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Suggestions & Bug Reports / Potential New Factions
« on: January 19, 2018, 10:42:13 pm »
If, for whatever reason, the devs decide to bless us with another update that includes another faction, I've decided to compile a list of factions I'd like to see represented in the game.

First and foremost is the Ottoman Empire. Seeing the addition of desert-friendly assets practically screams for this faction to be added to the game.
Next would be Italy. More or less a puppet of Napoleon for most of the events of the era, this faction saw heavy combat against the Austrians and some Italian units would be a fun addition to the game.
The Kingdom of Sweden would also be a fun and sensible addition to the game, as it was an enemy to both France and Russia.
Finally, the Kingdom of Spain would make a fine faction to play, and you could even make two factions out of it. The one loyal to the ousted king of Spain and those loyal to France and Napoloen's brother.

I find all of this unlikely, but I must confess it would make me (and quite a few others) a bit happier seeing more factions added, especially the Ottomans.

What do you guys think?

Name: Robert
Country of Residence: USA
Steam ID:
Why would you like to join the 5th?:I fell in love with this mod and wanted to join a pro-south regiment that represented my home state of Missouri
Past Experience: I was part of a short-lived regiment on NW (the number escapes me, it was that insignificant) for a while, and then another short-lived clan in Viking Conquest. Otherwise, I'm fairly new to the whole "regiment" thing. I wouldn't make a good leader just yet. However, I've been playing NW for ages, and my love for the Civil War fuels my interest in this game even more.

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