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Yeah whats up lads, I cannot be asked with making FSE posts for this, so heres the basics

We're running an event at 8pm UTC (GMT) On Wednesdays, starting on the 29th (probably), We'll do every gamemode that is wanted, except for Commander battle, because if we need to do Commander battle during an organized event, we may as well just shut down the event

Current attending Regiments

1stHEI, BS, 3rdNH, LVB, 77thAl, 16thIn, 5thGa, 12thVa, 54thM, 69thNy, 15thAl, 4thUSR, 73rd, 6thLa, FK, 16th, 20thMe, 24thNYSV, IVe_21st, 4thUS, 1stVaCav, 24thGa, 5thOh, VII Fenix, 45thNh, TRRB, WL, And many Public players!

Totaling upto an average of 220 players, not including Publics, who bring it to 240-250.

Event rules are available here;

Any other info wanted, or looking to sign up, Add me on Discord AJThorn#3082

The Rhodesian Light Infantry
Pugnamus Amo Leo
The Saints

Regimental History
The 1st Battalion Rhodesian Light Infantry was founded in 1961 as part of Rhodesia Nyasaland. In 1963, it took control of the Barracks at Cranborne in Salisburytown.
The RLI is made up of professional soldiers of Rhodesia, as well as Foreign volunteers from across the world. During the Bush War, the RLI was a major driving force in the defense of Rhodesia and using its professional training, it was able to see combat at any time and with little chance of losses.
The Regiment would finally dissolve in 1980 after ZANU came to power in the newly formed nation of Zimbabwe and dissolved many remnants of the RF's time in power.

About The Regiment
The Rhodesian Light Infantry is a casual Rifle regiment made up of a diverse collection of people, from the mountains of the US Midlands, to the Steppes of Russia. 

In Game Information
Names And Ranks
Trooper, Lance Corporal
Corporal, Sergeant, Regimental Sergeant Major
Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain

Getting Involved And Contact Information
Want to sign up and help keep the fight for Rhodesian independence going, or just have some questions about the Regiment? Get in touch with any of the following people!

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