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Groupfighting Teams / Svea Groupfight Team
« on: June 25, 2020, 07:21:51 pm »

Groupfight team of Svenska Gardesregmentet

Team Roster


Battle Record
Total Score:
Practise Matches

Svea 8 - 15 Nr13
Svea 15 - 10 19th
Svea 15 - 5 45thN
Svea 15 - 5 ESP
Tournament Matches


If you want to have a groupfight dm in steam:

Nejtro -

Regiments / 13e Regiment D'Infanterie de Ligne [EU]
« on: October 02, 2019, 04:21:17 pm »

The 13e RĂ©giment de Ligne is a International Regiment with people from all over the Mount & Blade Community, most of us come from Persistent Kingdoms and older Napoleonic Wars regiments, however we are open for any newcomers seeking to join. We consider ourselves not only a regiment but a community. The core people of the regiment have known each other for years, through some other regiments and games. Now we finally hope to settle here. Besides Napoleonic Wars, we play a whole bunch of different games and mods, Like Crusaders Kings 2, Weekly Hearts of Iron 4 games on Saturdays, Fulll Invasion 2, Anglo Zulu Wars and all that.
If you are interested and would like to join us, please contact one of our CO's or NCO's.

Commissioned Officers
Colonel - Col
Major - Maj
Capitaine - Capt
Lieutenant - Ltn
Sous-Lieutenant - Sous-Ltn
Non-Commissioned Officers
Adjudant - Adj
Sergent-Major - SgtMaj
Sergent - Sgt
Elieve Sous Officer - ESO
Enlisted Men
Caporal Fourrier Premier - CplFoP
Caporal-Fourrier - CplFo
Caporal - Cpl
Fusilier Veteran - FusV
Fusilier - Fus
Soldat de Premiere - SoP
Soldat de Deuxieme - SoD
Soldat - Sdt
Cadet - Cdt

Commissioned Officers

Capitaine Nejtro
Lieutenant Tunfisk

Non-Commissioned Officers

Commissioned Officers: 2
NCO's: 0
Enlsited: 34
Total Strength: 36

Enlisted Soldiers

Cadet Adolf Swagler
Cadet Jokob
Cadet Wilhelm
Cadet David
Cadet Zahar
Cadet KakanSkurt
Cadet Slav
Cadet Wolf
Cadet Carnage
Cadet Linley
Cadet Simis
Cadet Aras
Cadet Aralz
Cadet Gotfri
Cadet Tanaa
Cadet Enfy
Cadet Matoflen
Cadet Fisher
Cadet Trevozo
Cadet Boom
Cadet Moldy
Cadet Thyrell
Cadet Smokey
Cadet Herp
Cadet Denatutat
Cadet Gapel
Cadet Oby
Cadet Perry
Cadet Serra
Cadet Tyro
Cadet Volol
Cadet Tsm
Cadet Gotfri
Cadet Kapi

Capitaine Nejtro

Lieutenant Tunfisk

Headers and Subheaders done by Thyrell

Regiments / 🔷[1stIL] 1st Imperial Legion [EU]🔷
« on: August 06, 2019, 11:46:33 pm »

The 1st Imperial Brigade was created on the 3rd of August, 2019. The Goal of the Brigade is to build up a lasting community with the regiments inside of it, and to help each regiment grow in numbers and in skill. Furthermore, we are eager to announce that the brigade has been making progress on the competitive level as long as keeping a good mood on casual events, with members of different regiments enjoying and playing with each other. If you are interested in joining one of the regiments or the brigade, add one of the Regiment Leaders listed down below.

The 48th Regiment of Foot is a Casual (Soon to become Semi-Competitive), European Napoleonic Wars regiment, first being formed on 13th of December, 2018. We mainly play Light Infantry, but other classes aren't out of the question. The general focus of the regiment is to have fun in-game and overall enjoy playing games together. Our goal is to build up a community between all the members in the regiment and in the brigade that would last for many years to come. We do not only play Napoleonic Wars, we also play Paradox Grand Strategy Games, Rising Storm Series, CS:GO and many more, sometimes we host our own community events like the Commander Battle Campaign of ours. If you would be interested joining the 48th Regiment of Foot, add [48th] Nejtro on Steam.

Total Strength: 30 members

Some words about us, we are the 63rd "West Suffolk" Regiment of Foot, we are a newly formed regiment and we are happy to contribute to the community. Our purpose is to have fun during events while being competitive and professional for those that have it in them. We are a regiment as all the others and this is why we are eager to play all together and have fun. We do not play only NW we play other games as well so if you are willing to join us you are free to play together with the rest of the members any other game you wish to.

Total Strength: 17 members

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Mapping / How to make a boat in scene editing?
« on: February 24, 2019, 12:50:36 pm »
Alright, i am using the mm_ship, i've put mm_ship_hit_detect and mm_ship_detect_back towards the end of the boat, and a mm_ship_rudder_control at the back as well. Boat aint moving. There is no tutorials about this as well out there, atleast i didnt find any.

Used to have it a long time ago when the patches didn't fuck it up.

miss it

So this what it looks like, if anybody still has it you can hit me up on my steam:


Screenshot from [33rd] Blaze

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