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New Version!! 2.7.0

- Added Unit- and Itemstats to the troop interface
- Added a few menu stuff to the EU_Commander and Reinforcement-LB menues
- Added a clientside scoreboard, which can be activated and adjusted for the different Flagspawn- and Reinforcement-LBs out there. You can manually set the different ticketcosts, but I think all serverversions out there already update the clients on the variables and the admintool should catch them automaticly. However not a 100% guaranteed. It was tested on the 92nd/33rd sunday and the kk Monday event.
- Also made the players in the Tab menu for gamemodes with Score (like conquest and such) smaller, so not every name will overwrite the Score anymore (some huge names still do^^)

Basicly how to use the scoreboard:
Activate it in the (Admin Tool) menu point next to Options in the Escapemenu (once you activated it, you get more options to change ticketcosts, your changes are totally clientside, so dont fear to accidently change serversettings^^):
ignore the voice chat stuff, its not included, it is used in a custom version for our ts plugin with 3D voice  :P

Then when pressing Tab you get the scores of the people. They get subtracted their classtickets when they die, and get scorepoints when they kill someone (depending on their class cost). Flagcaptures are not counted here, as they are a team-effort  :o
Sunday test (after this test I decided to not substract the scores already on spawn, as it seemed a bit weird):
Monday test:


2.7.0 exe

2.7.0 as zip for linux users

2.7.0 colourblind version as zip

Soon coming:

Stats for troops and items. Not really needed, but probably nice to have.

Also working on a button, where you can add a clientside scoreboard for the Reinforcement/FlagSpawn - LB modes. To see how much tickets players each wasted by spawning, but gained by killing.

I like your admin tool and use it a lot but the 30m limit is running it in commander battle could you possibly add a check for it to be removed in that game mode? thanks!

colourblind version would be nice but not needed
As Specadmin you should be able to see the whole map, otherwise it would open the door to abuse (checking where mates and enemies are)

And for the colourblind version, here you go:
Downloadlink 2.6.0 colourblind version zip

small update

- Added about 15 new options to the BBG menu

Downloadlink 2.6.0 exe

Downloadlink 2.6.0 zip for Linux Masterrace

small update

-Added a version of the ReinforcementLB menu, thats compatible with the 33rd/92nd Flagspawn Serverscripts

Downloadlink 2.5.0

small update

-1 new option for the ReinforcementLB menu

Downloadlink 2.4.8

Anmeldung für Mittwoch
Regimentsname: Das niederösterreichische kaiserlich-königliche Pontonier-Korps zu Klosterneuburg
Steamkontakt: Wüstenkrieger
Klasse: Leichte Infanterie / Jäger
Erwartete Mannzahl: 4+
Permanent?: Bitte solange bis der Kavallerie-Slot frei ist
Regeln verstanden und an die Mannschaft weitergegeben?: Ja

Anmeldung für Mittwoch
RegimentsnameDas niederösterreichische kaiserlich-königliche Pontonier-Korps zu Klosterneuburg
Steamkontakt: Wüstenkrieger
Klasse: Kavallerie
Erwartete Mannzahl: 5+
Permanent?: Wie mit Ipoa besprochen bitte auf die Warteliste
Regeln verstanden und an die Mannschaft weitergegeben?: Ja

Events: EU / Re: 33rd Anniversary Event [EU] 10 years!
« on: May 07, 2022, 09:24:18 pm »
Regiment Name: Das niederösterreichische, kaiserlich-königliche Pontonier-Korps zu Klosterneuburg
Preferred Class: Cavalry
Estimated Attendance: (10 minimum) 5+  :'(
Contact Steam ID: Wüstenkrieger
Read the Rules and Accept them?: Yes

small update

-again 2 new options for the new ReinforcementLB menu

Downloadlink 2.4.7

small update

-2 new options for the new ReinforcementLB menu

Downloadlink 2.4.6

Super nice stuff, when will be "very soon"?  :-*

Download Installer 2.4.5

Also working on a customization update, for position, colours etc of overlay stuff.

small Update 2.4.5

Added new adminmenu for a servermodification (ReinforcementLB). Like all the other menus like BBG, NRP, and so on, it is hidden, unless the servermodification activates it.
If you want to use one of the menus for your own server (or even need a new one), feel free to request how to activate and use them.

Also fixed the standard custom menu sometimes breaking completly (on mapchanges, serverleave, or opening logs).

Edit: Totally forgot there was a version in between: When you press mute all, then normally new joining ppl are not muted, now they are, until you unmute all again. Thanks to Foxtail for the idea, however Idk when this will be useful to anyone^^

Download coming soon™

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