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Regiments / 15. Königlich Preußisches Infanterie Regiment (EU)
« on: June 02, 2017, 11:56:42 pm »

The Mess Hall / Rate the Regiment above you
« on: December 02, 2016, 02:04:06 pm »
I know there's a how famous is the Regiment above you but i haven't seen a rate the regiment thread.

Rate the Regiment above you in terms of melee, teamwork, community and discipline etc


Introduction to the 92nd 'Gordon Highlanders' Regt. of Foot

The 92nd Gordon Highlanders regiment was formed by both old and new members of this community. Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds within the community, many having come from prestigious and well-known regiments of the past. Many of our members have great melee skill and experience from various tournaments and leagues, which has helped us create an entity which takes pride in quality melee capabilities and teamwork. We strive to become a disciplined regiment, whilst still keeping a layer of fun and camaraderie. We take part in various events, however they are mostly 1v1 line battles and groupfighting matches. We also play various other games together, outside of events. We emphasise that members of the regiment treat others with respect and do not discriminate against anyone. The 92nd Gordon Highlanders regiment hopes to become a home for any person, no matter how they sound, look or play. Those that show desire to improve will be trained and will better their skill. Those that wish to join but desire fun above skill are welcome, however we expect them to adhere to the rules and treat others with respect and be disciplined.

Battalion Ranking Structure

Commissioned Officers
Colonel   Col
Lt. Colonel   Lt-Col
Major   Maj
Captain   Cpt
Lieutenant   Lt
Ensign   Ens
Non-Commissioned Officers
Colour Serjeant   CSjt
Serjeant   Sjt
Corporal   Cpl
Enlisted Men
Lance Corporal   LCpl
Grenadier   Gren
Private   Pte
Recruit   Rec

Battle Honours

The following Honours appear on the Colours alongside the Royal Tiger superscribed INDIA (authorised to the 75th on 6th July 1807) and the Sphinx superscribed EGYPT (authorised to the 92nd on 6th July 1802).

Third Mysore War 1789-91

Fourth Mysore War 1799

French Revolutionary Wars 1793-1802
Egmont op Zee
Fuentes D'onor

Hundred Day 1815

6th Kaffir War 1835
South Africa 1835

Indian Mutiny 1857-8
Delhi Lucknow

2nd Afghan War 1878-80
Kandahar 1880
Afghanistan 1878-80

Revolt of Arabi Pasha 1882
Tel el-Kebir

1st Sudan War 1882-4
Egypt 1882, 1884

Egyptian Campaign 1885
Nile 1884-5

Chitral Campaign 1895

Tirah Campaign 1897-98

South African War 1899-1902
Defense of Ladysmith
South Africa 1899-1902

World War 1 (Emblazoned)
Le Cateau
Marne 1914, 1918
Ypres 1914, 1915, 1917
Somme 1916, 1918
Ancre 1916
Arras 1917, 1918
Cambrai 1917, 1918
Vittorio Veneto

World War 2 (Emblazoned)
North-West Europe 1940, 1944-5
El Alamein

Total Honours: 47
History of the 92nd Regiment of Foot

Pre-Napoleonic Wars

The first five years of the regiment's service were spent on garrison duties at Gibraltar, Corsica and Elba, and they fought in the Irish Rebellion of 1798. In the summer of 1799, the regiment returned from Ireland to prepare for the Anglo-Russian invasion of Holland, which aimed to overthrow the Batavian Republic, a client republic of the French Directory in the War of the Second Coalition. At around that time, the regiment was renumbered from the 100th to the 92nd Regiment of Foot. Landing on the Dutch coast on 27 August, and on the same day were present at, but did not participate in the Battle of Callantsoog. However, they distinguished themselves on 2 October at the Battle of Alkmaar, known to the British as "Egmont op Zee". In May 1800, they sailed to Minorca, and then on to Egypt where they landed at Abukir. Here they again fought with distinction at the Battle of Mandora on 13 March 1801. It was a preliminary action before the Battle of Alexandria eight days later on 21 March. That morning, the 92nd had been ordered to return to Abukir, having now only 150 effective men, because of illness and casualties sustained on the 13th. However, on hearing the sound of firing, the Highlanders saw the commander-in-chief, Sir Ralph Abercrombie, passing on his horse and called out to be allowed to return to the line of battle, to which he gave his assent

92nd Private, Peninsula Campaign.

92nd charge with the Scots Greys
Napoleonic Wars

After returning home, a second battalion was raised, which served as a reinforcement pool for the first. The regiment took part in the Battle of Køge at Copenhagen in 1807, went to Portugal and fought at the Battle of Corunna and then joined the disastrous Walcheren Campaign, after which only 300 of 1,000 men were fit for service. In September 1810, the regiment returned to Portugal where they joined the Duke of Wellington's army for the remainder of the Peninsular War. The 92nd had reached Toulon when peace was declared in 1814 and they sailed for Ireland.

On 1 May 1815, the regiment again embarked for the continent, to take part in the Hundred Days campaign. The 92nd had a leading role in the Battle of Quatre Bras on 16 June, where it was one of the regiments defending the disputed crossroads and later halted a French attack with a bayonet charge. Two days later. the regiment were in action again at the Battle of Waterloo, although by now reduced to only about 250 men. At an early stage, Napoleon's troops attacked the left of the Allied line, and the 92nd were ordered to charge the leading French column. Upon the approach of the Highlanders, the head of the French column broke in disorder and could only be caught by the horses of the Scots Greys, who passed through the 92nd to get at them. According to some accounts, some of the Highlanders clung to the stirrups of the passing Greys so that they could reach the French, although this is often dismissed as mere legend. However, the testimony of Corporal Dickson of "F" Troop of the Scots Greys, says; "They were all Gordons, and as we passed through them they shouted 'Go at them the Greys! Scotland for ever!' My blood thrilled at this and I clutched my sabre tighter. Many of them grasped our stirrups and in the fiercest excitement, dashed with us into the fight."The 92nd's casualties at Waterloo were 20 killed and 99 wounded of all ranks. After the battle, the regiment marched to Paris, finally arriving in Edinburgh on 7 September 1816, where they were cheered by a large crowd.

19th Century

Later in the 19th century, the expanding British Empire saw The Gordons serve on the frontiers of India, Egypt, Sudan and South Africa. One of many extraordinary feats was a march over 320 miles of Afghanistan's unforgiving terrain between Kabul and Kandahar, in 1880, which The Gordons achieved in just 23 days. In 1887, one of their most celebrated achievements was the stunning victory on the Heights of Dargai, on India's North-West Frontier.

During the 1880's, the old 75th (Stirlingshire) Regiment, with its own record of war service in India, was incorporated into The Gordons which had now established a permanent presence in Aberdeen. At the same time, the development of local volunteer and militia units into the Territorial Army gave the Regiment a truly local character.

Drummer James Roddick of the 92nd Gordon Highlanders, defending Lieutenant Menzies

92nd Corporal, South Africa - 1902
20th Century

In World War One, some 50,000 Gordons served in the regular, territorial and service battalions. Of these, approximately 27,000 were killed or wounded. Among other major battles, every Gordon Battalion saw action in the Somme in 1916.

In World War Two, Gordon Battalions served with the British Expeditionary Force in France in 1940, and in the Far East in 1942, where many became prisoners of war. Great success was achieved in the North African Campaign, in Sicily and Italy, in the invasion of north-west Europe, followed by the long advance into Germany, and the liberation of Burma.

In the years after 1945, the Regiment took part in peace-keeping and anti-terrorist operations in Malaya, Borneo, Cyprus, Germany and Northern Ireland, with detachments serving in the Gulf War and Bosnia. In 1994, the Regiment was amalgamated to become part of The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons) – the new regiment of the north of Scotland.

21st Century - Amalgamations

In 1994, after exactly 200 years of service, The Gordon Highlanders was amalgamated with the Queen’s Own Highlanders to form a new Regiment named The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons).

In 2006, The Highlanders was merged with Scotland’s five other infantry regiments to form The Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Renowned as a courageous fighting force with an exceptional reputation for good conduct, professionalism and steadfastness, the legacy of The Gordons lives on through The Highlanders, 4th Battalion, and The Royal Regiment of Scotland.

The Gordon Highlanders is one of the great names in Scottish history and one of the most celebrated regiments of the British Army.

4 Scots in Aberdeen - 2011

With thanks to Bravescot for the format
With thanks to Crumpet for the header.


Introduction, Information & Rules

The 93rd Sutherland Highlanders are proud to present our one time only Saturday Mount and Musket Event.
This event will allow the use of Line,Skirms and Arty . It will be hosted on the 12th of November at 7pm GMT on our server which is located in Roubaix, France, so it should provide decent pings for all European players.

This event will take place on the Module: Mount and Musket: Battalion (MM Russia 3)

We ask all regiments to provide a Steam contact for a 1st in command and 2nd in command, should we not be able to reach one or the other.
Server details will be handed out via Steam on the day of the event.
Make sure that you add the organizers on Steam after you have signed your regiment up.

This event will follow basic rules, as you can see below.


*No FoL (Fire out of Line)
*No Fic (Fire in Charge)
*No Ric(Reload in Charge)
*No OA (Officer Aim)
*No Ramboing
*3 or less join another Line

Line - 8-30
Skirm 6-15
Artillery 4-10 (2 Cannons per team)

Sign Up Application

Regiment name:
Expected attendance:
Steam contact (1st- and 2nd-in-command):
Do you agree to the rules?:

Attending Regiments

Line: 93rd Sutherland Highlanders 8-13
Line: 2e Grenadiers 15
Skirm: 93rd Sutherland Highlanders 7-13
Arty: 47th Regiment of Foot 5-10
Arty: 74th Highlanders 5-10

Sorry for the bad thread but its the best i can do with how FSE is at the moment.




Col. "J" Stark
Maj. "A" Grey
Ens. "M" Grey

Non-Commissioned Officers

SjtMaj. "C" McCloud
CSjt. "L" Grey
Cpl. "D" Carrick


LCpl. "A" Sharpe
LCpl. "D" McCloud
LCpl. "D" Grey
LCpl. "J" McCloud
LCpl. "N" Blades

Gren. "A" Love
Gren. "A" McIntyre
Gren. "C" McIntyre
Gren. "C" Grey
Gren. "L" Stark
Gren. "N" Cummins
Gren. "P" Grey
Gren. "R" Murphy
Gren. "S" Goldberg

Kgm. "A" McCloud
Kgm. "A" Wood
Kgm. "J" Wick
Kgm. "M" Blake
Kgm. "N" Johnny
Kgm. "N" Forbes
Kgm. "W" Sinclair

Pte. "A" Stewart
Pte. "C" McGregor
Pte. "D" Williams
Pte. "D" McDonald
Pte. "D" Kineare
Pte. "H" MacDonald
Pte. "J" Capital
Pte. "J" Smellie
Pte. "J" McTavish
Pte. "J" Lamont
Pte. "J" Grim
Pte. "J" Adam
Pte. "J" Black
Pte. "J" Allen
Pte. "J" Cunningham
Pte. "J" Carrick
Pte. "J" Young
Pte. "K" Dickson
Pte. "M" Collins
Pte. "M" Roberts
Pte. "R" Lovell
Pte. "R" McDonald
Pte. "R" Bookbinder
Pte. "R" McGregor
Pte. "T" Graham
Pte. "T" William
Pte. "W" Young
Pte. "W" Curtis
Pte. "W" Anderson

Rec. "A" MacKintosh
Rec. "A" Reid
Rec. "A" Gordon
Rec. "A" MacDonald
Rec. "A" Stewart
Rec. "B" Brown
Rec. "E" Wick
Rec. "G" Still
Rec. "J" Gunn
Rec. "J" Carrick
Rec. "J" Fiennes
Rec. "N" Jenkins
Rec. "R" Bisset
Rec. "R" Scott
Rec. "S" Cole
Rec. "S" ONiell
Rec. "S" Mills
Rec. "W" Davis

Chef. "W" Murray

Rsv. "J" MacDonald
Rsv. Midnight

Current Strength -
Total Number -


Image Here/YoutubeLink
Image Here/YoutubeLink
Image Here/YoutubeLink
Image Here/YoutubeLink
Image Here/YoutubeLink


The 93rd Sutherland Highlanders regiment by members of old and new, we strive to be a well disciplined regiment, while having fun, to not make things boring for our members. We play different kinds of games also. We started doing 1v1's but as of late  we have been attending bigger events to let our respected members enjoy this community even more. We require respect from our members to not discriminate other members within the Regiment. The 93rd Sutherland Highlanders hope to be a home for every person no matter how they sound, look or play, skill is not of importance to us. Those that desire fun above skill are welcome, but we expect respect whilst attending the events.


When you first join the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders
Your very first rank will be Recruit. After you attend 2 events,
You will then go on to the rank of Private. Once you have
achieved Private, to be able to make progress, it will depend on your
Melee skill, activity and discipline.


Colonel - Col
Lieutenant Colonel - Lt-Col
Major - Maj
Captain - Cpt
Lieutenant - Lt
Ensign - Ens


Serjeant-Major - SjtMaj
Colour-Serjeant - CSjt
Serjeant - Sjt
Corporal - Cpl


Lance Corporal - LCpl
Grenadier - Gren
Kingsman - Kgm
Private - Pte
Recruit - Rec


The 93rd Regiment was recruited in 1799 from the recently disbanded Sutherland Fencibles by their old colonel William Wemyss, at this time a Major General in the British Army, on behalf of his 16-year-old cousin Elizabeth, Countess of Sutherland. Wemyss had the remaining volunteers from all over Sutherland lined up by parish, selected those he thought most suitable and issued each of these a pinch of snuff, a dram of whisky and their bounty money. When the regiment first mustered, in Strathnaver in August 1800, not a single man selected by Wemyss failed to report. There is a cairn at Skail, in Strathnaver, marking the spot where this muster took place.

One of the soldiers who had served with the Fencibles and then with the 93rd was Sergeant Samuel Macdonald. Sergeant Macdonald was reputed to be a veritable giant, standing six feet ten inches and a chest measuring 48 inches. A one time actor, being cast in a Drury Lane production of Cymon and Imphigenia as Hercules, Macdonald served in the 3rd Sutherland Fencibles as a sergeant of the Colonel's company. With the raising of the 93rd, he volunteered for the new regiment, being accepted by Wemyss. Countess Sutherland, upon seeing Sergeant Macdonald, donated a special allowance of 2 shillings 6 pence a day. She is reported to have said that anyone as large as Sergeant Macdonald "must require more sustenance than his military pay can afford."


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Regiments / 75éme Régiment d'infanterie de ligne [EU]
« on: August 14, 2016, 03:21:45 pm »

The 75e Régiment d'infanterie was reformed by members of old and new.
If you are looking for a regiment that is not serious and
not too competitive and want to join for fun and laughs add Heinrich on steam.




Commissioned Officers


Non-Commissioned Officers

Eleves Sous-Officier


Fusilier Veteran


Steam: [75e] Heinrich



If you would like to organise an event with the 75e or
talk to one of its members or officers then either add
the Steam name above or come to the TeamSpeak
and talk there.
Also if you are a member of the regiment you are expected
to have Col. Heinrich on Steam.

Monday - Free Day   
Tuesday - Free Day
Wednesday - Training for New Players at 7 pm GMT / BST
Thursday - 75e Line Only Linebattle at 6:30 pm GMT / BST
Friday - Free Day
Saturday - 1v1 Linebattle at 6:30 pm GMT / BST Promotions After Event
Sunday - 1v1 / Groupfight at 6:30 pm GMT / BST

In-Game Name:
Previous Regimental Experience:
Steam Name:


With thanks to Niphix

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Regiments / [Something] Soon maybe idk yet
« on: August 14, 2016, 12:51:37 am »

Regiments / Mistake
« on: February 14, 2016, 10:59:36 pm »

Community / Best Moments in Napoleonic Wars
« on: December 15, 2015, 12:54:54 am »
What is your best or a very funny/good moment you have had in Napoleonic wars share.some pictures also if you would like

Media / 92nd Gordon Highlanders Media [EU]
« on: November 26, 2015, 07:41:31 pm »

Thread will get updated soon.

Community / Looking for a Youtube Intro Maker!
« on: October 26, 2015, 06:31:59 pm »
Hello community. I've been searching around and been wanting to find somone who'd be willing to make the 92nd Gordon Highlanders a starting Youtube intro which lasts about 10-15 Seconds!

If anyone could help out it'd be much appreciated!

Community / Musket Presenting Animation (Help)
« on: October 02, 2015, 01:57:28 pm »
Is there any musket presenting animations out there besides the original one which is boring as shiz?
If you could comment and link or whatever and a pic of what it looks like if you know one would be greatfull :)

Media / 75éme Régiment d'infanterie de ligne Videos and Screenshots
« on: August 24, 2015, 10:13:37 pm »

75éme Régiment d'infanterie de ligne
Regimental Videos

75e v 21o 5-5 DRAW

75e v 32ndBL 9-1 VICTORY

75e v 7thQRC 11-0 (Groupfighting) VICTORY

75e v 15th_YR 5-5 DRAW

75e v 4e (Crumpets Reg) 5-5 DRAW

75e v LI_Ulster 8-2 VICTORY

75e v 1stEB 6-4 VICTORY

75e v 4eGre 8-2 VICTORY

75éme Régiment d'infanterie de ligne
Regimental Pictures/Photos

Good Shooting


Good Melee


Overall Regiment


Modifications / Looking for help!!
« on: May 31, 2015, 02:41:06 pm »
Hello community i'm looking for help on how to recolour skins for NW by using

if anyone could help it would be much appreciated thanks :)

Regiments / 75éme Régiment d'infanterie de ligne [EU] [18/6/15]
« on: April 01, 2015, 10:18:11 pm »


The 75e Régiment d'infanterie was formed by members of old and new, we strife to become a well disciplined regiment, while having fun, To not make things boring for our members, we play different kind of games. We started doing 1 vs 1's but as of late we're attending to more bigger events to let our respected members enjoy this communty even more. We desire respect from our members to not discriminate other members in this communty. The 75e Régiment hopes to be a home for every person not matter how they sound, look or play, skill is of no importance to us, as we will train those that desire to be trained, those that desire fun above skill are also welcome, but we expect respect while attending to the events we do.


This regiment fights for Ourselves.

|Application Format|

In-Game Name:
Previous Regimental Experience:
Steam Name:

*You must be 14 or above to join the 75e.

Make sure  to add one of the officers on Steam!


Commissioned Officers:

Cpt. Heinrich
Lt. Barvit


Non-Commissioned Officers:



Commissioned Officers

Colonel (Col)

Chef de Battaillon (CdB)

Major (Maj)

Capitaine (Cpt)

Lieutenant (Lt)

Sous-Lieutenant (SLt)

Non-Commissioned Officers

Adjudant (Adj)

Sergent-Chef  (SgtC)

Sergent (Sgt)

Enlisted Men

Caporal-Fourrier  (CplFo)


Fusilier Veteran (FusV)

Fusilier (Fus)

Cadet (Cad)



1674: Created
1684: Regiment de Provence
1774: Regiment de Monsieur
1791: 75e Regiment d'Infanterie
1794: 75e Demi-Brigade de Bataille ( formed from the following )
         1er Bataillon, 38e Regiment d'Infanterie
         1er Bataillon, Volontaires des Vosages
         17e Bataillon, Volontaires de la Cote-d'Or
1796: 75e Demi-Brigade d'Infanterie de Ligne (formed from the following:

70e Demi-Brigade de Bataille (2e Bat 35e Regt d'Inf, 1er Bat Vol des Landres and 1er Bat Vol de  l'Ardeche)
117e Demi-Brigade de Bataille (1er Bat 59e Regt d'Inf, 2e Bat Vol de la Cote d'Or and 1er Bat Vol de la  Haute-Loire)
152e Demi-Brigade de Bataille (2e Bat 82e Regt d'Inf, 7e Bat Vol de la Marne and 6e Bat Vol du Bas-Rhin) 

Battle Record
75e |8 - 2| 28th
75e |9 - 1| 32ndBL
75e |5 - 5| 21o
75e |9 - 1| 35th
75e |2 - 8| Ulster
75e |2 - 8| 74th
75e |4 - 6| 28th
75e |6 - 4| 21o
75e |9 - 1| 2te+7thQRC
75e |7 - 3| 79th
75e |3 - 7| 12pp
75e |2 - 8| 51st
75e |10 - 0| 64th
75e |1 - 9| 8teLeib
75e |4 - 6| Spartans
75e |9 - 1| 21st
75e |7 - 3| 3pp


Steam: [75e] Heinrich


Website: WIP

If you would like to organise an event with the 75e or talk to one of its members or officers then either add the Steam name above or come to the TeamSpeak and talk there. Also if you are a member of the regiment you are expected to have Col. Heinrich on Steam.


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Thanks to Herishey for allowing us to use his 24e thread template and Bravescot for the rank icons! much love also credit goes to muffin for the Header :)  :-*

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