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Confederates / 13th Texas Rangers is recruting [TxR] [Eu/NA]
« on: April 29, 2017, 09:36:19 pm »
  13th Texas Rangers  
[youtube] [/youtube]
You are a volunteer serving 13th Texas Rangers with honour and fidelity.
Each Soldier is your brother in arms whatever his nationality, his race or his religion might be. NO RACISM ,NO INSULTING NATIONS, No INSULTING RELIGION and EVEN PERSONAL INSULTS .Will be dealt with accordingly .You show him the same close solidarity that links the members of the same family. Respect your fellow rankers, your officers, your opponents, randoms etc. Picking fights and starting drama is something we don't want, and it will get you demoted, if not kicked all together. Stay disciplined.During linebattles you are required to stay in line and follow orders. Don't headbang. Don't teamkil. The officers are in place because they have had months, maybe years of activity in the game . You must follow them on every suicide charge they lead you in to because god , it will be fun. Real life takes priority over all .We want to maintain a well respected regiment. Trolling in game, out of game, and damaging our 13thTxR name will not be tolerated.At the end of the day, we're just a group of friends from every corner of the earth. Don't take the game too seriously. Above all else, HAVE FUN

Want to join ? add  me in steam



No-one attacks me with impunity

   History of the Royal Scots
The Royal Scots is the oldest Infantry Regiment of the Line in the British Army and can trace its history back to 1633.Charles I issued a Royal Warrant in 1633 for Sir John Hepburn to raise a Scottish Regiment to serve in France as Garde Écossaise; the bodyguard of King Louis XIII and the Regiment went on to served during the Thirty Years War (1618–1648), losing three Colonels in various actions in 38 years.Due to the Royal Warrant the Regiment remained part of the British standing Army and could be recalled to Britain at any time.  Britain was plunged into Civil War from 1642 until 1649 when Charles I lost his head and the Commonwealth of England was declared.The Regiment remained in France during this turmoil and was not recalled to Britain until 1661, following Oliver Cromwell’s death in 1658 and the abdication of his son as Lord Protector in 1659.After the first elections in 20 years, Parliament was reformed and proclaimed Charles II as King and invited him to return to England from exile in 1660. 

In 1661 the Regiment was finally recalled to England, to plug the gap between the disbandment of the Cromwell’s New Model Army and the creation of a Regular Army, in which the Regiment became the model for all other units.The Regiment was part of the force which swiftly put down Monmouth’s small force at the Battle of Sedgemoor.The Regiment went on to serve during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701–1714), the Austrian War of Succession (1740–48), fighting at the Battle of Fontenoy.The Regiment returned to England in 1745 when Bonnie Prince Charlie (the grandson of James II) landed in Scotland, attempting to regain the lost crown to the Stuart family and fought at the Battle of Culloden.In 1751 the Regimental naming system was simplified with each Regiment assigned a number rank instead of naming after their current colonel therefore the Regiment became the First Regiment of Foot.The Regiment went on to serve during the Seven Years War (1756-63) fighting in Canada and the West Indies including at the Capture of Montreal (1760) and Havana (1762).The Regiment was expanded to four battalions during the Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815), which meant the Regiment was present in all the Theatres of War at the time; this included the Americas, Egypt, the West Indies and India as well as Europe. Therefore the Regiment fought at the Battles of St Lucia, Corunna, Busaco, Salamanca, Vittoria, St Sebastian, Nivelle, Peninsula and Waterloo.

Introduction to the Regiment

The 13th Royal Scots is a english regiment founded in april 2016 by Colonel Snowfox and a small experienced player base with a balance between a fun playing experience and a competitive driven player base. After hard work, Colonel Snowfox and his staff was able to grow this regiment to what it is today: a multi-role regiment able to play line, cavalry, skirms and arty with a big player base able to host their own events. As of today, the regiment still participates in many fun/non-competitive events but also tries their changes now and then with competitive 1v1's.

Furthermore, we do not only play M&B:NW, but also many other games outside of the M&B setting!

We welcome any player, able to understand basic english, into our regiment. No matter age, previous regiment experience or skill level, you are welcome to join our ranks as a recruit and make the satisfying climb through our ranks!


    • Recruit (Rec)
    • Junior Private (JPvt)
    • Private (Pvt)
    • Regular (Rgl)
    • Fusilier
    • Lance Corporal (LCpl)
    Non-Commissioned Officers
    • Corporal (Cpl)
    • Sergeant (Sgt)
    • Staff Sergeant (SSgt)
    • Sergeant Major (Sgt Maj)
    Elite Ranks
    • Kingsman (Kgm)
    • Grenadier Guard
    Veteran Rank
    • Royal Scots Guad (RSG)
    Commissioned Officers
    • 2ndLieutenant (2ndLT)
    • Lieutenant (Lt)
    • Captain (Cpt)
    • Major (Maj)
    • Lieutenant Colonel (Lt-Col)
    • Colonel (Col)

    Commissioned Officers staff

    Colonel Snowfox

    Lieutenant Colonel Griggs

    Major Darius

    Captain Black

    2ndLieutenant Death

    Non-Commissioned Officers

    Staff Sgt 22

    Medic WhyPhy

    Grenadier company

    LCpl Walrus

    RoyalGuard Pretorian

    Rolyal Guard OldNosey

      Royal Guard Sake

    RoyalGuard Gebhard

    RoyalGuard Bartus

    Royal Guard Long Live

    RoyalGuard DontKillFred

    RoyalGuard PT

    Royal Guard Major ArVa12

    Grenadier Gurad Hybrid

       Grenadier Guard Tegmrak

    Kingsman Storbatio

    Kingsman Flav

    Kingsman El-Adnani

    Kingsman Pimmeekes

    Kingsman GreekEmperor

    Royal Guard Micros

    Royal Guard Darling

    Reg Mister Easy

    Reg KIngElsar

    Reg Yabani

    Fus Murph

    Pvt  Eespike

    Pvt  Foker

    Add  SnowFoX in steam
    or  in discord   SnowFoX#6453

    TeamSpeak 3 IP:

       13th Royal Scots in the pictures


    Interested in playing line, cavalry, artillerie and skirms now and then? Join us today! Add any of the CO's listed above, join us on the steam group or join us on our teamspeak 3 server!

    13th Royal Scots Steam group
    13th Royal Scots Website

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