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European Infantry Cup / European Infantry Cup - Season 5 - Announcements
« on: August 03, 2022, 03:34:48 pm »

Announcements surrounding admin decisions etc. that require knowledge of all teams go here on a locked thread so its easier to see. Discussions can be had on the main EIC thread.



Roster Rules:
Group Stages:

People may move regiments freely without a match ban. As long as they are added before the next weekly update stated below.
Double regging with other EIC regiments is of course strictly forbidden.
Quarter Final: Players moving from another EIC regiment to a new one will receive a 1 match ban.

Players joining EIC regiments will also receive a 1 match ban.
This will all obviously be on a case by case basis.

Rosters will be updated EVERY FRIDAY.
This means regiments will NOT be able to update their rosters on the day of a match. Unless advised otherwise.
The mod team will keep an updated PUBLIC list of all rosters and GUID's on a Google doc which is published on this thread.
In the event of a moderator not updating a regiments roster in time, the regiment will be able to play those players
^^ONLY if they are not receiving a match ban (Playoffs only)^^

During the Semi Final and Final there will be NO more transfers between EIC regiments.
This does not count for members who are joining EIC for the first time.

Secondary Accounts:

This is something we feel went some what un-noticed in NWL Season 9. The regiments that did this, generally gained nothing from it.
However, we still feel as though we shouldn't just turn a blind eye. It draws away from the community aspect of the tournament. So we will be studying regiments steam groups and rosters before accepting them.
Any regiments that are caught with players such as this, will find their immediate removal from EIC.


Organizer: John Price
Head Admin: Gi

Head Referee - Midnight





Junior/Trial Referees:


?? Total Referee's

There is a group chat for all leaders, reffs and admins. Please request to be added if you are on these lists and not already included.

Head Referee's will assist with updating regimental rosters among reffing as usual.

Junior Ref's must first admin 1 match with a normal referee as a trial before being moved to a regular referee.


Regiment Sign Ups
Regiment Name:
Regiment Leaders (Links are required):
Regimental Referee (At least 1):
Regiment Steam Group:
Regiment Roster (With GUID's):
Roster format Example:
.386766/ #Price
.302366/ #Pluto
Referee Sign Ups
Link Pls:
Past Event Admin Experience:
GUID (For Whitelist):
Please also Request to Join this steam group
Roster Update
Regiment Name:
Player(s) to add:
Player(s) to remove:

Transfer Request
Regiment Name (from):
Regiment Name (to):


Helps Manage Referee's and Rosters

European Infantry Cup / European Infantry Cup - Season 5 - Media
« on: July 15, 2022, 08:58:23 pm »


Start Date: 22/08/2022


The European Infantry Cup is a standard 2 stage 1v1 tournament with the first stage being a Round Robin Group Stage followed by a double elimination, Knockout bracket. As with every season of EIC an emphasis is put on equal chances to all regiments no matter the skill level.

Group Stages: Best of 10 rounds.
Play Offs: Best of 10 rounds. In the event of a 5-5 draw, the match will continue as a Best of 4 rounds, continuously, with a side swap every 2 rounds until a regiment reaches 3 rounds.
There can be no draws in a knockout.



Regiment Sign ups:

Regiment Name:
Regiment Leaders (Links are required):
Regimental Referee (At least 1):
Regiment Steam Group:
Regiment Roster (With GUID's):

Once you have signed up here, please update your rosters on the Rosters & Referees thread.

Applicants (15/24)

18e & 59th
Regiment Name: 59th Regiment of Foot & 18e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne - El Diablo
Regiment Leaders (Links are required): &
Regimental Referee (At least 1): Myself & Krytenn will reff
Regiment Steam Group: N/A
Regiment Roster (With GUID's): TBA
Regiment Name: Infaterie Regimet Nr49 Von Müffling
Regiment Leaders (Links are required):
Regimental Referee (At least 1):
Regiment Steam Group:
Regiment Roster (With GUID's):  TBA
Regiment Name: Infanterie-Regiment Herwarth v. Bittenfeld (1. Westfälisches) Nr. 13
Regiment Contacts (Links are required): tba
Regimental Referee (At least 1): NotOnly and me
Regiment Steam Group:
Regiment Roster (With GUID's): tba
Regiment Name: 96y Dneprovskiy Pehotniy Polk
Regiment Leaders (Links are required):

Plk | Desant
Maj | Gudrian
Kpt | MarxeiL

Regimental Referee (At least 1): Maj | Gudrian
Regiment Steam Group: 96y Dneprovskiy Pehotniy Polk
Regiment Roster (With GUID's):

Regiment Name: 15th Yorkshire
Regiment Leaders (Links are required):
Regimental Referee (At least 1): me
Regiment Steam Group:
Regiment Roster (With GUID's):
Regiment Name: 55th "Westmoreland" Regiment of Foot
Regiment Leaders (Links are required): &
Regimental Referee (At least 1):
Regiment Steam Group:
Regiment Roster (With GUID's): TBA
Regiment Name: 45th Nottinghamshire Regiment of Foot
Contacts (Steam ID):
Major Maskman
Captain Mitchell
Regimental Referee (Steam ID): Major Maskman
Regiment Roster (With GUID's): TBA
Regiment Name: 45e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne
Regiment Leaders (Links are required):  &
Regimental Referee (At least 1): Syrcrim
Regiment Steam Group:
Regiment Roster (With GUID's):

Regiment Name: RG
Regiment Leaders (Links are required): Razz:
Regimental Referee (At least 1): John Cole :
Regiment Steam Group: There is none
Regiment Roster (With GUID's): TBA
Regiment Name: 26e Régiment d'Infanterie

Regiment Leaders (Links are required):
Colonel Smok41 -
Major browarx -
Chef de Bataillon Sieszti -
Capitaine Ciom -
Lieutenant Artur -

Regimental Referee (At least 1):  Smok41 -

Regiment Steam Group:

Regiment Roster (With GUID's):
1951282 #browarx
1759445 #Rey1786
790727 #Artur
101606 #VVespar
955177 #Komar
1821921 #Kabanosik
2243150 #Burgent
1835039 #Ciom
519436 #Wojtas
525106 #Panda
1388340 #Sieszti
1748551 #Sharik
1554767 #elmar
1935673 #DziKi
620865 #Miler41
1910807 #UchihaKetjow
1598583 #Szeki
1743385 #Lanos
1349003 #InFamous
2216374 #OrzelHaytymir
1904895 #Kanada3210
1416138 #Parapet
1916402 #Krystian
1766571 #Ventru
1444684 #Smok41
2184314 #Krzychu
2254073 #Kamtes
1761390 #Heros505
962380 #MasterArtur
944557 #Wielkopolanin / Wlkp
1645144​ #Atlatan
1849622 #Mluba
307655 #Simskil
1916402​ #Krystian
1781688​ #Orjon

Regiment Name: ERB (Exército Real Brasileiro)
Regiment Leaders (Links are required): (Napoleon)
Regimental Referee (At least 1): (Me)
Regiment Steam Group:
Regiment Roster (With GUID's): tba
Estimated Numbers: 40-50 players (only)
Regiment Name: Grenaderskiy Leib-Gvardii Polk
Regiment Leaders (Links are required): &
Regimental Referee (At least 1): me
Regiment Steam Group:
Regiment Roster (With GUID's): tba
Regiment Name: 92nd "Gordon Highlanders" Regiment of Foot
Regiment Leaders (Links are required): Bearlyhuman Ambiguous Tomppa
Regimental Referee (At least 1): Stockholm
Regiment Steam Group: Group
Regiment Roster (With GUID's):
Regiment Name: 3-y Semyonovsky Pehotniy Polk
Regiment Leaders: Skobelev
Regimental Referee: Skobelev
Regiment Steam Group: N/A
Regiment Roster (With GUID's):
Regimental Roster
Regiment Name: 16th Regiment of Foot
Regiment Leaders (Links are required):
Regimental Referee (At least 1):
Regiment Steam Group:
Regiment Roster (With GUID's): TBA

Accepted Regiments (0/24)










John Price



The role of the moderation team is to help keep the roster and server information up to date and also assist the organiser in making informed decisions if the need arises. In season 4 the Moderation team was vital to dealing with issues that arose in a smart, democratic way which was well received by most.

As with every season the moderation team starts as myself, John Price alongside Midnight and Gi. We will add to this once the season gets underway.







In Partnership with the Napoleonic Wars Leaders Association (NWLA)

Well well well, its that time of the year again ladies and gentlemen!

For the 9th season in a row, roughly 7 years of hosting I am dragging Herishey out of event hosting retirement to bring another edition of the prestigious 10v10 Regimental Groupfighting tournament.

Tournament Date: Sunday 12th of June 12/06/2022 @7pm UK Time
(Reg leaders to be on at 6:30pm UK)


1. Rules are the standard for a groupfight. Teamhitting, Teamkilling or just general trolling will result in your teams immediate removal from the tournament. Admins are to be listened to at all times.
2. Matches will be ft5 during the group-stage, matches will be ft7 during the knock-out stage and ft10 in the final.
3. Tournament format is a groupstage round robin into Single Elimination knockouts with a 3rd place decider match. Usually 4 groups of 4 regs.
    3b. We will try our best to balance the groups, however we cannot guarantee anything.
4. Rosters will be locked 1 hour before the event. Players can not be taken off or added after this unless under extreme circumstances (highly unlikely).
5. Roster limit is 15 players. No "invites". They need to be fully devoted to your regiment.
    5a. All participants must have been in your regiment for at least 21 days prior to tournament date.
    5b. We require all GUID's prior to the roster lock 1 hour before the tournament begins.
    5c. Your regiment must be actively playing on a weekly/biweekly basis in order to participate in this tournament. See below for additional information.
6. The hosts reserve the right to deny players or regiments which we feel do not meet tournament expectations. For example if we feel as though you are not an active community of players we may deny your sign up to preserve tournament integrity.
Most of these decisions will as always be communicated with regiment leaders to voice their own opinions/concerns.
7. Only use of the 45e and 33rd units. Its a simple rule to follow, anyone caught another unit will be slayed even if it is during a round. Looking at you Bagins!
8. No trash-talk (banter is fine). This rule is for use at the admins discretion, following rule 1.

Server & Format Information
For those of you who have not participated in RGT before, this tournament usually runs for approximatiely 3-4 hours on the day due the the size of it. Usually with 16 teams we hit roughly 240 participants in total. Because of this, the 4 groups are split between 2 servers to allow more games to be played at the same time. Once all group stage matches have been completed the remaining regiments will join the same server to complete the playoffs. You MUST be on the 18e Teamspeak at 6:30pm UK to get information about the tournament, including your groups, server information etc. If you are unable to follow this simple instruction, you will be removed from the tournament. Previously regiments/leaders that have failed to follow this has caused large issues and forced matches to be postponed.

If the tournament drags on for too long we would usually postpone the final for another day, allowing the reg leaders to decide this between themselves. Obviously no roster changes can be made if this is the case.

Sign Ups


Regiment Name:
Regiment Banner:
Line-up (10):
Subs (5 max):
Team Leader's Steam (Link):

Community Name:
Steam Link:
GUID (For Whitelist):
Why should you be admin?:
Prior Experience:


Right guys, the intention is to have 1 final season of EIC after NWBC ends. From there it will most likely be laid to rest unless 1+ year from now there is still the community interest.

If there are any suggestions etc. for rule updates whether it be camping, officer aiming, officer rambo etc. please air them out here so I can look through at implementing later.

EDIT: Planned format is 2 groups of 8, into playoffs. As per every season this will get updated depending on sign ups.

Off Topic / CS:GO: NW Pickup Games?
« on: January 15, 2022, 06:15:00 pm »
Ok so the interest is there and I have done all the actual setup etc.

Join the Group Chat to find out when it goes live: (Copy and paste it into a steam chat for it to work)

Teamspeak that will be used is the 18e one:

Some of you might remember I used to host NW player PUGS on Faceit back in the day. Been speaking to a few people and also was having a convo with a Faceit admin regarding if I still need my partner account and figured it might be worth starting them up again if the interest is there.

Anyone interested in taking part? Skill wise once there is enough people we will split into 2 I guess, divisions to balance that like we used to.

Groupfighting Teams / Grenadier Guards
« on: December 08, 2021, 11:14:09 am »

Groupfighting team comprised of solely 1stFG members for practice and EGS League 2 (next season).

Tags are GG_

Team 1


Regimental Groupfighting League / [RGL8] Matchweek 7
« on: November 30, 2021, 05:37:19 pm »

Scheduling Timeframe: 30.11.21 - 05.12.21

Rosters thread for regimental contacts | Administration thread or Steam Chat Group for referees


Matches this week:

League 1:

15th vs 13e
96y vs 71st

League 2:


League 3:

59th vs 2eGren


Please use the template provided below to announce your match.

[b]Date & Time:[/b]

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