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MRGL S1 | Rules
« on: September 20, 2020, 02:32:30 pm »

§ 1 Maturity & Respect

(1) Players should respect both the letter and the spirit of the rules. Common sense should always be applied, regardless of the situation.
(2) Players must be respectful on the Regimental Groupfighting League subboard, servers and live streams. Every participant is advised to refrain from using offensive language and if someone shows a poor attitude and displays rudeness or immaturity, he or she will be punished by the tournament administration.
(3) While the Regimental Groupfighting League administration intends to condemn the aforementioned behaviours, we would also like to remind our participants that they are capable of muting - in-game, on the forums and on steam - the people who could behave in a way which may offend them, but are not necessarily punishable by the tournament administration.
(4) During a match, the referee can forbid the use of all-chat, if he/she deems it necessary. From that point forward, only referees, regiment leaders and admins can use that chat.
(5) In order to ensure the referee can pursue his job in the best conditions possible, all communication done via all-chat must be in English, so that the referee can control the interactions between players and make sure they fit the aforementioned rules.
(6) Any player that incites, participates in or attempts to exploit disruption of matches, practice sessions or organisation of other regiments will face a punishment ranging from a warning to a permanent ban from the competition. Regiments engaged in such actions (i.e. with 2 or more members offending together) could face similar punishments.

§ 2 Cheating

(1) It is strictly prohibited to gain an advantage by using game modifications, cheats, or hacks such as texture replacers/recolours, or autoblock. Every player that is found to have modified texture files or caught cheating in other ways will be banned from the tournament.
(2) Exceptions from § 2 are any modifications which alter a cosmetic aspect of the game (such as uniforms) but doesn't help to gain advantage over your opponents. If doubt remains on wherever a certain modification is allowed or not, the administration must be reached for approval.
(3) If a player is found to have cheated in any of these ways during a match then that player's regiments will forfeit the relevant rounds.

§ 3 Tournament Format

(1) The Mini-Regimental Groupfighting League is set to start Monday the 11th of October.
(2) The number of regiments in tournament is 10.
(3) There will be two groups with 5 regiments in each. Round-Robin system in a group stage. Three regiments from each group with the most points at the end of the group stage will be automatically moved to playoffs.

§ 4 Points distribution

(1) One match won gives you 3 points. One loss gives you 0 points. Tie-breaker #1 - Wins vs. tied participants, #2 Points scored, #3 Points difference.

§ 5 Scheduling

(1) All matches must be scheduled in the time frame given by the tournament administration. Such a time frame can be found at the top of every weekly fixtures thread.
(2) All matches must take place in the time frame given by the tournament administration.  Such a time frame can be found at the top of every weekly fixtures thread.
(3) If a regiment faces difficulties to organize their match, they must contact a member of the administration before the deadline given for their match scheduling.
(4) During the event, regiments are expected to play one match per week. If a regiment fails to organize/play their match within the time frame given to them, then they must provide evidence of a good-faith attempt to schedule their match. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the match. If both regiments have shown no attempts to schedule their match, both will be applied the forfeiture of said match.
(5) If a regiment is found guilty of not putting enough effort into scheduling their matches properly, they might be facing warnings and/or stronger punishments.

§ 6 Maps & Nations

(1) Every MRGL official matches have to be played on the official MRGL map. If both regiments agree to it, they can also play on the some of previous RGL maps but in case of a disagreement over the map choice, the MRGL version remains the official one.
(2) Regiments are free to pick the nation which they prefer. One match cannot be played with the same two nations (i.e. France vs France). In the case of two regiments wanting to play as the same nation, the regiment that appears on the left of the fixtures (home side) will have the priority on their nation of preference.

§ 7 Regiment Rosters

(1) Every regiment must provide the tournament administration with a roster consisting of the player nicknames and their respective in-game GUIDs at least 24 hours before their first match. Players that are not listed with a regiment (with a GUID/nickname) are not eligible to play in the tournament.
(2) Regiments may make changes to their roster (players addition or removal) during the whole duration of the competition.
(3) A player can be removed from the roster of a regiment but he/she will virtually be marked as having played for this regiment in the MRGL and can therefore no longer be added on the roster of other regiments.
(4) A player counts as part of a regiment once he/she has played one official match with this regiment.
(5) Regiments are not allowed to change their regiment name once the tournament has begun.

§ 8 Multiregimenting

(1) It is strictly prohibited for a player to play or have played for more than one regiment participating in the MRGL. If a player is found to be on the roster for more than one regiment participating in the MRGL then that player will be ejected from the tournament. Regiments that were complicit and knowingly allowed a player from another MRGL regiment to play for them will face punishments.

§ 9 Match Server

(1) All matches must be played on dedicated MRGL servers. It is not allowed to play an official tournament match on another server unless a tournament administrator agreed beforehand and is provided with the server logs within 1 hour after the match has ended. Regiments that fail to do so will not have their match recognized by the tournament.
(2) Competitive settings must be enforced at the beginning of every official match.
(3) Booking a server is not mandatory but regiments are encouraged to do so. Regiments which booked a server at least one hour before their match will be given priority over those who didn't.

§ 10 Referees

(1) Referees are mandatory for official matches. Requests for a referee can be made to the administration by either regimental leaders while booking their match.
(2) During the match, the referee decisions are final.
(3) It is allowed to be both an official referee of the tournament and a player with the exception that such people cannot be a referee of their own match(es) unless allowed by the administration.
(4) The administrators of the RGL reserve itself the right to impose the choice of the referee on a specific match if they deem it necessary.

§ 11 Gathering Players

(1) Both regiments have a grace period of 10 minutes after the agreed match start time to gather their players in the server. If a regiment fails to turn up with at least 10 players 10 minutes after the agreed match start, the other regiment will be awarded a default win. If a regiment agrees to wait longer than 10 minutes for their opponent to finish gathering players, then they may wait up to 10 additional minutes (i.e. 20 minutes after the agreed time). If their opponent has still not gathered enough players, then an admin must be notified and a default win will be awarded.
(2) Regiments are not obligated to wait for more than 1 minute between rounds and are allowed to enforce a restart and live after these periods of waiting.

§ 12 Player Names, Tags & IDs

(1) Players must play with the name they are signed up under in the regiment roster.
(2) Players must wear their regiment tag during official matches.
(3) Players must have the same unique Player ID that is on their roster. A player caught using multiple IDs will be ejected from the tournament, and any group of players that are caught sharing the same ID will all be ejected from the tournament.

§ 13 Match Format

(1) Each match consists in a First to 15 rounds. There is no swap-side or nation-swap.
(2) Each match should be played 15v15 and more. If your regiment can't bring 15, you are allowed to play 12v12+ but ONLY if you don't have any people from your regiment spectating. So basically it's allowed only if you really did bring 12+. Regiments cannot drop people in spectators to play 12v12 (if you are found having told people not to attend or not telling members on purpose you will be punished), minimum numbers are still 15v15.
(3) Line infantry is the only class allowed.
(4) A player may only use their bayonet or their fists as weapons.
(5) The referee is the one ensuring a screenshot is taken at the end of the match.

§ 14 Spectators

(1) Spectators from both regiments are always allowed as long as the server slots allow it.
(2) External spectators--that is, players that do not belong to either regiment--have to ask for permission from both captains to spectate the match and the referee(s) must be aware of it. Should an external spectator join with the tag of either regiment trying to appear as one of their players, he will be suspended for one official match given he is playing in the tournament.
(3) Tournament administrators do not need permission to spectate a game. Referees (besides the official match referee and potential junior referee) are subject to the same rule as other regular players and must ask the permission to both captains before being allowed to spectate a game.

§ 15 Substitutions & Balancing

(1) Substitutions are only allowed between each round, without restrictions.
(2) If a regiment cannot field 12 players, their opponent is not forced to match their number and can play with 12. If a regiment drops 10 players, during the match or before its start, its opponent will be awarded a default win.
(3) Except in the cases mentioned by § 15 rule 2, regiments must always play with equal numbers.

§ 16 Streamers

(1) Any matches may be streamed/recorded by any accredited streaming/video channel. To receive such accreditation, a request must be made to the administration at least 24h before the match takes place.

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