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The Mess Hall / MOVED: Zeyden Video Thread
« on: April 10, 2020, 04:23:47 pm »

Right then, first off thanks to everyone that voted for me - pleasantly surprised by the support. Coming into this post on such short notice I obviously didn't have much of a grand vision, since I am essentially filling in after Blaze who had to step down due to personal circumstances. Due to the nature of this, I am putting myself out there as a malleable sort of figure - if anybody has any suggestions please come forth. Below is a brief list of my main purposes, obviously up for change and addendums:

1. Provide assistance to the moderation team in managing the forums. There is a particular need for vigilance due to the nature of recent drama and personal conflicts, but also of a human-focused approach to solving those issues - I will make sure to scope out both sides and look beyond just the arguments at hand.
2. Be a source of tangible aid to hosts of competitive events throughout the next two months within the community. I am leaving this intentially ambiguous so please understand that I am perfectly willing to provide help with most everything, this includes but is not limited to: giving ideas, opinions, writing out blobs of text, boring admin work, refereeing, providing servers and anything else that comes to mind. If you hesitate in any way just contact me and we can work something out.
3. Be the mouthpiece for any ideas that people may have, whether for the forum or for the community, please come to me and I will make sure either I consider it or the relevant people at the top discuss it. Any projects of mine will be posted here in this thread, further down the line.

As I've already mentioned, for the start at least, my intention is to be more reactive than proactive since I assume this role so quickly and would like to see what the community trends are like in terms of demand. This is why it is vital that people let me know what's up and anything that I can help with I am willing to pour a lot of effort into. I believe the integrity and longevity of the competitive community is especially important so any requests should head this way. I place my Steam contact details below, or you can PM me here.

The Mess Hall / List Points
« on: June 19, 2019, 11:01:43 pm »

This List is a list of active lists of FSE, based on their listness. Minimum rating is 80p, maximum is 92p.

List Ranking - Europe

Top Tier

92.0p - European Community List - Melee
91.9p - Ratings List
91.2p - Top Biggest Retards in NW
91.0p - M. Points
90.5p - The Cheap One | Napoleonic Wars List
90.1p - MightyPaiN's Player Rankings List
90.1p - TOP of best Fighters (IRL)
89.5p - IRE/GB ACTIVE player rankings

Tier 1

88.9p - Best Laugh List
88.9p - TOP 10 Obelix's Enemies + Friends List
88.7p - Top 10 messes in the mess hall
88.6p - Рейтинг активных русскоязычный игроков
88.6p - Napoleonic Melee List
88.5p - Worst list-makers list
88.3p - V. Points
88.3p - All time whiny cunt list
88.0p - Most Annoying People in NW List

87.8p - List of Mods Based on the Warband code that All NW players should try out
87.8p - [P]oints
87.5p - European Community Lists
87.5p - Most polite people in NW
87.5p - Irishs EU / NA Lists
87.2p - European Melee List

Tier 2

86.8p - NW Community List (EU) Mk.2
86.5p - Top 10 No Names

85.7p - Best Anime list
85.5p - ESP/POR- GF - Ranking List
85.5p - Real M. Points
85.3p - X Files List : Nicest players in Napoleonic Wars

84.7p - Salty nw people
84.4p - NW Groupfighting Power Charts
84.3p - List List
84.0p - Gatts' EU All-Time Lists

Groupfighting Teams / 1776 |
« on: November 26, 2018, 06:30:25 pm »

      Founding Fathers



"For years, fish oils have been one of the most important and recognizable supplements in the market. Due to their ability to support many parts of the body, it’s the best bang for your buck in whole body health and wellness support. But with the cheap stuff at the store, you don’t know what you might get or where that fish comes from.

            That’s why we created Ultimate Fish Oil – a powerful formula blend that contains ultra-pure Antarctic krill oil, high quality wild-caught unmodified salmon oil and more incredible, natural ingredients to help support your mind and body. With Ultimate Fish Oil, you can experience the benefits of super concentrated EPA and DHA in a single capsule."

1776 groupfighting team is a revival of the NWGFL season 2 group of the same name. We are a strictly casual team, trying to do some sort of regular schedule friendly matches. If you are interested in joining or want to set up a match, please contact one of the admins in the Steam group.

Technical Support / Random high ping only in Warband
« on: October 14, 2018, 05:27:27 pm »
So I really withheld posting this because I don't think anyone would offer me a solution given the amount of people I've already asked on my own, but it's worth a shot.

I moved to NL 2 months ago for uni, and ever since I've been having this issue. What it looks like is that it shows me normal pings in the server browser, I then join the server and according to the very reliable Warband netgraph of a scoreboard I have normal ping in-game. A few seconds later that ping jumps to an extremely high value (in the hundreds, usually 200-300), and just stays around floating between that range endlessly. It's not a ping spike in the sense that it drops down to normal ping either, it's never done that. No it's not a glitch either, it actually feels like 300 ping and is impossible to play.

Okay now here's the part that makes it impossible to solve. This happens completely randomly on any server at any possible time, with no evident pattern. I also just as often simply join a server and have completely stable ping. Try that same server a couple hours later and I have the high ping issue. I've tried being in TS whilst doing this, and my ping there is completely stable so it's not a connection problem on my end. I play other games (CS, BF, War Thunder) with absolutely zero issues, never had my ping do this. However only in Warband I can go one day during prime internet usage time (say 9pm) and have completely stable ping one day, and then at 3am when nobody is even using the internet I could have 300 ping on the same server. Then the next day it's the reverse. I've asked Caskie for the 91st server IP, and when pinging it or tracerouting the results came back normal, the few times I've tested it.

I've tried verifying game cache, I've reinstalled, I've switched back and forth between Steam and non-Steam Warband, I've tried using WTFast to change my connection, I've tweaked a bunch of suggested things in my network settings based on searches, and I've reset my router countless times. The only other person who has a problem of similar calibre is Wolpi but I haven't deduced anything from it.

If anyone has any idea or if I'm simply just cucked by some shitty Turkish game, let me know :D

The Mess Hall / best laugh list
« on: June 27, 2018, 12:49:50 am »
since everybody is posting all these mean rating lists and arguing

obvs only people i've met, i don't know everyone

1. Kore
2. lonedoge
3. ThrowUpTheX
4. Ledger
5. Tardet
6. Nero
7. Snowwi
8. Peterman
9. Fralla8
10. Salakien
11. Chriseh
12. Zeus
13. Bagins
14. Python
15. Dan
16. Axiom
17. MikeZ
18. Dren
19. Ophion
20. Ricky
21. RebelliouS
22. MarxeiL
23. DarkCore
24. Nock
25. Evan
27. Porkins
28. Rapez
29. Hofnaar
30. Freddie
31. Cr3a
32. Witcher
33. Berkovic
34. Sinjide
35. Piercee
36. Steinmann

idk its just like ppl i know and that have the potential to make this list xd

Groupfighting Teams / Team Czechia M-NWWC 2019
« on: March 15, 2018, 12:19:54 pm »

Team Czechia
Co-Captain: Kore (375537)
Co-Captain: Martin (919935)
Official Roster [- / -]:


The Mess Hall / RIP Chester Bennington :(
« on: July 20, 2017, 09:26:41 pm »
Linkin Park frontman committed suicide aged 41, truly a great musician and a huge loss RIP :'(

Groupfighting Teams / [GF] All-Stars
« on: July 10, 2017, 02:57:08 pm »
European Team for tourney and friendly gf.
Achievements :
European 6v6 "Le Pitchovina II" Tournament | Gold 2017 (first tournament played)
European 7v7 Tournament | Gold 2017 (second tournament played)
European 9v9 Tournament | Gold 2017 (third tournament played)
European 7v7 Tournament | Gold 2018 (fourth tournament played)

Managers :
Fwuffy (Acting-manager)
Drake (semi-retired, ask fwuffy for gf matches)

Roster (14)

Contact :

The Mess Hall / Aww Thread
« on: May 24, 2017, 01:38:29 pm »
A thread dedicated to the appreciation of cute animals - please share.

its a chinchilla xd

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