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TDL | Rules
« on: January 30, 2019, 09:53:55 am »

§ 1 Maturity & Respect:
Players should respect both the meaning and the spirit of the rules. In order to maintain a serious and professional environment players must be respectful and polite towards their opponents within the Tiered Duo League threads and in-game servers. If a player shows a poor attitude or displays rudeness or immaturity he or she will be punished by the league administration. The range of punishments reaches from a warning to a ban out of the whole league, depending on the rule break in question.
§ 2 Cheating & Glitching:
It is strictly prohibited to gain an advantage by using glitches or using game cheats such as unblockable or autoblock. Every player that is found to have using game modifications which gives him or her an unfair advantage will be banned from the league. If a player is found to have broken any of the rules during a match and the admins determine that a significant advantage was gained, that player will get an instant ban.
§ 3 League Format:
The league is to be played in a Round-Robin format. We've got 3 Tiers with 8+ teams per each. Team Captains should challenge and play a groupfights against an opponents in their bracket. By beating somebody the team gets 3 points. Once you have initiated a challenge or been challenged you have 7 days to play that duo match.
§ 4 Match Format & Class limits:
Each match is first to 15.
Both teams have 15 minutes to join on the agreed upon server. If a team fails to turn up with 15 minutes after the agreed match start time, the other team has to contact an admin immediately and will be awarded a default win. A team that fails to turn up for the first time will be given a warning, the second time they will be removed from the league. Matches can be played on any public or private servers.
You can't get challenged if you have already arranged a match. So basically, try to arrange a match instantly right after a given challenge, to get immunity at least till your match is finished.
Only line infantry rankers are allowed (Footguards, Marines, Medics, Grenadiers or Militia do not fall under the category of line infantry).


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