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Servers / Re: 15th Humans vs Bots Server (Before you post, check Page 29)
« on: January 21, 2014, 10:18:35 am »
True St3fan, it just really annoyed me how he banned me for insulting him when he insulted me, but really "douchebag" isn't worth a ban... :/

Servers / Re: 15th Humans vs Bots Server (Before you post, check Page 29)
« on: January 20, 2014, 10:46:52 pm »
Sorry for interfering,but I had to rect to this...

Well, one thing I learned from living amongst civilized people for the last thirty-something years is:


I could now call you retard for even posting the above post, but I don't, because I am a generally nice guy.

But seriously, calling an admin douchebag, how stupid can man become still...
no manners anymore. O tempores, o mores ::)

If I would have been in the server at that time, I would have LOLed in chat as reaction to your ban.

Now a new lesson for you for today, wich you can apply for your whole life (Mark these golden words): First activate brain, then type.

Thank you for your attention, LOVE! :-*

So they can insult me but I can not insult them back? That works..

Servers / Re: 15th Humans vs Bots Server (Before you post, check Page 29)
« on: January 20, 2014, 08:15:19 pm »
I was banned from this server for "insulting" the admin by calling him a "douchebag".

Me: "It's unfair for the men, they don't break the defenses."

Admin: "Why don't they break the defenses?"

Me: "Because they're bots? O.o"

Me: "This is just unfair."

Admin: "lol switch teams if it is too hard for you."

Me: "It's not too hard for me, I've not seen a bot team win yet:) Douchebag -.-."

He then banned me from the server immediately, this did not bother me what bothered me was that he banned me from the server for saying ONE very MINOR slur in his direction... You should not have admins who are easily offended. Or you should change your "policy" on what is worth a ban. That is ridiculously pathetic.   

Nickname: 25th_Rgl_Connor
Steam name: Connor-connor
Age: 17
Why?: I want to take on a administration roll because I am totally to rules of servers, I try my best to keep them enforced even without admin of the server, to make certain that everyone in the game is playing to the full extent they wish.
How active on the server: I am average... I am active most of the time, since I know the Cpt of the server and it's a fun place to be, mostly on everyday for 2-3 hours. But I can also do NA times if needed.
Previous administration experience: None, since my roll in the 25th hasn't called for it, but I am sure I will pick it up quickly.
Who can vouch for you?: Members of the 25th and maybe some members of the 33rd.

I find improving my melee hard... Sometimes I can do well in it, other time's I freeze up and just completely forget to block... I DON'T LIKE CONFRONTATION :(

Amazing Regiment, most friendly NCO's and members I have ever come across... Welcoming, helpful and kind.

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