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Off Topic / WC 2018 Predictions
« on: June 12, 2018, 09:23:25 pm »
Dunno if there's already a thread created, couldnt find one anyways.

Groupfighting Teams / Team Sweden + VITTU NWWC 2017 *Updated*
« on: March 21, 2017, 04:33:31 am »
"-We could really use some SISU" - Carolus


Co-Cpt SWE_Carolus
Co-Cpt SWE_EpicPizza



Groupfighting Teams / V75 - Groupfighting Team (on hiatus)
« on: April 17, 2016, 12:36:25 am »

Välkommen till V75, ett groupfighting-lag för svensktalande NW-spelare. Vårat mål och ambition är helt enkelt att ha kul tillsammans och samtidigt utveckla vårat lagspel. Många av oss har stor erfarenhet av diverse turneringar och har varit en del av communityn sedan tidernas begynnelse. Vi accepterar spelare från hela världen dock är det ett krav att kunna tala/skriva på hjälplig svenska.
Welcome to the V75, a group fighting team for swedish speaking NW players. Our goal and ambition is simply to participate in different melee oriented tournaments and have some fun together while developing our teamplay. Most members are quite experienced and capable players and have been a part of this community since it's early days. We do accept people with different nationalities, as long as they can understand us.

The current roster consists of the following people with the following responsibilities:
Carolus - Mastermind
Stark - Carry
EPICxPIZZA - The Comedian

Him - Expert on snus

Sticklitz - Put together IKEA furniture

Louis - Scouse teacher

Alator - Designated tryhard

Merrox - Designated drunkhard

Chr!570ph3r - Team Mascot


Match history(All):

                              V75 - 63e Grenadier Company 14-1 (5v5)
V75 - 77y 10-6 (5v5)
V75 - 77y 10-7 (5v5)
                       V75 - Czech NWWC Team 15-6 (5v5)
           V75 - Myrmidons 15-4 (5v5)
            V75 - Alcademics 14-6 (5v5)
              V75 - Alcademics 10-10 (5v5)
               V75 - FrenchTouch 11-9 [GFL]
                       V75 - Preobraz GF Team 17-3 [GFL]
                   V75 - Los Pontoneros 13-7 [GFL]
           V75 - TFO 20-0 W.O. [GFL]
              V75 - Czech Navy 11-9 [GFL]
                 V75 - Jedi Masters 10-10 [GFL]
             V75 - Praetoriani 17-3 [GFL]
              V75 - Alcademics 18-2 [GFL]
      V75 - CCCP 11-9 [GFL]
           V75 - 6te 20-0 W.O. [GFL]
                            V75 - Jedi Masters 12-8 [GFL Playoffs]
                  V75 - 15e 15-13 [Friendly 3v3]
                     V75 - Slavic 16-14 [Friendly 5v5]
                     V75 - Slavic 13-15 [Friendly 5v5]
                         V75 - NineArts 15-10 [Friendly 5v5]

Current Tournament(s):


Previous Tournament(s):

NWGFL (NW Groupfighting League) (left competition mid-playoffs)

To organize matches or if you're interested in joining just get in touch with Carolus, Stark or EPICxPIZZA and we'll see what we can do.

Big thanks to our beloved Nano for free spell checking

I1 Kungliga Svea Livgarde - The Royal Swedish Life Guards

"The Guard dies, it does not surrender"


In the KSL we understand that games are played in order to have fun! As such when playing our primary goal is to have fun, accordingly we do not employ rules such as Permission-to-Speak and no talking in the chat while playing. We trust our members to know and understand when it's time to focus and be disciplined, in the security of having the backdrop of liberal, entertaining discussion when battles are in their less intense stages. We are not a regiment of drones, but rather a collection of creative and independent-minded individuals, and this culture is what makes us thrive!
KLS's long term goal is to become more established as a large regiment in the community. This means we're eagerly open for recruitment. Any player who shares aforementioned traits of a KSL player, or aspires to gain these traits ought to have a go and enlist! Thorough training, battle experience and the friendly and informative Regiment atmosphere will bring any enthusiastic players up to standard in no time.

Chain of Command
English Equivalent on the right


Rekryt (Recruit)
Soldat (Private)
Veteran (Veteran)
Grenadjär (Grenadier)
*XXX* (Equivalent)

Non Commissioned Officers

Korpral (Corporal)
Furir (Sergeant)
Sergeant (Sergeant 1st Class)
Fältväbel (Colour Sergeant)


Fänrik (Ensign)
Löjtnant (Lieutenant)
Kapten (Captain)
Major (Major)
Överstelöjtnant (LtCol)
Överste (Colonel)

Detailed Explanation


 - Överste
 - Överstelöjtnant

The Överste(Col) and the Överstelöjtnant(LtCol) are the leaders of the regiment, and as such is ultimately in charge of making sure that the regiment is running properly. Their most important task is to delegate tasks to those people that can fulfill them most efficiently.

 - Major

 - Kapten

 - Löjtnant

 - Fänrik

Generally the holder of these ranks are second in command of the regiment. And as such it's their job to cover for the leaders in thier absence as well as undertake in-game leading when needed as well as tasks to improve and administrate the regiment.

Non-Commissioned Officers:

 - Fältväbel

 - Sergeant

 - Furir

 - Korpral

Those who have these ranks are able to manage an entire squad. Able to listen to orders and knowing several military tactics they help mainting order in the line and act as a supporting role in the battlefield.

Enlisted Rankers:

 - XXX

 - Grenadjär

 - Veteran

 - Soldat

 - Rekryt

The holders of these ranks are backbone of the regiment. Every enlisted soldier represents the vital force of the main force of the regiment. Loyal and organized they represent the power ofthe KSL, in group or alone.



Events Schedule


If you are interested in joining the KSL please go to the website( and fill out the application and you will be provided with the teamspeak ip.

For further information or questions about the regiment please send a message to the following or simply add them on Steam:

[KSL] Carolusrex
[KSL] Bamse

Off Topic / Oscar XI Hederlööf
« on: August 11, 2013, 01:53:54 am »
Kan någon förklara för mig hur en sådan skrivbordsrasist kan få admin i ett forum över huvud taget!?!?!

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