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To think its been a decade since the days in which I jumped the school fence to come home and play line battles.

Looking good so far!

Skins & OSP Resources / Re: Maka's skin pack
« on: February 20, 2020, 02:25:23 pm »
I'm pretty sure I've seen that 28th Reg skin before.

Community / Re: Help wanted for upcomming Napoleonic Wars patch
« on: August 21, 2017, 10:30:38 pm »
I haven't played NW in ages, so I'm not exactly up to date with all the current bugs. However, I've been looking at the requests for new units and factions, and came up with a quick and easy way to implement this.

Deep in the cesspits of the Skins & OSP Resources subforum, there are some wonderfully crafted skin packs that fully convert entire factions.  Raddeo's Duchy of Warsaw skin pack is the first that comes to my mind, but there are many others out there that can easily be turned into new factions. I do remember seeing a Spanish full conversion somewhere.

At the same time, you could also expand the current factions' rosters to include some individual skins. Betaknight made some really awesome skins back in the day, and so did Attila the Nun and Marks. Those are the ones I remember, at least. I haven't looked at that subforum in years.

In any case, if you guys want to add new factions or skins, you won't need to make new textures and models. Just ask these modders if you can add their stuff to the game.

((Also, shameless self promotion :)))

The problem is that Dropbox no longer allows for image hosting on the public folder. I still have them, but I realised it would take me weeks to reupload and edit every single image URL in the thread.

To be honest, and considering I no longer make skins, nor partake in this community, I decided to not go through with it. The download links to the skins still work (2nd mirrors, that is), and that's enough for me.

Sorry, guys.

What are the chances of updating the images on this thread :)

Shit. I forgot Dropbox stopped supporting image hosting a few months ago. It's going to take me ages to restore everything; I'll go at it this weekend that I have some free time.

If I remember correctly, the 41st should replace the Coldstream Guards.

Also, I'm afraid I had to wipe my hard drive, and all non-clouded modding files were lost. If you look around the forum, I posted some DIY style templates in .pdn format a while back. You can use those to make yourself a 35th skin.

Whigs & Tories / Re: Good news (I Guess)
« on: August 29, 2016, 11:21:07 am »
What about dev team hosted events after the patch comes out?


What exactly are you trying to make? I could give you a few pointers on how to pull it off on your own.

Well, if you know how to do all that, then you can. I meant if you just download and throw the files into the directories without any editing.

31st replaces 51st, Canadian Fencibles replace Coldstream, if I'm not mistaken.

Also, unfortunately you can't have both skins at the same time. The game's code doesn't allow for that, unfortunately.

I use the Hue and Saturation tool. Keeps all the shading but changes colour and brightness well enough.

What program do you use to make those avatars?

I just used, nicking the templates from the Mont St Jean site and editing the stuff accordingly to fit the regiment I want to portray.

Well, if I remember correctly, the texture was darkened, but that's about it. The only real changes besides that were adding green cords on the 43rd, the rear backplate on 28th and variations of the frontal plate for Centre, Grenadier and Light companies in the more recent skins. Officers of some units get feather plumes, but that's just a replacement for the woollen hackle.

Beyond that, I didn't do anything to it. At least not that I remember.

Wow, this topic was buried for more than a year. Nice necro, mate.

Skins & OSP Resources / Re: Marks Minor Mods [MMM] - New Layout!
« on: January 30, 2016, 08:31:22 am »
Nice skin m8

I wonder who did that shako...

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