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The 3rd Kentucky Infantry *Recruiting*
« on: October 24, 2014, 07:12:41 pm »
*Reserved|Abbreviation: 3rdKY
The 3rd Kentucky infantry is led by Colonel Musickman who is from Kentucky at age 27 (Really awarded the Honorable Order of the Kentucky Colonels). We are the flagship regiment of the Army of Kentucky Community. This regiment was formed August 13th, 2014 and currently has 50 members.

The 3rd Kentucky Infantry was organized in July 1861, at Camp Boone in Montgomery County, Tennessee, under the command of Colonel Lloyd Tilghman.By 1864, the regiment's strength was severely depleted. The 3rd Kentucky Infantry was ordered to report to General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Horses were unavailable, so the men followed Forrest on foot. The Kentucky troops that accompanied Forrest were divided into four brigades. The 3rd Kentucky Infantry was in the third brigade with the 7th Kentucky Infantry, and 8th Kentucky Infantry, commanded by Colonel A. P. Thompson. On March 15, 1864 Forrest moved north toward Paducah, Kentucky. Three miles from Paducah they encountered Union pickets and pushed them back to their camp on the outskirts of town. Under fire from a nearby fort, the Kentuckians moved through the streets of Paducah. The fort was discovered to be impenetrable, and a retreat was ordered. Colonel Thompson was killed by cannon fire while leading his troops. Forrest soon returned to Mississippi where the regiment was engaged at the Battle of Brice's Crossroads. At some point in the campaign to Kentucky, the regiment was mounted, becoming the 3rd Kentucky Mounted Infantry. The 3rd was originally part of the Orphan Brigade, we take their flag in game.

Our Motto
"Regarding the leaders of the 3rd Kentucky Infantry Regiment - On Officers: Your 3rd KY officers are dedicated to the "Soldier First" ideology; that their troops are entitled to the very best in professional, tactical, and mature leadership. On NCOs: The 3rd KY maintain their priorities of accomplishment of the mission and the welfare of their Soldiers. We are a professional, organized, active, and international unit. Our schedule is fairly active and we expect participation - however, we realize life comes first! The 3rd KY takes care of its troops through superior performance recognition and promotions for deserving Soldiers. We are a tight knit family and a disciplined fighting unit. Again, welcome and Huzzah!" -Staff Sergeant Buffalo Bob

Rank Structure

Colonel, Lt. Col., Major

Captain, 1st Lt., 2nd Lt.

Sgt. Major, QSgt, OSgt, 1st Sgt. SSgt, Sgt, Cpl

LCpl. Vet Pvt, Pvt. Cdt, Rct, Vol

How Do I Join?
Just add musickman101 on Steam, and send me a message stating you want to join.

We have plenty of videos. But we protect the house here.

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Re: The 3rd Kentucky Infantry *Recruiting*
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Good Luck
Arminius/Dennis Bergkamp/Tristan Bouvier/J.P. ...

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