 on Discord to get your regiment signed up

Update on the FSE Thread: i haven't even considered making any changes

European? Over 16? Not an oversensitive prick?

If this is you, add AJThorn#3082 to get in on a regiment that is suitable for you

We offer Line Infantry, Light Infantry, and Artillery, with experts in each of these fields available to make you a better player.

We have 2 Companies of International players, and 1 Company of German players.

that's all, bugger any and all fancy shit

General Discussion / Re: Steam Overlay not working in-game
« on: April 10, 2022, 07:16:53 pm »
make sure ur not running the game as an admin

Event's consistently bringing in 240-260players, according to the Dev's we're the most popular EU event consistently, come find out why.

Cool Monkey fact #001, 1stHEI Edition;
Did you know there's 334 different species of Monkey? These are divided between 160 Old world Monkeys, and 174 New world Monkeys!

If you were to attend the 1stHEI Wednesday LB, You may get to spot the elusive Hanoverian Riflemunke, soon to be the 161st Old world Monkey, and 335th Monkey species on earth!

Community / Re: A wee rant to NA event hosters
« on: March 12, 2022, 09:56:47 pm »
cool story, but who asked?

Community name: thorn
Steam Name: [1stHEI] AJThorn
Location/Timezone: bri'ish
Applying for (NA1 or EU1): EU, NA, same shit, whatever server's got people on
Regiments: KGL, 2ndKGL, 1stHEI
About yourself: The devs hate me, the admins hate me, the discord mods hate me, buuuuuuuut the pubs love me
Why you would be a good admin: honestly I wouldn't, but nobody who gets given admin is on when I'm on, so it seems like a good idea to give it to me
Will you be able to help administer the Public Linebattle or other possible events on the official servers?: i suppose if you ask nicely I'll consider it
Previous Experience (if any): i run the Wednesday EU Event (into the ground) and that's going well
Your steam ID 64: 76561198082839069

yoyoyo its the gamer

If this is still active we're interested in attending.

just get in contact with us via steam or discord, 1stHEI members can be easily found on the FSE Discord if you don't know of any contacts

we're consistently hitting 80 ppl atm, come and make it 100

Yeah whats up lads, I cannot be asked with making FSE posts for this, so heres the basics

We're running an event at 8pm UTC (GMT) On Wednesdays, starting on the 29th (probably), We'll do every gamemode that is wanted, except for Commander battle, because if we need to do Commander battle during an organized event, we may as well just shut down the event

Current attending Regiments

1stHEI, BS, 3rdNH, LVB, 77thAl, 16thIn, 5thGa, 12thVa, 54thM, 69thNy, 15thAl, 4thUSR, 73rd, 6thLa, FK, 16th, 20thMe, 24thNYSV, IVe_21st, 4thUS, 1stVaCav, 24thGa, 5thOh, VII Fenix, 45thNh, TRRB, WL, And many Public players!

Totaling upto an average of 220 players, not including Publics, who bring it to 240-250.

Event rules are available here;

Any other info wanted, or looking to sign up, Add me on Discord AJThorn#3082

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