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Regiments / 47e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne [EU] [Recruiting]
« on: February 10, 2019, 09:01:39 pm »

Prince Thomas of Savoy Carignan accepted in 1642 to join the camp of the French. In 1658 King Louis XIV regrouped his regiments and decided to reunite the Regiment of Carignan and that of Salière, because these two regiments were in charge of the protection of the King and had the same vocation. In 1659 he became French Regiment of Carignan Salière. The Regiment of Monsieur de Salières was a regiment of Musketeers who later became Régiment de Soissons. It was therefore a valuable Regiment, appreciated by the King, completed by other companies of several other regiments which was sent to New France. Return of the regiment, few companies return to France, which suggests to the King that only the equivalent of about 2 companies of the Carignan-Salières regiment join their unit, the rest returning to their original regiment. Several reformed companies will return to New France in 1670, some under the name of the regiment, others under the name of their regiment of origin, even in company Franche de la Marine. He took part in all the wars of Louis XIV and Louis XV, as well as in the War of Independence of America.

The regiment receives the tricolor flag (1792). In 1792, where the regiments were definitively designated by numbers. Each took the number given to him in the last general classification made in 1776. Having become the 47th of Line he is present at the battle of Fleurus (1794, then he is integrated into the army of the Rhine and Moselle (1796) and in 1799 he is one of the units of the army of the Alps. From 1808 to 1814 he took part in the Spanish war and received a sword of honor from Marshal Bessières.

On October 15, 1837, during the assault on Constantine, after the explosion that occurred causing "The Breach", Colonel Combes of the 47th Line flung himself in front of the soldiers who recoil, beat the charge and crossed the " Breach "at their head. Reached 3 balls, he continues to walk at the head of his troupe in the streets of Constantine. His forces abandoning him, he slowly withdraws and returns to the "Breche" in order to report to the general-in-chief of the capture of the city. He concludes his report with these words: "Those who are not wounded to death will have to rejoice in so much success, for me I am happy to have been able, at my last hour, to do something for the King. and for the Homeland "He died of his wounds the next day and was buried in front of the "Breche", theater of his glory. A street of Constantine bore the name, until the independence of Algeria, of "Street of the 47th of Line".

In 1955 the 47th Infantry Regiment was recreated and became the 47th Infantry Battalion - Recon Unit. He joins Barika in the area of ​​Batna; In 1956 he was transferred to El Kantara and installed the PC at the Hotel Bertrand in the gorge and became the "northern district", ZSC, 21st DI, Biska area. The troop is divided into the surveillance PK of the Biskra - Batna railway line through which, in addition to the passenger and freight trains, the crude oil trains pass. Seconded by a police squad stationed at the station of El Kantara, many mines will be neutralized, however many convoys will be victims of these mines with the exception of ..... oil trains. In June 1959, and by decision of General Boucher de Crèvecœur commanding the 21st DI, the 3rd Company occupies Beni Ferrah, abandoned since 1954 and the 2nd Company stationed in Djémorah where it replaces a unit of Algerian riflemen. The fighter commando will remain stationed at El Outaya on Biskra - Batna NR. The battalion commanders who commanded the unit in Algeria were:

Chief of Battalion Rubin Battalion Chief Lagrange
From 1956 to 1962 the battalion will have 43 dead and 78 wounded.

On the eve of the cease-fire (19/03/1962), five soldiers will be assassinated at PK 159 near El Kantara by three Algerian deserters. As of March 19, 1962 the PK 121, 131, 136, 139, 159, 169, 185, 193 monitoring of the railroad are removed and the PK 123 - "col of the Jews" will be on March 27. The 5 soldiers literally "slaughtered and mutilated" are Sergeant Pireaux André, the 1st cl. Dayriat André, 2 ° cl Touboul Maurice Prosper, 2 ° cl Bernard Roger and 2 ° cl. Fernand Brun. because of the betrayal of the 3 F.S.N.A elements of the garrison who deserted. There were two survivors. In May the 11 mules of the battalion and the 23 dogs of the 16th peloton cynophile are donated respectively to the veterinary centers of Saint-Arnaud and Compiègne.
In July 1962 the battalion will embark at Bône and will be dissolved at Sissonne camp.

Welcome; The 47e is a European based regiment, consisting of both Veteran and New players from the Mount and Blade DLC Napoleonic Wars. We are an english speaking Line-Infantry regiment which was founded on 17/07/18. We are new regiment but we have plenty of experience and we are a disciplined and friendly regiment and we are getting stronger day by day. Our main goals are to make fun, to have discipline and to win battles. Our main events are 1vs1, Linebattles and Groupfighting matches, beside trainings. If you want to enlist in the regiment, look for the steam group link at the bottom or add Hursty on Steam.

Vive L'Empereur!

Captaine. Hursty

Eleve Sous-Officier. Moustache
Eleve Sous-Officier. Dankius

Compagnie de Enrôlé


Caporal. Mihaex
Caporal. Lightnin
Caporal. Bat
Caporal. Spartan

Fusilier Veteran. Pino
Fusilier Veteran. Kenshton
Fusilier Veteran. Mario

Fusilier. Ethan
Fusilier. Rustugg

Soldat de Première. Gazelle
Soldat de Première. Mech
Soldat de Première. Fetterkrolle
Soldat de Première. Broffly
Soldat de Première. FancyLad
Soldat de Première. Checker

Soldat Deuxième. M4rt1n
Soldat Deuxième. Bromynide
Soldat Deuxième. Gerkoe
Soldat Deuxième.ErikThePrick
Soldat Deuxième. Lustvid
Soldat Deuxième. Winters
Soldat Deuxième. Strand
Soldat Deuxième. Luzga

Cadet. Grzmot
Cadet. Walter
Cadet. Posh
Cadet. Er0icz


Chef Irish
Chef ChameKaze

Total Strength: 32

Groupfighting Teams / Fallen Pride Groupfighting Team [EU] [Recruiting]
« on: August 02, 2018, 06:47:35 pm »


If you want to organise matches, add Jayke, Or R1bazZz  on Steam




Tournament Team

Jeff McBiggie

Fallen Pride Vs CCCP [12-15]
Fallen Pride Vs 2Lr [11-15]
Fallen Pride Vs TBE [12-15]
Fallen Pride Vs OutKast [15-11]
Fallen Pride Vs Slavic [15-5]
Fallen Pride Vs TBE [15-9]


Groupfighting Teams / 47e Groupfight Team
« on: July 29, 2018, 09:52:20 pm »



Captain: Hursty



Wins: 2 Losses: 3
47e 15:5 Nr47
47e 15:13 PWH
FaZe 15:8 47e
91st 15:7 47e
96y 15:7 47e


Groupfighting Teams / CYMRU GF TEAM
« on: April 05, 2018, 01:28:12 am »



Captain: Jayke [99 M Points]
Captain: Bromynide [1 M Points]


Dave  Archmaester
Bat   NW Legend
Saxxxio   NW Left Clicker
Nekochu   In Debt

Wins: 0 Losses: 0



        £30 - 40 PRIZE FOR THE WINNER!     


This duel tournament will hosted for all players as long as they can attend on the day and the time. The contestants will have to fight through multiple rounds in order to make it to the finals and become victorious. Good luck and fight well! We will have 64  slots however if more than that sign up I guess we can increase it in size.. (The date will be the 4th of February, 8:00 GMT.)

1. Be respectful during or after fights!
2. Bayonet only, Don't be a retard.
3. Melee speed will be set to "Medium".
4. All duels will be  ft3  but the semi-finals will be a first to 5 and finals will be first to 7.
5. There will be 64 players. (More if more people apply)
6. The player who remains undefeated will win the tournament.
7. All fights will be done on one day. (Hopefully)
8. The server will be given out on the day.
9. After having fought your opponents go straight to spectator unless told otherwise.
10. If anyone breaks any rules you will first be warned and then if you do it again you will most likely be banned.

Organiser: Frosty + Hursty

John Price [18e]
Shadey [8th]
Spicy [18e]


1.Hursty [8th]
2.ThrowUpTheX [66th]
3.Fwuffy [66th]
4. MightyPaiN (MightyFreakin PaiN) [15thYR]
5. Spicy (£1,250,000) [18e]
6. Sycrim [IVe]
7. Sanders (EUSlayer_Sanders) [18e]
8. Dave (Dave_of_Wales) [8th]
9. Cr3A (tba_whosaiditwasnt) [66th]
10. Falcone
11. Gi [15thYR]
12. Voluble [66th]
13.  Salakien [66th]
14.  Xander
15. Lightnin [8th]
16. Owindd [2eGre]
17. Scarta [8th]
18. Deadwulf [8th]
19. Cletus [77y]
20. Drake [66th]
21. Luciano [15thYR]
22. Lone (66th_Sjt_Lone) [66th]
23. RebelliouS [85e]
24. Fotin (85e_ESO_Fotin) [85e]
25. Quenouille [2eFusGre]
26. EeSpike [77y]
27. Centurion (Kirin-Tor Khadgar) [85e]
28. eXt_kill [96y]
29. Svensson [K-KA]
30. John Price (ICE_John_Price) [18e]
31. Metalsie [66th]
32. Comolokko [96th]
33. alax (5th_Col_Daniel_Carrick) [5th]
34. dayboul  [15thYR]
35. ExTaZz94 [66th]
36. Desant (Slavic_Desant) [96y]
37. Marjixd (marji) [15thYR]
38. Gatts (Anton Chigurh) [18e]
39. FoxTrot [85e]
40. Axiom
41. Yoda (yodaaa) [96y]
42. Helvete [15thYR]
43. Bodya (DiZZiCk) [37th]
44. Frittentime
45. Oatmeal [nr4]
46. JerzyBurza [1pp]
47. zappy
48. golden [66th]
49. ZeroNight [72nd]
50. Mihaex [8th]
51. kore (jojo)
52. Nomad [77y]
53.  Hertz [12th]
54. LeBrave [66th]
55. Rydh [66th]
56. Maharbaal [85e]
57. Knightmare [18e]
58. Spartan [8th]
59. Tigere (Cazadores_ElTigeroS~Ernesto) [kkINS]
60. David_Faucet (GI_2eFusGre_Col_David_Faucet) [2eFusGre]
61. Wulfstan (ESCT_Wulfstan) [Nr12Gal]
62. Witcher [37th]
63. Cloud [8th]
64. Krog [18e]
65. Le_Faisan [15thYR]
66. DarkTemplar [72nd]
67. Berkovic [66th]
68. Tiberias
69. Moskito [85e]
70.  Fredovic[85e]
71. Shogun [96y]
72.  Barristan [K-KA]
73.  Basti (5th_Sjt_Alexander_Wood) [5th]
74. Patruk [18e]
75.  Vortx (ReadheadedKurwa) [15thYR]
76. Allyboy (5th_Rec_Felix_Martin) [5th]
77. Sleek (91st_CSjt_Hugh_Mitchell) [91st]
78. Muha
79. Carlitos [15thYR]
80. Valentin [2eFusGre]
81. Mattia
82. Diablo595 (IVe_9e_Art_Svt_Diablo595) [IVe 9e]
83. Godfreid [18e]
84. Adam [18e]
85. Futui (Willwill) [96y]
86. Blacktham [66th]
87. Maskman (45thN_CSjt_Maskman) [45thN]
88. Bandej
89. Troister [85e]
90. Firefly
91. movement (wurstment4real) [57e]
92. Wursti (Movesti) [57e]
93. Vegi (MyFuckingCompany) [Nr7
94. Skyfall  [38th]
95. MrDixon
96.  Furrnox (9e_is_great_trust) [9e]
97. Gandalf [85e]
98. Pieter (77y_Lt_Pieter) [77y]
99. Janne [18e]
100. JLB



You have to sign up on this thread with the following format: 
For Player
Community Name:
Name to be used:
Steam Name:

For Admin
Community Name:
Why you should be admin:
Previous Experience:
Steam Name:

Make sure to add |8th l Hursty | on Steam if you are accepted.

If you have problems signing up on the forums you can also contact me on steam and sign up that way, but that is only a last resort. My steam name is: 8th l Hursty


I am Hosting this for Frosty Banter as he has asked me to host this for him. Also nice one for the thread template Herishey.

Regiments / ♚♚ 8th Kings Regiment Of Foot *Recruiting* EU ♚♚
« on: November 29, 2017, 01:34:11 am »
Information about the 8th (The King's) Regiment of Foot

The 8th (King's) Regiment of Foot, also referred to in short as the 8th Foot and the King's, was an infantry regiment of the British Army, formed in 1685 and retitled the King's (Liverpool Regiment) on 1 July 1881.

As infantry of the line, the 8th (King's) peacetime responsibilities included service overseas in garrisons ranging from British North America, the Ionian Islands, India, and the British West Indies. The duration of these deployments varied considerably, sometimes exceeding a decade; its first tour of North America began in 1768 and ended in 1785.

The regiment served in numerous conflicts during its existence, notably in the wars with France that dominated the 18th and 19th centuries, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Indian rebellion of 1857 (historically referred to as the "Indian Mutiny" by Britain). As a consequence of Childers reforms the 8th became the King's (Liverpool Regiment). A pre-existing affiliation with the city had derived from its depot being situated in Liverpool from 1873 because of the earlier Cardwell reforms. 

Regimental Ranking System


Commissioned Officers
Lieutenant Colonel

Non-Commissioned Officers
Serjeant Major
Colour Serjeant

Lance Corporal

Formation of the 8th (The King's) Regiment of Foot

The regiment formed as the Princess Anne of Denmark's Regiment of Foot during a rebellion in 1685 by the illegitimate son of King Charles II against King James II.

After James was deposed during the "Glorious Revolution" that installed William III and Mary II as co-monarchs, the regiment's commanding officer, the Duke of Berwick, decided to join his royal father in exile. His replacement as commanding officer was Colonel John Beaumont, who had earlier been dismissed with six officers for refusing to accept a draft of Catholics.

It took part in the Siege of Carrickfergus in Ireland in 1689 and in the Battle of the Boyne the following year. Further actions, while under the command of John Churchill (later 1st Duke of Marlborough) took place that year involving the regiment during the sieges of Limerick, Cork and Kinsale.

Regiment Contacts

Colonel Hursty:



Commissioned Officers
Colonel. Hursty

Non-Commissioned Officers

Serjeant Major . Scoggins

Corporal. Frosty


Lance Corporal. Deadwulf


Kingsman. Cloud
Kingsman. Luca
Kingsman. Spartan

Private. IronTeapot
Private. Vemon
Private. Cody
Private. Richie
Private. Overcast
Private. Busburg
Private. Marshmellow
Private. Bromynide
Private. Olly
Private. UntamedWolf
Private. Rustugg
Private. Kenszton
Private. Goran
Private. Sharp
Private. Gastong
Private. Pino
Private. ZigZag
Private. Fergus
Private. Archwolf
Private. Nickious
Private. Jack
Private. Malvies

Recruit Padawan
Recruit Finbest
Recruit Jeff Mcbiggie
Recruit Tauwer
Recruit Tegmark
Recruit Crusader
Recruit JLC
Recruit Manfred
Recruit Cedrick
Recruit Broffly
Recruit Strand
Recruit Pheonix
Recruit Saxxxio
Recruit Cheiftan
Recruit Seleventor
Recruit Geralt of Riverwood
Recruit Lordlent



Cornet. ChameKaze

Corporal Of Horse. Stephan

Corporal. Shade


Veteran Trooper. Jokim

Trooper. Uganda888
Trooper. Altair
Trooper. Rustugg
Trooper. Lord Lent
Trooper. Shark
Trooper. Lightnin
Trooper. Chada
Trooper. Norwegian
Trooper. Yoboi
Trooper. NinjaCow
Trooper. Zidius
Trooper Schweinebauer

Cadet. Generic Name
Cadet. Dokletian
Cadet. Popowicz
Cadet. SoloTov
Cadet. Sharp
Cadet. Shark
Cadet. Crossman
Cadet. FallenHonor
Cadet. Smile

Chef. Arno
Chef. Irish
Chef. WaterLimone




Total Strength: 74 (Current)

Attendance: 25 - 50

Regiments / 2nd Coldstream Guards ( Queens Royal Regiment ) [EU]
« on: July 06, 2017, 09:20:18 pm »

Information about the 2nd Coldstream Guards

The 2nd Coldstream Guards is a European-based Regiment on Napoleonic Wars fomerly 39e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne, it is part of the 2nd Regiment of Foot (Queens Royal Regiment).
There are trainings once at the start of every week. Though optional, these trainings are here to provide practice, improvement in skill, helpful sessions about tactics and general game-play, also to those who make every effort for it, progression towards promotions. The Regiment also provides leadership openings to those who have served with activity, loyalty, and reliability, but are only approved to those who seek leading, providing a relaxed experience for the players who simply wish to play and have fun with their community. 

Regimental Ranking System

Commissioned Officers
Colonel   Col
Lt. Colonel   LtCol
Major   Maj
Captain   Cpt
Lieutenant   Lt
Officer Cadet   OC
Non-Commissioned Officers
Company Serjeant-Major    CSM
Colour-Serjeant   CSgt
Serjeant   Sgt
Corporal   Cpl
Enlisted Men
Lance-Corporal   LCpl
Guard   Grd
Regular   Rgl
Private   Pte
Recruit   Rec

Formation of the 2nd Coldstream Guards

The origin of the Coldstream Guards lies in the English Civil War when Oliver Cromwell gave Colonel George Monck permission to form his own regiment as part of the New Model Army. Monck took men from the regiments of George Fenwick and Sir Arthur Haselrig, five companies each, and on 23 August 1650 formed Monck's Regiment of Foot. The regiment was placed as the second senior regiment of Household Troops, as it entered the service of the Crown after the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards, but they answered to that by adopting the motto Nulli Secundus (Second to None), due to the fact that the regiment is older than the senior regiment. The regiment always stands on the left of the line when on parade with rest of the Foot Guards, so standing "second to none". When Monck died in 1670, the Earl of Craven took command of the regiment and it adopted a new name, the Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards.

The regiment received its current name, The Coldstream Guards, in 1855. In 1882 they were sent to Egypt against the rebels of Ahmed 'Urabi and in 1885 in the Suakin Campaign. In 1897, the Coldstreamers were reinforced with the addition of the 3rd battalion. The 1st and 2nd battalions were dispatched to South Africa at the outbreak of the Second Boer War. At the outbreak of the First World War, Coldstreamers were among the first British regiments to arrive in France after Britain declared war on Germany. In the following battles, they suffered heavy losses, in two cases losing all their officers. At the first Battle of Ypres the 1st battalion was virtually annihilated – by 1 November down to 150 men and the Lt Quartermaster. They fought in Mons, Loos, Somme, Ginchy and in the 3rd Battle of Ypres. They also formed the 4th (Pioneer) Battalion, which was disbanded after the war, in 1919. The 5th Reserve battalion never left Britain before it was disbanded.

Coldstream Guards at the battle of Waterloo

Regiment Contacts


Company Serjeant Major

2nd Coldstream Guards
Regimental Muster Roll

Commissioned Officers

Officer Cadet. Hursty

Non-Commissioned Officers

Company Serjeant-Major. Liam

Commissioned Officers: 1
Non-Commissioned Officers: 1
Enlisted Men: 8
Recruits: 31
Total Strength: 41

Enlisted Men & Recruits

Lance Corporal. Planta
Lance Corporal. Tegmark

Guard. Wesky
Guard. ChameKaze
Guard. Focus
Guard. Scarta
Guard. Manfred

Private. Jankill

Recruit. Saphir
Recruit. Momchilo
Recruit. Dave
Recruit. Spartan
Recruit. Legolas
Recruit. Cloud
Recruit. Vemon
Recruit. CeeJ
Recruit. Karl
Recruit. Alamut
Recruit. Audric
Recruit. Geralt Of Riverwood
Recruit. Dius
Recruit. Kamikaze
Recruit. Dotalot
Recruit. Bruklin
Recruit. Keso
Recruit. Bigglesworth
Recruit. Irish
Recruit. Tootsy
Recruit. Khodan
Recruit. Schisuke
Recruit. Marc
Recruit. Dumdum
Recruit. Hex
Recruit. Ajax
Recruit. Emmen Thaler
Recruit. Major Warwick
Recruit. Marinus
Recruit. Maxy

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