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1st Foreign Legion Regiment [NA]
« on: September 10, 2017, 03:58:14 am »
1st Foreign Legion


The 1st Foreign Legion is a multi-national regiment for North & South, we will however be going to events for other mods occasionally. This regiment is intended to be a disciplined and mature group for those intending to be involved in proper formation, however outside of events we will be your standard laid-back and fairly relaxed regiment. I only ask that no one in the regiment's actions interfere with events or others and that they respect the rules of the brigade, division, and army we are in. If you want to join the regiment or think it might be the right fit for you, feel free to add me and message me on my Steam.


The 1st Foreign Legion; formed on 16 October, 1864 as the "1st Foreign Battalion." As part of the 'galvanized Yankees' program of the Confederate government initiated by Secretary of War James A. Seddon in September of that year after inquires from General Braxton Bragg to recruit foreign-born prisoners. The Honorable James Seddon had previously, as early as March of 1863, granted discretionary permission to commanders to recruit prisoners, but few had enlisted. This new 'galvanized Yankees' program had officially began on 12 October, 1864 and within the following week successfully recruited two regiments, the previously mentioned "1st Foreign Battalion" and "Brooks' Foreign Battalion."

Both regiments were made up of Union POWs, foreign nationals, and inmates drawn from the stockades of Florence, South Carolina; Salisbury, North Carolina; and Richmond, Virginia. However, by 1865, only one of these battalions remained, the "1st Foreign Battalion" which was increased to regimental size and renamed the "1st Foreign Legion." Another battalion had been drafted in December of 1864 on the 26th however, the "2nd Foreign Battalion" which was simultaneously raised to regimental size with the 1st, becoming the "2nd Foreign Legion."  The battalion that had failed, "Brooks' Foreign Battalion" had suffered massively from desertion and mutiny during its front-line service in McLaws Division which had came to an end on 18 December, 1864 when they were marched back to Florence, South Carolina and placed the men back in stockade.


(Sometimes the times are messed up do to Day Light Savings Time)

Sunday: North and South Event - 8:00 PM EST

Thursday: North and South Event - 8:00 PM EST

Friday: North and South Event - 8:00 PM EST

Saturday: North and South - 4:00 PM EST
Saturday: North and South - 8:00 PM EST

Command Information
Faction: Confederacy
Army: Dixieland Army
Brigade: Hardee's Brigade

Contact Info (1stFL LargeAll)