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Groupfighting Teams / Chocolate GF Team
« on: December 22, 2019, 04:17:33 pm »

Casual gf team. If we need to sweeten your evening, don't hesitate to ask us for a gf

Team Captain: Toblerone

Roster: 10 chocos

M-Budget Schoggi
Red October

Groupfighting Teams / Team Switzerland M-NWWC 2019
« on: April 19, 2019, 02:25:02 pm »

Team Captains: Blee & Gull

Roster: 2/11

Coco Ayala

Roster is not definite yet



Oi, welcome to the 3v3 league taking place in 2019. This will be a never ending thing where you can rise or descend in leagues depending on your position every month. The amount of teams per league and the amount of leagues depends on the amount of signups.

There will be a tournament in January to decide to which league your team belongs. The leagues themselves starts in February. There will be a list of the most succesfull teams where you can see when and how long they have been on top.

Teams must have 3 people, where 2 of them are core members which can never change the team. The other member can switch teams monthly or every 2months, it isn't decided yet. This has been done to control team hopping and to get more accurate results of the teams over time.
To switch team, the affected player has to write it with the template below or via pn on steam or fse.

Start of the leagues: February 2019


  • Teams should play with 3 people. If a team can only bring 2 people, they can either play with 2 or give up
  • The team captain is a core member of the team and can never change team
  • Only 2 people can change teams (If team has 4 players, otherwise only 1 can change). After the change the remaining people (Team-Captain and 1 other) are automatically core members and can never change team
  • Players wich left a team are banned from the league for 1 season. After the ban they can join any team
  • The matches can be played on a server of your wish, as long as the referee got admin there. If the 2 teams cannot agree on a server, the match will be played on the league server
  • Matches are ft15
  • Combat speed is medium
  • Team captains are automatically referees
  • You can only ref your own match if both teams agree, otherwise there has to be a neutral referee
  • Date for the matches are organized by the team captains. You have to play all matches in 1 month
  • If a team doesn't show the will to find a fitting time for the match, it will get an instant 0-15 loss
  • Trolling and delaying is forbidden and the referee can slay you for that
  • Respect your opponents. Don't insult, harass or shittalk them. This can be punished with a ban from the whole league
  • If the enemy team doesn't show up 15min after the arranged time, they will get a 0:15 defeat instantly. You'll have to provide me the chatlog of the match arrangement, otherwise no punishment can be given out (Don't put chatlogs on FSE!)

Leagues Example

This is only an example of the groups. Depending on the amount of Signups there will be more or less teams per league and more leagues.
After each month the best team from each league will rise to the upper league, while the bottom team will descend to the lower league. The 2nd best team will play a relegation match against the 2nd worst team of the upper league. If for example Team 7 wins against Team 4 (look at image above), Team 7 will advance to the upper league will Team 4 will descend. If Team 4 wins, both teams will stay in the same league.

Link to the Leagues


Season 3: 25.03.2019 - 28.04.2019

Scores League 1
CCCP: 13:15
MC_WICKED: 15:13

Scores League 2
Dracula's Sons:
Xtreme Mount & Blade Domination:

Scores League 3
OOF: 7:15
UeliVuitton: 15:7
23rd GF Team:

Scores League 4
Kayi Tribe:
Ruff Riders:
The Good The Bad and The Ugly:

Scores League 5
Legendary Emo Kids:

Season 2: 25.02.2019 - 24.03.2019

Scores League 1
CCCP: 12:15 , 9:15 , 15:0
ZeDrogeIsOtt: 15:2 , 10:15 , 15:0
HentaiDogs: 15:12 , 13:15 , 15:10 , 15:0
ToxicityZer0: 0:15 , 0:15 , 0:15 , 0:15
MC_WICKED: 15:13 , 2:15 , 15:0 , 15:9

Scores League 2
Cela: 15:13
Infame: 15:11 , 13:15 , 10:15
JediMasters: 15:8 , 15:10
LePoulet: 8:15 , 11:15
15th Yorkshirey Polk Grenadiers: -

Scores League 3
Dracula's Sons: 15:9 , 11:15 , 15:8
TritonS: 15:12 , 15:11 , 15:14
NotSwedish: 12:15 , 8:15 , 8:15
UeliVuitton: 12:15 , 6:15 , 14:15 , 15:8
Xtreme Mount & Blade Domination: 9:15 , 15:12 , 14:15 , 15:14

Scores League 4
Akatsuki: 13:15 , 15:13
OOF: 15:12
59th Mele Legends: -
23rd GF Team: 15:13 , 12:15 , 13:15
The Autistic Crew: -

Scores League 5
The Good The Bad and The Ugly: 15:14 , 15:0
TopFraggerfromMinisiege: 1:15 , 15:12 , 4:15
Dead Nut Gang: 12:15 , 1:15 , 0:15 , 0:15
Kayi Tribe: 15:1 , 14:15 , 15:8 , 15:0
Ruff Riders: 15:4 , 15:1 , 8:15

Season 1
Season 1: 01.02.2019 - 24.02.2019
Relegation Matchweek: 25.02.2019 - 03.03.2018

Scores League 1
UTV: -
Uncle John's Rolex: -
ToxicityZer0: -
Gods: Disbanded

Scores League 2
ZeDrogeIsOtt: 13:15 , 15:0 , 11:15
TheWorstGeneration: 4:15 , 0:15
MC_WICKED: 15:13 , 15:4 , 15:14
Hentai Dogs: 15:11 , 14:15
TBE: Disbanded

Scores League 3
15th Yorkshirey Polk Grenadiers: 15:4 , 7:15
CELA: 15:14 , 11:15
Infame: 11:15 , 15:11 , 15:0
JediMasters: 0:15 , 15:5 , 15:13 , 15:7
Le Poulet: 4:15 , 15:11 , 14:15 , 13:15

Scores League 4
Xtreme Mount & Blade Domination: 10:15 , 3:15 , 15:13
UeliVuitton: 15:10 , 15:4 , 8:15
NotSwedish: 15:9 , 15:3 , 15:8
Team NotGren: Disbanded
Dracula's Sons: 9:15 , 4:15 , 13:15

Scores League 5
59th Melee Legends: 15:12 , 15:11
TritonS: 12:15 , 15:9 , 15:5
The Autistic Crew: 0:15 , 5:15
23rd GF Team: 15:0 , 11:15 , 9:15
Your Dad: Disbanded

Scores League 6
Dead Nut Gang: 0:15
Akatsuki: 15:0 , 15:9
OOF: 9:15
SuperGAU: -


Referee Application:

Community Name:
Steam Contact (Link required):
Admin Experience:
Team Application:

Team Name:
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster [Min 3 - Max 4]:
Any comments?:
Player Application:

Community Name:
Steam Contact (Link required):
Any comments?:
Team Name change:

Current Team Name:
New Team Name:

Team switch:

Current Team:
New Team:


MarxeiL [CCCP]
Smylie [The Autistic Crew]
RzR [Infame]
MrKnight [XMD]
Tigere [ZeDrogeIsOtt]
Anubis [MC_WICKED]
Gi [15thYR]
Harald Wulfstan [Akatsuki]
Miller [DNG]
Coco_Ayala [LePoulet]
SilverBolt [23rd]
Darius [Dracula's Sons]
Hursty [59th Melee Legends]
Voluble [UTV]
Melsyo [JediMaster]
Stockholm [NotSwedish]
IronReign [OOF]
Herishey [Uncle John's Rolex]
Gull [UeliVuitton]
ExTaZz94 [ToxicityZer0]
Water [Hentai Dogs]
Centurion [Cela]
Sanel [TritonS]
Rune [Kayi Tribe]
Lukasoh [TopFraggerfromMinisiege]
Nosswill [Triumvirat]


Team Name: CCCP
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: MarxeiL, Desant, Witcher, Max
Any comments?: You should make it 4 per roster with only captain being core.

Team Name: The Autistic Crew
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: R1bazZz, OdaCao, Barro, Smylie
Any comments?: love you

Team Name: Infame
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: RzR, Faisan , Syrcrim, Dayboul
Any comments?: no

Team Name: Xtreme Mount & Blade Domination [XMD]
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster:MrKnight, hellstaff, Fucker, Lvov
Any comments?:ye

Team Name: ZeDrogeIsOtt
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Tigere, Heinrich, Gerher, Wolpi
Any comments?: non monsieur

Team Name: MC_WICKED
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Anubis, Ivan, Domi, Python
Any comments?: yes

Team Name: 15th Yorkshirey Polk Grenadiers
Captain's Steam Contact:
Roster: Gi, Rikkert, Sadman, Irish
Any comments?: Make it 4 man roster otherwise this shit dumb

Team Name : TBE
Captain's Steam Contact :
Roster : Firefly, Rydh, MightyFreakinPaiN
Any Comments : ☆☆

Team Name: Akatsuki
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster:Pain, Itachi, Tobi, Orochimaru
Any comments?:

Team Name: Dead Nut Gang
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Miller, Bradders, Pickle, HentaiGirl
Any comments?:

Team Name: LePoulet
Captain's steam:
Roster: Coco_Ayala, Golden, Padawan, Fotin
Any comments: nope

Team Name: 23rd GF Team
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: SilverBolt, Andy, Felociraptor, ScroogeMcDuck
Any comments?: gud idea

Team Name: Team NotGren
Captain's steam:
Roster: Kasai, Vemon, Adil
Any comments: good idea after our 3v3 Sessions with fleischpenis tho

Team Name: Dracula's Sons
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Darius, Frankie, Regulation, Sake
Any comments?: -

Team Name: 59th Melee Legends
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required): Hursty
Roster: Hursty, Saxxxio, Strand, Aleth
Any comments?: We're gonna win

Team Name: UTV
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Voluble, Python
Any comments?: Dinosaurs r real

Team Name: JediMaster
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Melsyo, Movement, lonedoge, ThrowUpTheX
Any comments?: i like this

Team Name: NotSwedish
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Stockholm, Elias, Rapez, Wursti
Any comments?: /

Team Name: Gods
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Lt. HUNI, Muha, Hokej
Any comments?: since artista got kicked by muha i will be taking over the team.

Team Name: OOF
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: ironreign ,Zeus, Giles, Cugi

Team Name: Uncle John's Rolex
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Herishey, Kore, Troister, Fralla

Team Name: UeliVuitton
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Gull, Retamar, Fleischmann, Blee
Any comments?: -

Team Name: Your Dad
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Dust, Kani, SharZ, Cookie
Any comments?: I miss you and your mother son

Team Name:  SuperGAU
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Schwarzmaler, Monmon, Rednox
Any comments?: Phillip bock auf Raft ?

Team Name: ToxicityZer0
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: ExTaZz94, LeBrave, Fwuffy, Marquez
Any comments?: Yeah unless I missed it completely what format is each month of the league, round robin or smth?

Team Name: Hentai Dogs
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster:- Maurice, Nero, Water, Hypno
Any comments?:

Team Name: CELA
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster [Min 3 - Max 4]: Leberchill, Pierre, Airsoft, Elsse
Any comments?:no

Team Name: TritonS
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Aurius, Sayartun, Thanatos, Flex
Any comments?: why not tr server habibi

Team Name: TheWorstGeneration
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster: Obelix, Padawan
Any comments?: Good idea

Team Name:  Kayi Tribe
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster [Min 3 - Max 4]: Rune, Turgut, Steinmann, NANO
Any comments?: logo

Team Name: TopFraggerfromMinisiege
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster [Min 3 - Max 4]: Noel, Lukasoh, Jakob, Charon
Any comments?: gull join us, we will kick Jakob for us

Team Name: Triumvirat
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster [Min 3 - Max 4]: DarkCore, Moskito, Nosswill
Any comments?: Irren ist menschlich, aber immer irren ist sozialdemokratisch

Team Name: Ruff Riders
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster [Min 3 - Max 4]: Bidbig, Mike, Caskie, Ricky

Team Name: ishagtop
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster [Min 3 - Max 4]: Matt, Tjiener ,Ry4n, Pancake
Any comments?:yes

Team Name: Legendary Emo Kids [LEK]
Captain's Steam Contact (Link required):
Roster [Min 3 - Max 4]: Darkdragon,xXNinjaXx,Sid,Halberstam
Any comments?:


Player Applications


Community Name:  Archangel
Steam Contact (Link required):
Nationality: I'm Russian u know
Any comments?:godbless

Banned Players

Centurion [Stuck to team "CELA"]
XaArtil (left Team) [Banned for Season 3]
Pizza (left Team) [Banned for Season 3]

If you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to ask me on this thread or on Steam


Introduction: Welcome to the G&S's Random Selection 2v2 Tournament. This Tournament has been created to bring something special into the somehow competitive Tournaments. Every player has to show decent skill while playing with a randomly chosen teammate every round. Your goal is to win enough matches as possible to get as far as possible, with teammates changing every round.

Deadline For Signups is 27.10.2018
Tournament Date: 03.November2018 (Group A) / 10.November2018 (Group B)

Summary: The server will be set on Team Deathmatch Mode with medium speed and groupfight mode. Every player stays in spec, until an admin calls them in. Teams will be made absolutely random via software. Every round counts. 1Round equals 1point. Every player gets individual points, so your first teammate could be on the last place at the end, while you're on first place. You can see the group stages and the final stage on docs. This tournament is quiet competitve, due to you having to show your groupfight skills and good communication with your teammate. To make communication easier, there will be a Teamspeak Server for the tournament.
Important! If you loose a match in the final stage, you still have a chance to win the tournament! Look at the Challonge Final_Stage_Example and if you still have questions feel free to ask. (When we know the amount of players we will send out the challonge links).

Cash-Prize: The 2 winner of the Tournament will each get a Steam Gift card and a random Game

1. All participants to respect each other. Slaying/Banning will be down to Admins (within reason), and will not be questioned or contested.
2. Matches in Groupstage will be ft5. Matches in Finalstage will be ft7.
3. Stay in Spectator until an admin calls you in. After your match go back to Spectator
4. Bayonets Only, Line Infantry Only. Do not leave the arena once the round has started.
5. No glitching, Hacking, etc. Only play what M&B gave you
6. No delaying. Don’t make 10h long fights. Admins can warn and even slay you when they think it’s enough.
7. Only player’s which signed up are allowed to play
8. Melee speed will be set on medium

Player Application:

Player name:
Your Steam (Link required):
Any comments about the Tournament idea?:

Referee Application:

Community Name:
Steam Contact (Link required):
ID (Needed for Admin):
Previous Experience:

Make sure you have atleast one of the Admins in your friendlist, this makes it a lot easier to plan. Steamlinks in the Adminspoiler.

Contestants (61 / ∞ ) (Closed)
Nock / Lewis Love
Captain Black


Thanks to obelix for letting us use his FSE template.

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