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NWMC | Rules
« on: February 21, 2023, 07:43:46 pm »

Swiss System Explanation
In a Swiss system tournament with 16 teams, each team will play up to three games in the group stage, but to qualify for the upper league playoffs, a team must win at least three matches. This could be achieved with a record of 3 wins and 0 losses, 3 wins and 1 loss, or 3 wins and 2 losses, depending on the outcomes of the team's matches.

The initial pairings will be determined randomly for the first round, and then teams will be paired against opponents with the same or similar records in subsequent rounds. This helps to ensure that teams are matched against opponents of similar skill levels throughout the event.

After the group stage, the top eight teams with the best records (including at least 3 wins) will advance to the upper league playoffs, while the bottom eight teams will play in the lower league playoffs. In the playoffs, teams will be matched against opponents with the same or similar records, based on their performance in the group stage. The group stage results will be used to determine the matchups in the playoffs to ensure fair and balanced competition.

The Swiss system is designed to provide a balanced and fair tournament experience, ensuring that teams are matched against opponents of similar skill levels throughout the event. This helps to prevent any one team from having an unfair advantage or disadvantage due to the luck of the draw.


General Rules
Captain Rules
Sign-ups Rules
Roster Rules
Match Rules

1. General Rules

1.1 | Be a good sportsman.
1.2 | Players must be respectful to each other, and the tournament administration both on the NWMC sub-board and servers.
1.3 | Players should respect both the letter and the spirit of the rules. Common sense should always be applied, regardless of the situation.
1.4 | It is strictly prohibited to gain an advantage by using cheats such as autoblock and naatsuu glitching
   1.4.1 | Aesthetic texture modifications are allowed


2. Captain Rules

2.1 | Do not allow any players that are not on your roster to participate in your official NWMC matches. (Both the player and the team involved will face penalties or disqualification)
2.2 | Every captain must join the NWMC Steam Chat


3. Sign-ups Rules

3.1 | If a player is found to have switched teams or played for another team, the participant will be permanently banned from the tournament
3.2 | Team changes are not allowed, whatever team you signed up for/played for, is the only team you may play for.
3.3 | If any teams are found to be possessing players that do not meet the criteria stated in 3.1, OR players that are NOT on the team roster, the team will suffer an immediate loss for that match, and a -2 start for all following matches.


4. Roster Rules

4.1 | Minimum number of members in a roster is 6.
4.2 | Maximum number of members in a roster is 9.
4.3 | Roster Changes are only permitted and valid up to 1 hour before a match is due to start.
4.4 | If a player has not played a game yet they can be replaced with no penalty. You can replace up to 3 players during the tournament who have played a match.


5. Match Rules

5.1 | The matches in this tournament will be played in a Best of 30 format, which means that the first team to reach 16 rounds without the need for additional rounds will be declared the winner. This format ensures that matches are played quickly and efficiently, while still providing teams with ample opportunity to stage a comeback if they fall behind early on. It's important for teams to stay focused and maintain a high level of play throughout the entire match, as the outcome can be determined quickly in this format.
5.2 | If the match ends with a tied score of 15-15, the teams will be required to play an additional set of Best of 6 rounds. The first team to win 4 rounds in the set will be declared the winner of the match. The number of additional sets is unlimited, and in the case of an 18-18 score, another set of Best of 6 rounds will be added. This ensures that the match will have a clear winner, even in the case of a tie. It's important for teams to be aware of this rule and to prepare accordingly for the possibility of additional rounds.
   5.2.1 | In case of a BO3, the first team with 2 Match wins (2-0 / 2-1) wins.
5.3 | No trolling or delaying, it wastes both the team's time and the staff present.
5.4 | Line infantry only. No Foot Guards, Marines, Medics, Grenadiers, or Militia. Only Infantry muskets are to be used. No Shooting.
5.5 | Upon entering the arena, the 6 participants from both teams must be behind the white line before the referee starts the round.
5.6 | Teams must arrive at their matches on time. If a team is more than 15 minutes late on the server, the opposing team will be given a default win.
   5.6.1 | However, if a team can't field the minimum amount of players they can decide to play with less with 4 players being the minimum | The enemy does not have to balance in that case


All rules stated above are subject to change.

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